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Week 4. And In honor of week four
I am gonna give away 4 pokemon.
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 Cronicles of the dragon tamer

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PostSubject: Cronicles of the dragon tamer   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:12 am

Chapter 1-The Journey

My name is Grinder. I’m the nephew of the legendary Dragon Pokemon trainer, Lance, and son of the Blackthorn Gym Leader, Clair. Yeah, big shoes to fill.

Our family is known for its strict rules and regulations-and I’m uninterested in following them. My ambition was always to be a successful Trainer who would grow close to his Pokemon, and raise them to be strong, caring creatures. However, my family had different ideas. They wanted me to carry on the family reputation by succeeding either Lance or Clair, judging by my skill.

However, my lack of interest in the family’s obsession over dragons detached me from my possessive and controlling grandfather, who was the head of the family. My mother and uncle both wanted me to be happy doing what I wanted, and even told him right to his face that I should be free to pursue my own life, but Grandfather INSISTED I be more than just ‘a petty trainer’.

But enough about my controlling grandfather. More about me. I’m a pretty smart kid for 12-I had knowledge about pretty much every Pokemon I had interest in. My favorite was ironically Dragonite, but despite that, I had little interest raising pure Dragons. Training one type of Pokemon, despite my grandfather’s opinions, makes you a very closed-minded Trainer. You’re free to your favorite type, but having just one type, despite the fact that you’re dedicated to your favorite type, makes it very hard to be a successful trainer.

I wanted to train other Pokemon as well, but my grandfather wouldn’t let me. However, my mother and I brought Lance over to finally attempt to convince my grandfather to let me be my own man.

”How many times will I have to tell you? Grinder will be a dragon raiser, and succeed you. He can’t be bothered with things such as training and badges…”

”Look, father…” Clair said. “If you aren’t going to let your grandson live HIS life instead of YOURS, then I will regrettably be forced to withdraw from my position as Blackthorn’s Gym Leader.”

”And I will withdraw from the Pokemon League.” Lance added.

”Ugh…You two are so determined to let him be a trainer? Fine. I’ll give him a chance.”

”Thank you, father. That wasn’t so hard, now was-“

”BUT! He will have a mission. You see, we recently came across a new Dratini. Grinder will go on a training journey in Kanto, but will be forced to take this Dratini with him and raise it to a Dragonite by the time his journey is over.”

”That’s fine.” I said. “I’ll do it.”

”Very well. If you can prove you have what it takes to raise Dragons, then I will allow you to become a full-fledged Trainer.”

”Thank you, grandfather.” I said.

My grandfather groaned. “I have a feeling I’m going to regret this…”

I was then given the Dratini. It looked nice enough.

”This is Drake. He’ll be accompanying you on your journey. If you can raise him to a Dragonite by the time you reach the Pokemon League, I will recognize you as a Trainer, and let you pursue that if that is what you truly wish…”

”I will, trust me.” I then returned Drake to its Poke Ball.

”Hey, Grinder…” Lance said. “I’m leaving back to Kanto tomorrow. You’ll be coming with me, is that OK?”

”Sure. Thanks, Uncle Lance.” I said.

Now, one of my hobbies is exploring the wilderness south of Blackthorn. The mountainous rock formations made for wonderful sunsets, and even better sunrises from Mt. Silver.

However, I suddenly heard a sound. I looked around to make sure nobody was there, and slowly moved backwards to head back to my house, fearing that I was being watched by the wild Pokemon in the area.

However, as I stepped back, I backed into something. Turning around, my heart jumped as I realized I backed into a Skarmory. The bird then spread its wings, screeching.

It began advancing toward me, but as it did, something came from behind me and smacked the bird in the head, causing it to become dizzy.

As I looked back, I saw a strange silver Graveler running towards us. As I prepared for it to attack me by taking a defensive pose, the Graveler picked up another loose rock and chucked it at the Skarmory. Once it reached maximum speed, the Graveler curled up into a ball and continued its charge, slamming its full body into the Skarmory, sending it flying. The bird fled.

Panting, I said, “Wow, thank you…” I then took greater notice of the fact that the Graveler was silver. “You’re not like other Graveler, are you?”

The Graveler shook its head. It then pointed towards Blackthorn.

”Oh, yeah, Blackthorn, that’s where I live.”

The Graveler then came closer and made a gesture towards the city. It wanted to escort me home. I accepted the creature’s hospitality and walked home with it.

”Oh, my God, Grinder, you’re all right!” Clair exclaimed. “I heard a screech…are you OK?”

”Yeah, this Graveler here helped me…” I then gestured to the creature. It humbly scratched its head in response.

”A silver Graveler? Wow, I’ve never seen that before…” Clair said.

”Me neither…this one’s quite unique…” I said.

Upon saying this, the Graveler looked down, ashamed.

”Hmm…” I said, trying to ponder the Graveler’s situation. “You poor thing…you must not be accepted for your difference, are you?”

The Graveler sadly nodded.

”Well, you saved my son. We accept you. How can I possibly repay you for your kindness?” Clair asked.

The Graveler put its arm around my shoulder.

”You want to stay with us?” she asked.

The Graveler nodded.

”Well, here. I’ll give you a Poke Ball to stay in.” Clair took out a spare Poke Ball, and the Graveler jumped into it.

Clair looked around. “Grinder…I’ll tell you what. I need to hide this for now, but when I can, I’ll get this to you when you’re on your journey, OK?”

”Thanks, mom. I won’t tell Grandfather about this.” I said.

”No problem, son. For now, though, you need some rest. You have a big journey ahead of you, and you want to be prepared.”

I then went back home and prepped for my journey. I was anxious to leave, but my mother and uncle both told me that if I was passionate about my work, that I’d be successful.

I then went to bed shortly after, anxiously awaiting for tomorrow…

Chapter 2-The Gym Challenge

The next day, I departed from Blackthorn with Lance to Pallet Town in Kanto. As Lance left me to pursue my ambition of being a powerful Trainer, he told me, “Don’t worry, Grinder. Regardless of what your grandfather says, your mother and I support you. We want you to be happy doing what you want, not what he wants. Just have fun doing what you do, OK?”

”Thank you, uncle…I will…” I said.

With that, he left, and I departed from Pallet Town after stopping by Professor Oak’s office to receive my Pokedex and Poke Balls, along with some Potions and Antidotes.

Within about ten minutes of leaving Pallet Town, I encountered a wild Pidgey that attacked me.

”My first battle…this should be a cinch. Drake, I choose you!” I threw my Poke Ball between me and the Pidgey. From it burst out my Dratini.

”Go, use Wrap to attack it!”

Drake charged at the Pidgey. The bird feared Drake’s immense size, but wasn’t fast enough to escape, and Drake wrapped its snake-like body around the bird. The bird fainted out of fear.

”Good job! We won, Drake!” I exclaimed. I was happy to win my first battle, despite it being an easy one.

We continued on. About fifteen minutes later, I was attacked by another Pidgey. I released Drake once again, and easily defeated the Pidgey.

About an hour later, I stopped by a tree to eat, and fed Drake as well. “Man, this has been easy so far.” I then looked around. The scenery was nice-a very nice lake was behind the tree. “Hey, Drake, you want to swim around for a while?”

Drake grunted in affirmation. He then jumped in the water and played around for a while.

A few minutes later, I saw a Trainer approach me. “Hey, kid, you up for a battle?”

