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Pokemon Of The Week

Week 4. And In honor of week four
I am gonna give away 4 pokemon.
And those pokemon are...DEOXYS.
I will give 1 form to the
top four winners.Your form
will be random.
What is the best trio?




1.No Cursing
2.No Spamming
3.No Scamming
4.Always Post your friend code when asking to Battle or Trade
5.Follow others rules of Trading and battling
6.Be friendly and help others
7.No Unauthorized advertising
8.The biggest one...HAVE FUN!
Any breaking of these rules(except 4,6, and 8)will give you a warning then you will be banned
breaking rule number 3 will get you banned automatically no warning

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 New gym badges!!!

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PostSubject: New gym badges!!!   Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:11 am

Ok ill do it the hard way......I will now stop ignoring challenges for gyms and such but here are the ppl that have won badges....PM IF U WON A BADGE..IF I FIND OUT U LIED, U ARE BANNED FROM CHALLENING ANY GYM AGAIN!!!!....

Razor711 : Dragon, Ice, Grass, Ghost, Poison, Rock, Dark, Normal,

Zzdog : Electric, Grass

Kelseygirl : Grass, electric

Haydo : Electric, Dragon, Dark

Arys13 : Ghost

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New gym badges!!!
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