A battle against another Trainer…”Sure, why not?”

I called Drake back over.

”A Dratini? Not bad, kid…” the Trainer said. “Go, Goldeen!”

He threw his Poke Ball in the lake’s direction. Emerging from it was a small goldfish.

”All right, Drake, get in there and beat that thing!”

Drake eagerly jumped in the water. The Goldeen swam around defensively, luring Drake in. Drake got overconfident and chased it, and the Goldeen trapped Drake, swimming around to Drake’s backside.

”Go!” the trainer said. “Use Horn Attack!”

The Goldeen rushed in before Drake could react and got a clean hit on Drake, sending him reeling back.

”Oh no, Drake!” I said. “Use Wrap!”

Drake shook off the attack and wrapped itself around the Goldeen. However, the Goldeen panicked from having its gills covered. I ordered Drake to stop, and after we reset positions for sportsmanship’s sake, we resumed the battle.

”All right, scare it with Leer!” I said.

Drake glared at the Goldeen. It was intimidated, but out of fear, it came in again with its horn, attacking Drake. Drake got sent keeling back again.

I had a bad feeling I was going to lose this battle, but Drake then did something I never expected. From the tip of its horn, Drake released a blue bolt of lightning that shocked the Goldeen, knocking it out.

”Hmm?” I asked.

”Wow…” said the trainer. “That’s one powerful Thunder Wave there…”

”Thanks.” I said as he recalled his Goldeen to its Poke Ball. I did the same after applying a Potion to Drake’s wounds.

”Thank you for the battle. You’re quite the Trainer.” he said.

”Thank you as well. I just got lucky…Keep improving yourself, you’ll get there.” I said.

We both parted ways after I received my money from defeating him. I continued towards Viridian City.

By nightfall, I was about halfway there. I journeyed to the nearest Pokemon Center. I took out my Poke Gear and logged my day, then promptly went to bed.

Chapter 3-The Nidorans

After waking up at 6:00, I took an hour to shower, eat, and prepare before I left.

After about ten minutes, I encountered a wild Rattata.

”Drake, I choose you!” I released Drake from my Poke Ball.

The Rattata growled, and lunged at Drake with a Tackle.

”Dodge it and hit it with Thunder Wave!”

Drake got out of the way of the Rattata’s charge and released a bolt of blue lightning that knocked out the Rattata.

”Wow, nice…” I noticed that Drake’s Thunder Wave was a powerful attack. I returned Drake to his Poke Ball and moved on.

It took me a few hours to get to Viridian. It was about 7 P.M. when I arrived. I healed up at the Pokemon Center and stocked up on supplies at the Pokemon Mart, then decided I was going to train, so I headed west.

I stayed near the outskirts of the city as I trained, battling wild Pokemon. Eventually, though, I noticed a pair of Nidoran, one male, one female. They both looked at me aggressively.

”Two on one?” I grinned. “That’s not very fair…” I said sarcastically. I released Drake from its ball.

The Nidorans growled and both tackled Drake.

”Dodge. Wrap the male and use Thunder Wave on the female.” I said, keeping my composure.

Drake wrapped itself around the male Nidoran, stopping its charge, and hit the other one with Thunder Wave.

The female was knocked out, but the male fought back, biting his tail. Drake flinched, losing its grip on the Nidoran. It took the opportunity of weakness to stab Drake in the tail. However, I didn’t know that Nidoran were Poison-type. The horns secreted a poison that knocked Drake out.

”No! Drake!” I exclaimed, running up to him. I applied an Antidote to it to cure the poison before it became fatal, but it was already knocked out. I returned it to its Poke Ball.

I then looked at the Nidoran. “Not bad. You’re a pretty scrappy little feller, ain’t ya?”

The Nidoran proudly scoffed.

However, as it did, the scoff was proceeded by a loud screech from a few feet away.

A giant bird emerged from the bush in the distance. I whipped out my Pokedex, and it identified the giant bird as a Fearow.

”A Fearow?!” I exclaimed.

It charged at us. I ducked to dodge, and Nidoran jumped out of the way.

As it rebounded, Nidoran took a battle stance.

”Are you crazy?! You can’t beat that thing!” I exclaimed.

Ignoring me, the Nidoran lunged at the Fearow as it rebounded. However, it was not nearly strong enough to even stop the Fearow’s charge, and was sent flying back.

Taking notice of Nidoran’s hostility, the Fearow rebounded, but swooped down on the Nidoran. It attacked it with Peck, and sent Nidoran flying far backwards, knocking it out.

”No!” Nidoran!” I exclaimed.

However, I had little time to think of that, because the Fearow rebounded once again, this time going for me. I raised my arms to block, but-

”Use Water Gun!”

A distant stream of water interrupted the Fearow’s charge. Both it and I looked at the origin of the water stream. Standing there was a boy wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with blue jeans. He had long red hair. He looked to be about my age. The water stream itself came from the boy’s Shellder.

Noticing it was outnumbered, the Fearow flew off.

The boy ran up to me. “Are you all right?” He asked.

”I’m fine,” I said, “but these Nidoran are badly injured. We need to get them to the Pokemon Center, now.”

”Here, I’ll help.” he said. He took the female Nidoran, and I took the male one, and we rushed to the Pokemon Center in Viridian.

As the two Nidoran were being treated, as well as Drake, the two of us properly introduced ourselves.

”I’m Grinder.” I said.

”And I’m Telen. Nice to meet you, Grinder.” He extended his hand.

”And you as well, Telen.” I shook his hand.

”So, are you trying to become a Pokemon Master like I am, Grinder?” he asked.

”Not really…” I said. He made me think-a Pokemon Master. Catching all Pokemon, getting to the top… “I just want to be a powerful Trainer and raise strong, caring Pokemon.”

”Well, I think you should do whatever it is you want to do.” he said.

We then continued conversing, but I didn’t tell him about my family connections.

About an hour later, the Nidorans and Drake were brought out by Nurse Joy.

”These two will be fine. But I think it would be best if they weren’t released back into the wild for a little bit.”

”I see…”

However, we had little time to celebrate the Nidorans’ good health, because the alarm in the center went off.

”Oh no! We’re being attacked!” Joy said.

”We’ll deal with the intruder.” I said. “Drake.” I motioned to him. “Let’s go.”

We approached the place from which the intruder entered. There were two of them, clad in black uniforms with hats and white gloves and boots. Their uniforms had a purple “R” in the middle.

”Team Rocket members? Here?!” Telen exclaimed.

”Team Rocket?” I asked. I had no idea who these people were.

”Ooh,” said one of them. “Looks like we hit the jackpot.” he added, referring to Drake and the two Nidoran.

”Team Rocket,” Telen began, “is a criminal organization that commits crimes with Pokemon. They steal, cheat, rob, and even kill for their own personal gain.”

”That’s despicable!” I said. “We have to stop them!”

”That is…” said the second Rocket member, “if you can.”

He and his partner each drew out a Poke Ball.

Drake stepped in front of me. Telen took out one of his Poke Balls.
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PostSubject: Re: Cronicles of the dragon tamer   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:13 am

Chapter 4-Team Rocket

”Go!” Each of us yelled.

The Team Rocket members released a Koffing and a Grimer. Telen released a Charmander.

”Drake!” I yelled. “Use Thunder Wave on Grimer!”

”Charmander!” Telen commanded. “Use Ember on Koffing!”

”Koffing!” one of the Team Rocket members yelled. “Use Smog to mess up their aim, then dodge!”

”Grimer! Dodge it and use Acid!”

Drake and Charmander each threw their respective attacks at our opponents, but Koffing released a cloud of smog that clouded them over, making them unable to be seen. The two dodged, and Grimer threw Acid at Drake, knocking it out.

”No! Drake!” I yelled.

One of the Rocket members took this opportunity to attempt to seize Drake, but the male Nidoran got in his way and tackled him.

”Grimer!” the other Rocket member said. “Use Acid on that Nidoran!”

Before it could, though, the female Nidoran ran up to the Grimer and tackled it, forcing it to stumble backwards. Annoyed, the Grimer threw Acid at the female Nidoran instead, sending it flying back.

The Rocket member then seized the female Nidoran.

”All right, this is as good as it’s gonna get. Let’s just bail, we got one of them at least.” said the Rocket member who seized the Nidoran.

”No! Stop!” yelled Joy.

”Charmander, use Scratch on the Rocket member!” Telen said.

Nidoran too charged at the Rocket member as I returned Drake to his ball to prevent the Rockets from stealing him.

However, Grimer and Koffing interrupted as Grimer threw Acid at Charmander (who reached the Rocket first) and Koffing released gases as the Rockets escaped with the female Nidoran.

”No!” I exclaimed. “Get back here, you crooks!”

”Don’t bother, Grinder.” Telen said sourly. “They’re gone.”

”Damn it!” I yelled. “I might have been able to help if I-“

”Don’t beat yourself up.” he said. “Let’s make sure that, if ever we cross paths with them again, they don’t get away.”

”We’ll make them give them back.” I said.

During all of this, I failed to notice Nidoran. It was just standing there, as if in some kind of paralyzed state of shock.

”Nidoran…?” I approached it, but as I touched it, it lashed at me, attacking me. I dodged back as it took a defensive stance, growling at me.

”Grinder, leave it alone.” Telen said. “Just let it cool off for a little while.”

I then backed up. Nidoran ran off in the direction the Rockets ran off in.

”Nidoran, wait!” I said. I began chasing it, and Telen followed.

As we caught up with it, it was at the northern edge of the city, sniffing for their trail.

”Nidoran, hold on!” I said, panting as I finally caught up with it.

The Nidoran then looked at me with a look of desperate false hope in its eyes.

”The poor thing…” Telen said. “It’s in a lot of emotional pain…”

”Nidoran…” I said. “I’ll do what I can to get your friend back for you.”

Nidoran looked at me seriously for a short moment.

”I’m going to track them down. I promise you, I’m going to help you find your friend. I promise.”

Nidoran then approached me slowly. It motioned towards my belt.

”Hmm?” I removed my belt and placed it on the ground for it. It then nudged one of my Poke Balls, and looked at me.

”I think it wants to come with you.” Telen said.

”Is that what you want, Nidoran?” I asked.

It nodded.

I took the Poke Ball it was nudging from my belt, and opened it. Nidoran surrendered to it, sealing itself inside of it.

”Well, how about that. My first catch.” I said.

”Congratulations, Grinder.” Telen said.

”Thanks, Telen.” I said.

”Well…” Telen said, looking at the outskirts of the city. “We can make it to the next Center if we hurry.”

”Right. Let’s go.” I said.

We returned to the Center in Viridian to check on Nurse Joy. She called in the police, and we took our belongings and left.

It took us about three hours to get to the next Center, the one outside of the Viridian Forest. We both shared our experiences with the trainers there (There were a large number of them there, due to the fact that it was a popular stop for Trainers-the Viridian Forest was a difficult challenge for trainers.)

We then prepared for going to bed. I logged my experience tonight, and went to bed.

Chapter 5-The Viridian Forest

After we woke up after little sleep, Telen and I went our separate ways. Both of us wanted to go to Pewter, but Telen had business to attend to first.

Not being nosy (I didn’t want people asking about my personal life, so I sympathized), I went my own way.

I reached the entrance to the Viridian Forest after about half an hour of walking. I knew what I was getting into. I knew that I needed to overcome this to attain the ambition I wanted. I entered the forest, fully aware of the dangers I was getting myself into.

Keeping my guard up, I pushed through the forest. After fifteen minutes of walking, I ran into a group of Kakuna. I knew that Kakuna hatched into the deadly and dangerous Beedrill, so I avoided them without disturbing them.

Eventually, I walked for a small time more until I ran into a lone Beedrill.

”Aw, crap, can’t avoid this one.” I said. “Drake, I choose you!” I released Drake from his Poke Ball.

”Drake, hit it with Thunder Wave!”

The Beedrill lunged in aggressively, but Drake’s Thunder Wave knocked it out.

”Good job, Drake. A good victory for us today.” I returned Drake to its Poke Ball and continued on.

After half an hour of walking, I encountered a trainer.

”Hey, you!” he called to me. “Let’s battle!”

”Sure, bring it on.” I said.

”Go, Mankey!” He released a Mankey from his Poke Ball.

It didn’t look like too much of a challenge, so I decided that this would be a good time for Nidoran to get some experience. “Go, Nidoran!” I released it from its ball.

”Mankey, use Low Kick!” the trainer commanded.

The Mankey charged in and attemped to trip Nidoran, but it dodged.

”Use Horn Attack!”

Nidoran stabbed the Mankey with its horn, knocking it out with its poison.

”Good job, Mankey. Return.” The trainer recalled his Mankey.

”Thank you for the battle.” I said. I then warned him about the Kakuna nest a distance away from here. He thanked me and headed off after giving me a small amount of money for my victory.

Eventually, I reached the end of the forest. After a few hours more of walking, I reached Pewter City.

I checked in the Pokemon Center at about 11. After logging my experience, I went to bed.
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PostSubject: Re: Cronicles of the dragon tamer   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:14 am

Chapter 6-A Head Check

After waking up, I decided to head to the Pokemon Gym to challenge the Gym Leader there. However, beforehand, I talked with some of the Trainers. They told me that the Leader uses Rock-types.

I entered the Gym and saw the Leader there. He was sitting there, meditating. Noticing my entry, he opened his eyes.

”Hmm, a Trainer. It’s been a pretty slow day.” he said.

”Greetings, Gym Leader. I am Grinder.” I said.

”Grinder? I recognize that name…” he said. Thinking for a minute, he then said, “I remember. You’re Clair’s son, aren’t you?”

”Yes, that’s correct.” I said.

”That’s strange, I thought they wanted their clan members to inherit the Gym.” he said.

”That’s a personal thing with me. I’m not at liberty to discuss it. Perhaps if you beat me, I’ll tell you.” I said slyly.

”You, challenging me? Well, I like that. You’re a pretty interesting kid. I, Brock, Pewter’s Gym Leader, accept your challenge, Grinder.”

We proceeded to the arena. A judge was observing.

”This will be a single battle. Each trainer will be allowed to use two Pokemon. Only the challenger is permitted substitutions. Are both trainers ready?”

We both nodded and grunted affirmatively. I put on my game face and readied my first Pokemon.

”Then let the battle begin!”

”Go! Geodude!” Brock tossed a Poke Ball. From it released a Geodude.

”Nidoran, I choose you!” I released Nidoran from its ball.

After not much thinking, Brock commanded his first attack. “Geodude! Use Tackle!”

The Geodude charged at Nidoran.

”Dodge it, Nidoran!”

Nidoran jumped out of the way.

However, Brock anticipated. “Use Rock Throw!”

As Nidoran landed, in one motion, Geodude spun around, picked up a rock, and chucked it at Nidoran.

I knew Nidoran couldn’t dodge. “Use your horn to defend yourself!”

Nidoran did just that, bending its head down as it used its horn to bear the brunt of the attack. Nidoran’s horn managed to chip the rock, sending it bouncing off its horn. However, judging by the low bounce from the rock, Nidoran not only took mild damage, but didn’t do such a good job of defending itself.

”Nidoran, use Horn Attack!” I commanded.

Nidoran charged in.

”Dodge it!” Brock yelled.

Geodude got out of the way, but Nidoran’s sharp reflexes helped it change directions quickly and score a clean hit on Geodude. However, Geodude, being a Rock-type, didn’t take too much damage.

Geodude then swung in with a punch, but Nidoran dodged back.

”Nidoran! Come in with another Horn Attack!” I yelled.

”Geodude! Use Defense Curl!” Brock yelled.

Geodude withdrew into itself, curling up into a ball. Nidoran hit it but nearly bounced right off. Shaking off the damage, Nidoran took a stance as Geodude regained its attack posture.

”Time to wrap this up. Geodude! Use Magnitude!”

Geodude gathered energy in its hands, then punched the ground. A shockwave emitted from it.

”Dodge it!” I yelled.

Nidoran managed to use some rocks as leverage to jump over the shockwave to dodge it.

”All right, now tackle it!”

Geodude charged in.


As Nidoran landed, it used its quick feet to jump out of the way of the Geodude’s charge.

”Now, Geodude, wrap it up with another Magnitude!”

As Geodude was rebounding, it gathered energy in its fists and slammed the ground. Another shockwave emitted from the ground, but this one was much larger. To make matters worse, due to positions, there was no rock Nidoran could climb fast enough to jump over the shockwave.

”Nidoran!” I said, thinking of a way out. Realizing I had none, I resorted to the only option I had for Nidoran. “Run!”

Nidoran sped away from the shockwave, but it was too fast. It crashed into Nidoran, and knocked it out.

”Nidoran is unable to battle!” the judge said. “Geodude is the winner!”

Shaken, I returned Nidoran to its ball. Before I released Drake, I made sure to inspect Geodude. Those Magnitude attacks took their toll, seeing as Geodude’s hands were clearly broken from hitting the ground so hard. It also looked quite tired.

”Drake, I choose you!” I released Drake from its ball.

”The next battle is Dratini vs. Geodude.” the judge said. “Let the battle begin!”

“Geodude! Wrap this up quick with Magnitude!”

Geodude grunted. It gathered energy in its fist, and slammed the ground. As it flinched from the pain, it emitted an extremely small shockwave that Drake was simply able to jump over.

”Hit it with Thunder Wave!” I yelled.

Drake released a bolt of lightning from the tip of its horn. The bolt hit Geodude, and knocked it out.

”Geodude is unable to battle!” the judge said. “Dratini is the winner!”

”Not bad, kid.” Brock said as he returned his Geodude to its Poke Ball. He then took out another Poke Ball. “Let’s see if you can deal with my Onix!”

He released an Onix from the ball. Onix was an enormous Pokemon, dwarfing even Drake’s massive size almost four times over.

”All right, Onix, use Tackle!” Brock yelled.

The Onix charged at Drake. Drake was nervous, but I helped it out.

”Drake! Use Thunder Wave!” I yelled.

Drake released a bolt of lightning from its horn, and the bolt hit Onix dead-on, surrounding it, but the bolt fizzled and Onix was relatively unphased.

”Crap,” I thought to myself, “My most powerful attack did nothing…”

Onix then smashed itself into Drake, sending it flying.

”Bind it.” Brock commanded.

Onix wrapped its tail around Drake’s body. He flailed about in a desperate attempt to free itself, sending lightning bolts out sporadically, crashing into the lights and Onix. The bolts that hit Onix did only very slight damage and had little more effect than the bolt that hit it beforehand.

”Drake…” I said lowly.

Drake continued frantically struggling. Onix kept its grip firmly around Drake.

”Drake!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Stop!”

Drake ignored me, continuing its attempt to free itself.

I drew Drake’s Poke Ball and withdrew it.

”I forfeit.” I said. “I have no chance of defeating you in my current state.”

”Well, Grinder…” he said. “I hope you have gained experience in defeat.”

”Thank you for this experience, Brock. I’ll be back later when I have grown more as a Trainer.”

Bitter and in a state of self-doubt, I left the Gym and headed to the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon.

I needed time to clear my head and think of my mistakes to fix them, so while my Pokemon were being healed, I thought of my defeat and how the battle went wrong.

I let the Pokemon get some rest overnight, so I bitterly logged my first true loss and then went to bed.

Chapter 7-What It Means

I was at the Pokemon Center for quite some time, thinking of what went wrong.

”Hmm…” I examined first the battle between Nidoran and Geodude.

Geodude got tired after two rounds of Magnitude, so I assumed it would be downright unable to do any more than four, lest it receive serious injury on its hands, and be unable to attack Nidoran in any way.

However, I had to think of Geodude’s Defense Curl. It could defend itself against Nidoran and injure Nidoran in the process.

Also, I had to take into account that Onix. However, I eventually figured out the problems I had with the battle against Onix.

After I trained for about three hours, I went back to the Gym to challenge Brock again.

”Back again?” Brock mused sarcastically.

”This time, I’ve refined my battle strategy. I’ll win this time.” I said.

”Well, I accept your challenge.” He motioned to the judge, who made his way to the center of the stage.

”You two know the drill, right? I don’t need to repeat it. Are both trainers ready?” he asked.

Brock and I both nodded.

”Let the battle begin!”

”Go! Geodude!” Brock released his Geodude from his Poke Ball.

Inspecting the stage, I found a perfect place. “Go! Nidoran!”

I released Nidoran from its Poke Ball in a rocky portion of the arena.

”Geodude! Use Tackle!” Brock yelled.

Geodude charged at Nidoran from the opposite side of the arena.

”Dodge it!” I yelled.

As Geodude closed in on Nidoran, it dodged to the right.

”Now it’s your turn!” I yelled. “Use Horn Attack!”

Nidoran used its quick feet and reflexes to turn sharply and swiftly, then charged in.

”Geodude!” Brock yelled. “Use Defense Curl!”

As Geodude was trying to stop its charge, it noticed Nidoran’s charge and curled into a ball while still in midair.

”Nidoran! Send it flying with your horn!” I yelled.

Nidoran reached Geodude, and instead of stabbing Geodude, it ducked, then threw its head upward, throwing Geodude high in the air. Geodude panicked as it fell back to the ground, right into one of the spiky rocks on the ground. The pain knocked it out.

”Geodude is unable to battle. Nidoran is the winner!”

Brock gasped. “Wow, kid, not bad.” He called Geodude back to its ball. “Go, Onix!” He released Onix from its ball.

Nidoran was intensely intimidated by Onix’s massive size, but nonetheless let its scrappy nature take hold as it took a battle stance.

”Use Tackle!”

Onix charged full-speed at Nidoran.

”Quick, dodge it!”

Nidoran got a better idea, and jumped on a series of rocks. As Onix reached Nidoran, it jumped as high as it could. Onix not only hit its head off the rock, but Nidoran got a good hold of its head.

”Nidoran! Use Horn Attack!”

Nidoran began jabbing its horn on Onix’s head. The attacks didn’t do much damage at all, but Onix was annoyed and shook Nidoran off itself.

”Use Bind!”

Onix took the advantage of Nidoran’s fall to wrap its tail around Nidoran, squeezing it. Knowing it didn’t have much fight left in it, Onix threw Nidoran against the ground, knocking it out.

”Nidoran is unable to battle! Onix is the winner!” the judge said.

”Return!” I called Nidoran back to its Poke Ball. “Drake! I choose you!” I released Drake from its ball.

”All right, Onix…use Bind!” Brock yelled.

Onix swooped in with its tail.

”Jump to dodge! Then use Thunder Wave!”

Drake jumped over Onix’s tail, then sent a wave of lightning at the massive snake. However, this time, the beam was focused, and did quite a lot of damage to it.

However, it shook it off. Rebounding from its missed Wrap attack, it lashed its tail at the airborne Drake, smacking him, causing Drake to crash to the floor.

”Drake! No!”

Drake struggled to get up, but did nonetheless.

”Good job, Drake! I believe in you! We can win this!” I said, boosting Drake’s morale.

”Let’s wrap this up with a Tackle attack, Onix!” Brock yelled.

Onix came charging, but I knew I could win this right here.

”Drake! Wrap yourself around Onix’s head!” I yelled.

Drake got out of the way at an extremely close distance, and then rebounded, wrapping its body around Onix’s neck.

”Now! Finish it off with the most power you can put into a Thunder Wave!” I yelled.

Drake then gathered power quickly, gushing out a giant wave of thunder that stunned Onix, sending it crashing into the wall. Drake jumped off just in time to avoid being slammed into the now torn-open wall.

”Onix!” Brock yelled.

Onix removed its head and regained its posture. However, it was breathing heavily and visibly struggling to keep up. It eventually gave out, passing out.

”Onix is unable to battle! Dratini is the winner! The victory goes to Grinder!” the judge yelled.

”Yes!” I ran up to Drake and savored my victory.

Brock called Onix back to its Poke Ball and approached me.

”Grinder…” he said. “That was incredible…You deserved that victory, and you also deserve this.” He took out a badge and handed it to me. “This is the Pokemon League’s Boulder Badge. It’s your prize for defeating me.”

”Thank you, Brock…” I said. I then called Drake back to its ball.

”I wish you well on your journey. Good luck with your Gym Challenge.” he said.

”Thanks.” I said. I then left the Gym.

I left for the Pokemon Center. Tired, I logged my battle and went to bed. I’d start my journey to the next Gym in Cerulean later
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Chapter 8-Trouble in Mount Moon

When I woke up, I left Pewter in pursuit of my second badge in Cerulean. It didn’t take me long to get to the foot of the next natural obstacle, Mt. Moon. I battled some rookie trainers on the way, but I was at the top of my game-these kids were nothing I couldn’t handle.

As I entered the mountain, I noticed there were a lot of Zubat around. Drake was using Thunder Wave to scare them off.

However, I noticed something strange. A stray Clefairy was panicking, running towards me from a distant tunnel.

”Oh, a Clefairy!” I exclaimed. Clefairy were quite rare, and it was a sight to see. However, I noticed a Raticate chasing it.

”A Raticate? Here?” I wondered what was the problem. Raticate didn’t breed anywhere near here.

I then heard two voices. “Come on!”

”It’s getting away!”

The Clefairy and the Raticate both noticed me. Raticate stopped as the Clefairy stood behind me.

”I’ll protect you, little one.” I said.

Clefairy nodded and pointed at the Raticate.

The Raticate apparently belonged to a member of Team Rocket, because the two voices I’d heard belonged to two members of Team Rocket, who at this point caught up with us.

”Team Rocket?!” I exclaimed.

”So, this kid knows who we are…” said one of them.

”I guess he knows too much, then…” said the other. The two laughed.

”Hey…” said the other one, noticing Drake. “A Dratini…”

”Ooh, this’ll be good.” said the other. He looked at me. “Hey, kid. Hand over the Dratini and the Clefairy, and you won’t get hurt.”

”Make me.” I said, reaching for my Poke Ball.

One of the Rocket members reached for a Poke Ball as well.

”Go! Ekans!” he yelled. From his Poke Ball emerged an Ekans.

”Nidoran! Let’s do this!” I said, releasing Nidoran from its Poke Ball.

”Ekans!” said one of them.

”Raticate!” yelled the other.

”Get him!” they both yelled.

The two charged. Nidoran and Drake responded with each a charge of their own.

”Nidoran! Hit Raticate with a Horn Attack! Drake! Use Thunder Wave on Ekans!”

Nidoran stopped Raticate’s charge with its horn. Drake dealt with Ekans with one attack as well.

”Pathetic.” I said. “You’re going to have to be a lot stronger if you ever want to get anywhere in the world of organized crime…”

”Ugh!” grunted one of them. “We don’t need your sarcasm!” They charged in, but Drake used a Thunder Wave to knock them out.

”Good work, Drake.” I said. I then looked at the Clefairy. “Clefairy…what’s Team Rocket doing here?”

Clefairy, unable to speak my language, had to make a few suggestive hand motions to tell me. Eventually, after heavy translation, I figured it out.

”So, what you’re saying is, Team Rocket came here and kidnapped your friends?”

Clefairy nodded.

However, what I didn’t notice was Nidoran. Nidoran was sniffing the ground, and after about two seconds, its ears rose up, and it growled.

”Nidoran…what is it?” I asked.

Nidoran charged down the tunnel where the Rockets came from. Hurriedly, I followed.

Eventually, we reached a large cavern. The cavern had a large white rock in the middle, surrounded by strange light blue stones.

Nidoran stopped before we came into the sight of the Rockets in the cavern. There were roughly five of them.

”Damn, I’m vastly outnumbered…” I said to myself. “How am I going to do this?”

Clefairy nudged to me. As I looked, I noticed it pointing to a group of more Clefairy. They were tied up, more than likely by the Rockets.

”All right, Clefairy, I have an idea…But you’ll have to trust me, OK?” I said.

The Clefairy nodded. I then explained my idea to the three Pokemon.

Clefairy started by running silently around the edge of the cavern. As it did, one of the Rockets took notice, and the five ganged up on it, cornering it. This gave me my opportunity to walk up to the group of Clefairy and free them.

By the time the Rockets seized the one Clefairy, I was standing with Drake, Nidoran, and the rest of the Clefairy.

”A kid? What the-“

”Get them!” I yelled.

The Clefairy charged. Before the Rockets could reach for their Poke Balls, the Clefairy were already using Pound to beat the crap out of them. They eventually ran off.

”All right! We did it!” I exclaimed.

The Clefairy then noticed the moon directly overhead. They circled around, and the large boulder began to glow. The Clefairy too began to glow, and they changed shape, each evolving into Clefable.

”Wow…” I said. “This is amazing, huh guys?”

Drake and Nidoran just looked on in amazement.

When the Clefable stopped dancing, one of them approached me. It had a broken-off piece of the large boulder in its hand, and it handed it to me.

”Huh? For me?” I asked.

The Clefable nodded. I thanked it, returned Drake and Nidoran to their Poke Balls, and exited the cave.

I continued journeying for what seemed like an eternity, and barely had time to log my progress before I passed out at the Pokemon Center I eventually reached.

Chapter 9-Something Amiss

After waking up, I prepared quickly and ran off. I didn’t get much sleep and it was already noon, so I had to hurry if I wanted to reach Cerulean before dark.

After battling a few trainers and running into some wild Pokemon, I eventually reached Cerulean. I went to the Pokemon Center and met Telen there. However, he looked angry.

”Telen!” I said. “Nice to see you again!”

”…” he said nothing.

”What’s wrong?” I asked.

”I just lost a battle…” he answered.

”Oh, that’s sad to hear…” I said. “Against who?”

”Well, to tell you the truth, the guy wasn’t so conceited about it…but I’m still disappointed that I lost…he said he needed a warm-up before he went to the Gym.”

”So he’s at the Gym?” I asked.

”Yeah, probably.”

”All right, I’ll see how I fare against him.” I said.

”Good luck, I hope you can beat him.”

After healing my Pokemon, I left for the Gym. As I reached the entrance, a male trainer emerged with a Cascade Badge in his hand. He had blonde spiky hair and wore a light blue jacket with jeans.

”Hey there,” he said.

”Hi…” I answered. “I’m looking for someone. Can you help me?” I knew he was the one, but had to be sure just incase.

”Sure, shoot.”

”My rival just lost a battle…he’s a tall guy with long red hair, wears a black jacket…I’m looking for the guy that beat him.”

”Well, I’m the one you’re looking for then.” He snapped his fingers. A Gastly appeared, hovering above his shoulder.

”Oh, wow, I’ve never seen a ghost Pokemon before!” I said.

”Yeah, this is Gastly.” he said.

”Well, would you be up for a battle?” I asked.

”Sure.” he answered. “But first, kid, let me introduce myself. My name’s Serii.” He extended his hand. “What’s yours?”

”My name’s Grinder.” I said, shaking his hand.

”Well, first let me heal my Gastly. That Gym Leader put up one hell of a fight.” he said.

We both entered the Pokemon Center. Telen was there, conversing with some of the trainers. When we entered, Telen noticed, and broke away from the group to approach us.

”Hey there,” Serii said.

”Hey.” Telen said.

”Your friend seemed to have found me and wants a battle.” he said. “You should watch!”

”Sure, why not.” Telen said.

After Serii had his Gastly healed, we then exited the Center and found an open space with few people.

”All right,” Serii said, “a one-on-one. How does that sound?”

”Sounds good.” I said.

”I choose Gastly, of course.” Gastly then hovered forward, taking its place in the battlefield.

”Go, Drake!” I said, releasing Drake from its Poke Ball.

”…” Telen said nothing as he watched the battle.

”All right, Drake!” I yelled. “Use Wrap!”

Drake charged at the Gastly, but as it wrapped itself around it, Gastly disappeared.

”?!” I looked around to try and figure out where Gastly was.

”Use Lick attack.” Serii said.

Gastly appeared above Drake, and dove in, licking its back, which sent chills through its spine.

”Drake! Are you OK?”

Drake was still receiving a chill from the lick attack. Eventually, it shook the attack off.

”Drake! Use Thunder Wave!”

Drake released a bolt of lightning. Gastly tried to dodge, but was still grazed. Before it could be hit by the attack’s full power, Gastly disappeared again.

”Use Night Shade.”

Gastly appeared behind Drake and shot a wave of dark energy at Drake.

”Use Thunder Wave!”

Drake countered by releasing a bolt of lightning. The two energies met and exploded on contact.

When the dust from the explosion settled, both Gastly and Drake were knocked out.

”!!” I said.

”A draw…” Serii said. “Hey, not bad, kid!”

”Thanks…” I said. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The three of us then went to the Pokemon Center, where Serii and I healed our Pokemon. Serii had to leave then, so he headed south, towards the next Gym in Vermillion.

I then headed to the Gym, confident that I would defeat the Gym Leader…

Chapter 10-Twister

After leaving the Pokemon Center from my battle with Serii, I headed to the Gym. Entering, a woman was there, taking a dip in her pool. The field looked basic enough-a large pool with tiny platforms sticking out of the ground.

”Oh, hi there!” the woman said cheerfully. “My name’s Misty, and I’m the Gym Leader. I assume you want a battle?”

“That’s correct.” I said. “I desire to battle with you for the Cascade Badge.”

”That’s fine, but don’t expect an easy battle.” She then swam to one of the edges of the pool and pushed a button. Two diving boards rose from the ground. She got on one while I got on the other.

A judge then entered the room. “All right, this will be a standard one-on-one battle between Grinder, the challenger, and Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader. Each trainer will battle until his or her Pokemon is knocked out. There is no time limit. Are both Trainers ready?”

”Yes.” both of us answered.


”Go, Drake!” I said, releasing Drake from its Poke Ball.

”Starmie, I choose you!” Misty said, releasing a Starmie from the Poke Ball. Both of us had our Pokemon on the edges of the pool. As soon as both Pokemon were released, they both jumped in.

”Starmie, use Tackle!” Misty commanded.

”Dodge the Tackle, Drake!” I responded. “Then, use Wrap!”

Starmie spun around at full speed and darted across the pool. As it was about to hit Drake, it slithered to the side to avoid it, and then wrapped its tail around Starmie, constricting it.

”Starmie!” Misty yelled. “Use Rapid Spin to set yourself free!”

Starmie began to spin its bottom star at a high velocity. The spinning caused its bottom star to strike Drake’s tail repeatedly.

”Shock it with Thunder Wave!” I commanded.

Drake let loose a wave of thunder. The shock noticeably damaged the both of them, because Starmie stopped spinning and Drake surfaced, taking a breather on one of the platforms. Starmie surfaced as well.

”Starmie! Recover!” she yelled.

Starmie nodded as its inner core began to glow. Instantly, its wounds appeared healed.

”Ugh!” I said. “This is going to go on forever if we don’t do something!”

Drake took initiative, jumping into the water.

”Follow it, Starmie! Use Bubblebeam!”

Starmie dove into the water, using Bubblebeam to shift the water and make its swim more uncomfortable. Drake was hit by the attack and was pushed to the bottom of the pool.

”Great!” Misty exclaimed. “Now finish it off with a Tackle!”

If that Tackle hits, it’s over, I thought to myself. “Drake, use Thunder Wave to fend it off!”

Drake didn’t listen. Instead, it stood there as Starmie drew nearer.

”Drake, I said, use Thunder Wave!” I yelled.

Still, Drake didn’t listen. Starmie was getting really close now…

”Drake!” I yelled. “You’re going to be defeated if you don’t—“

I was cut off by Drake, who, from the tip of its horn, whipped up a turbulence in the water. The turbulence caused Starmie to be tossed around the whirlpool uncontrollably.

”Is that…Twister attack?”

Drake then released a Thunder Wave, so as Starmie was struggling to regain balance and was being painfully thrown back and forth through the turbulence, it was being shocked at the same time.

Eventually, Drake surfaced, taking to one of the platforms. Starmie floated to the surface, knocked out.

”Starmie! No!” Misty cried.

”Starmie is unable to battle!” the judge said. “The winner is Dratini! Victory goes to the challenger, Grinder!”

”Yes!” I cheered. “Good job, Drake!”

Drake jumped across the platforms, coming over to me. It wrapped itself around me, looking happy about its victory.

”I concede…” Misty said in awe. “You’re really good, kid!”

”Thanks.” I said. “I don’t think I’m THAT great…”

”Wait, Grinder…are you Clair’s son?”

”That’s right.” I said. “Does every Gym Leader know about me?”

”Well, you’ve met some of them, haven’t you?” she replied.

”Yeah, I guess…do they talk about me or something?” I asked.

”They sure do.” Misty replied. “Erika, Koga and Blaine have specifically mentioned how they admire your liking to Pokemon not of the Dragon type. Of course, I imagine your grandfather doesn’t like that all too much…”

”Yeah, I really went on this journey to prove that I can represent this family as more than a Dragon raiser.” I said. “I want to raise more Pokemon than just dragons, like this one.” I released my Nidoran from its Poke Ball.

”It’s great to see you following your dreams, Grinder.” she said, smiling. “Here.” She held out the Cascade Badge. “This is the Kanto League’s official Cascade Badge. Take it, and remember that I am one more Gym Leader who supports your dream.”

I took the Cascade Badge from her, inserting it into my badge case. “Thank you, Misty. I’ll remember that.” I smiled.

”Good luck with the rest of your battles, Grinder.” she said.

”Thank you, Misty.” I said as I left.

As I headed to the Pokemon Center, I noticed that Telen had left. However, I noticed the people he was talking to were there, as they addressed me.

”Hey, you’re Telen’s friend, right?” one of them asked.

”Y-yes, that’s me.” I said.

”Telen’s headed north to take the Nugget 6 challenge. It’s great for Trainers who aren’t ready for the Cerulean Gym yet, and it’s good money for those who won there already.” he said. “We just did, but we didn’t get too far…”

”Oh, well, thank you.” I said. “I’ll be sure to try it.”

To be honest, the prospect of some extra cash seemed fun. Battling was beginning to become natural to me, and I could always use the experience for future battles. Besides, I had the time, so I headed north, towards the bridge.
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Chapter 11-The Nugget 6 Challenge

The trek to the northern end of the city was rather quick. The one thing I did notice, however, was a man in a Team Rocket uniform blocking the southeastern route out of the city. I’d have to move him eventually, but I was sure someone would notice and call the cops on him, so I let him be as I headed to the bridge.

As I arrived, I saw six Trainers strewn across the bridge. The one closest to me approached me first.

”You here for the Nugget 6 challenge?” he asked.

”Indeed I am.” I replied.

”Good, then I’m your first opponent. Ready for battle?”

“You bet!” I said. Both of us drew a Poke Ball from our belts.

”Go, Spearow!” the trainer yelled as he released the bird from its Poke Ball. Part of me was relieved that I chose the Pokemon that I did.

”Go, Nidoran!” I yelled. Nidoran burst open from its Poke Ball. It growled on sight of the Spearow. It jumped back in response.

”Use Horn Attack!” I commanded. Nidoran charged at the Spearow.

”Dodge and use Fury Attack!” the trainer responded. The Spearow dodged Nidoran’s horn and swung itself around to get in a good pecking position.

”Quick, block it!” I said. Nidoran turned its horn around to block the beak attacks. Eventually, the two were in a deadlock.

”Spearow, use Leer to intimidate it!” Spearow glared at Nidoran. Immediately, Nidoran began losing ground. I had to think fast.

”Nidoran, let it overpower you, then toss it!”

Nidoran decided to allow itself to be overpowered, but ducked under it, then kicked it one at a time with its lower legs.

“Double Kick, nice touch!”

Spearow was sent flying, and took a while to get back up.

”Come on, Spearow, let’s try Fury Attack once again!”

”Dodge and finish it off with Tackle!”

Spearow swooped in on Nidoran, but Nidoran dodged it and slammed itself into Spearow, knocking it out.

”Oh, I lost!” the trainer exclaimed. “You’re pretty good, kid! Perhaps you’ll win this challenge after all!”

I headed through the bridge, not having any trouble beating the six bridge trainers. However, the person giving my prize out threw me off-a Team Rocket member?

”Congratulations on winning!” He held out a Nugget, giving me the most fake smile I’d ever seen.

I took the Nugget from him. However, he spoke up again.

”However, I want to see if you’ll be able to beat me.” He held out a Poke Ball.

I had to be on my guard. He could and try and steal Drake. “Sure.” I said, holding out a Poke Ball.

”Go, Ekans!” He released an Ekans from his Poke Ball.

”Go, Nidoran!” I responded by releasing my own Poison-type Pokemon from my Poke Ball.

“Use Bite!”

”Quick, dodge and use Horn Attack!”

Ekans charged at Nidoran, using its menacing figure, gaping mouth and poisonous fangs to attempt to intimidate it. However, Nidoran knew what it was doing and dodged, ramming its horn into it. Ekans stumbled backwards.

”Use Wrap!”

I tried to give an order, but it was too late; Ekans had rebounded, using its strewn figure to surround Nidoran and constrict it.

”Dammit…Nidoran, use Double Kick to weaken its grip, then jump out of it and use Horn Attack!”

Nidoran did just that, kicking at Ekans’ body with powerful force and loosened its grip on Nidoran. He took the opportunity to jump out of its grip and rammed its horn into Ekans’ face, knocking it out.

”Well…” he said. “Quite impressive.” He returned his Ekans to his Poke Ball. “It seems I underestimated you…but regardless, remember, you’re still under watch.” He then ran off.

It was awkward to hear that I was being watched, but regardless, I moved on anyway. Having done the Nugget 6 challenge, I checked. It was getting dark, and there was a lighthouse ahead, so I decided to head over to check it out.

Upon my arrival, I found a man inside the lighthouse.

”Greetings, sir.” I said. “I was wondering if you could direct me to the nearest Pokemon Center.”

”Oh? A visitor?” he said, interested. “I am Bill. I created PC storage. Welcome to my home.”

”Thank you…” I said, slightly annoyed by the fact that he didn’t answer my question.

”Do you know about…legendary Pokemon?” he asked.

”Legendary Pokemon?” I asked in response. “I don’t know of any legendary Pokemon…”

”Allow me to explain.” he said. “There are certain species of Pokemon which were made mortal, made in multiples to reproduce and push the species forward. However, some Pokemon were made in limited species, unable to reproduce, but immortal. These Pokemon are legendary arbiters of the world, sent by the forces above to watch the world and maintain the balance between good and evil.”

”So…you’re saying that there are Pokemon who are powerful forces of good, and Pokemon who are powerful forces of evil?” I asked.

”Yes.” he replied. “However, we as humans have so much left to learn about the realm of Pokemon. Keep that in mind on your journey.” He then turned to me. “You asked me where the nearest Pokemon Center is. There’s one through the forest. Just head south when you leave.”

”Thank you, Bill.” I said.

”You’re welcome, Trainer.” he replied.

I headed outside. I saw a small forest to the south, and headed through it. I came upon the Pokemon Center just as Bill had said, and entered there, logging my adventures and then going to sleep.

Chapter 12-Poliwags, Seriis, and Rockets, Oh My!

After waking up, I noticed someone there-Serii.

”Serii!” I yelled to him. “What’s up?”

”Oh, Grinder.” Serii said. “I’ve come here to learn about legendary Pokemon from Bill. As well, I’m joining the police of an investigation. In Cerulean, a family got their house broken into, and the police are trying to find the Team Rocket members that committed the robbery.”

”I see…” I said. “Well, allow me to help.”

”With pleasure; I’m sure you’ll be able to help.” he said. “After being discovered, the Rocket members headed northeast, so when I heard about this from one of the Officer Jennies in the area, I offered my assistance. She was glad to have me on board.”

”All right, so…when do you think the members will come around?” I asked.

”They just left Cerulean about two hours ago.” he replied. “I think he should be around in about two more hours.”

”Well,” I said, “until then, I want to train.”

”I’d accept a challenge, Grinder, but I don’t want to drain my Pokemon before we encounter them.” he said. “Sorry.”

”No problem.” I said. “I’ll just see if any of the wild Pokemon are up for a battle.”

I headed south, to a small pond. I saw a few wild Pokemon there, from Goldeen to Psyduck to Poliwag. Looking at this, I got a firm sense of appreciation for nature’s true beauty. I missed these moments, as most of my moments around water involved mountains or dungeons. And they certainly didn’t involve water Pokemon that didn’t have some sort of dragon-like attribute. It was…marvelous.

As I sat there, I decided to let Drake have a swim while Nidoran could socialize with the other Pokemon. They didn’t seem too hostile, so I thought it’d be safe to let them expand. They actually had a lot of fun doing some neat tricks in the water with Drake, while Nidoran seemed to take a liking to the Poliwag.

I sat there, watching the Pokemon for about an hour before the tranquility was interrupted. I was watching Drake swim when out of the blue, I noticed a figure on the other side. It was a Team Rocket member, and he had a net gun with him. He fired it at Drake, and managed to catch it inside of it.

”Drake!” I yelled. “Nidoran, get him!”

Nidoran charged at the Rocket member as he retracted his net. As Nidoran charged at him, the wild Pokemon joined him. However, more Rocket members came out, sending out a couple of Poison-Types that held off the wild Pokemon. I whipped out my Poke Gear.

”Serii! Come to the pond south of the Center, quickly! I’ve found the Rocket members! They’ve caught Drake in a net and the wild Pokemon and Nidoran can’t hold them off!”

”Gotcha!” he said. “I’m on my way with Officer Jenny now!”

The Rocket member who’d netted Drake had almost taken him out of the pond, but one of the wild Goldeen had managed to use its horn to tear a hole in the net, freeing Drake.

”Drake!” I yelled. “Wrap the net, then pull the Rocket member into the water!”

Drake wrapped its tail around the net, and pulled the Rocket member in. However, he replied by letting go of the net gun. Drake got smart and whipped it around, smacking the Rocket member with it. He fell over, and brought a couple of his fellow members with him. Their Pokemon got lost without their orders, and fell to the wild Pokemon.

”Good, now, get out of the water and shock their Pokemon with Thunder Wave!”

”Ugh!” one of the Rockets grunted. “Get up, you three!” He then gestured to his Zubat. “Zubat, confuse the Dratini with Supersonic!”

Zubat sent out sonic waves that caused Drake to hit one of the trees with his Thunder Wave. The tree began to crack, and eventually began to fall over. Two of the Rocket members, an Ekans, and a wild Poliwag were in the crash zone. The Rockets dodged, as did the Ekans, but the Poliwag was paralyzed in fear. However, Nidoran used its horn to tackle it out of the way.

”Nidoran!” I yelled.

”Use Night Shade!”

A Gastly dashed by me as it used its ghostly wave to keep the tree afloat. Serii and Officer Jenny had joined us.

”Go, Drake!” I yelled. “Use Twister to blow it out of harm’s way!”

Drake got around the tree to the other side and used its twister attack to blow the tree in the other direction. It crashed to the ground. As it did, however, the same Ekans had reared up, ready to strike Drake. However, the Poliwag’s Water Gun had blown it back.

”!!” One of the Rockets noticed they were outnumbered. “Retreat! We’ll catch that Dratini later.” They ran off.

”Curses.” Serii said. “We couldn’t catch them.”

We ran over to inspect and treat the wild Pokemon. However, Drake and Nidoran were tending to the wild Poliwag that had helped him earlier. I walked up to them.

”Good job, Drake.” I said. “You and Nidoran both saved this poor thing.”

I then petted the Poliwag. It smiled, stepping in between Drake and Nidoran as it looked at me.

”Hmm?” I asked, confused. “What is it, little one?”

It slowly walked up to me, bowing.

”Huh? You want to…join me with Drake and Nidoran?”

The Poliwag nodded.

”Hey, why not?” I said. I drew out a Poke Ball, opening it as I smiled. The Poliwag jumped inside.

”How about that.” I said. “Welcome to the team, Poliwag.”

Drake and Nidoran smiled. I reached for my other two Poke Balls, returning them to them.

”Thank you for your assistance, Trainer.” Jenny said to me. “Though we weren’t able to catch them, those criminals have nowhere to run but Cerulean, where our team will be able to catch them. Thank you.”

”I was happy to help.” I said. “Besides, I have my own bone to pick with those Rocket members.” I mused. I had to remember my vow to Nidoran, to get his sister back.

”Great job out there, bro.” Serii said. “Seems your little trip to the pond was a good thing for finding those Rockets. And you got a Poliwag out of it, too, not bad.”

”I’m glad.” I said, holding Poliwag’s Poke Ball. “Another Pokemon to raise and care for.”

”Well, Grinder, I’m going to go back to the Pokemon Center and work with Jenny to catch the Rocket members.” he said.

”I’m going to head off to Vermillion.” I said. “I want to head there to get my third badge.”

”Understandable.” he said. “Good luck in your training, Grinder.”

”Thank you.” I said. “Good luck in putting those Rockets behind bars.” I then followed the two of them back to the Center, healed my Pokemon, and headed off back towards Cerulean.
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Chapter 13-Potential

It took me about two hours to get to Cerulean again. I headed to the southern end of the city. It was still mid-day, so I had plenty of time to get some good headway into my journey into Vermillion, so I headed out.

Along the way, I met a wild Beedrill. Time to train Poliwag.

”Go, Poliwag!” I released it from its Poke Ball. However, it cowered in fear at the sight of Beedrill’s daunting figure.

Beedrill made the first move, swooping in with its needle arm.

”Poliwag, dodge and use Hypnosis to put it to sleep!”

Poliwag began to hesitate, but as the pressure mounted, it dodged expertly, and unleashed sleep waves towards the Beedrill. It began flying awkwardly, and then rammed right into a tree, knocking itself out.

”Wow…” I said. “Quite the dodge there, Poliwag. You have a lot of potential as a battle Pokemon. You’re going to unlock that potential.”

Poliwag chuckled humbly, tilting its head to the side.

I had it train against a couple more wild Pokemon before I had to get to a Pokemon Center. It was getting late, and I needed some sleep, so I headed in, and slept there after logging my adventures.

After waking up again, I headed out towards Vermillion. I came across Saffron City, but it was blocked for some reason. Regardless, I was tipped off about an underground path through Saffron that would take me to Vermillion, so I headed through that, and trained a bit more before arriving in Vermillion.

I would have gone straight to the Gym, but I instead was drawn by the crowd of people heading south. I managed to overhear one of the crowds.

”The S.S. Anne has returned!” one of them said.

”It’s an extremely high-class ship…I hope I get to see it!”

I looked over to the ship. It WAS a pretty fancy boat, but having traveled the world already, I knew the definition of high-class. However, one thing one of the crowd members said really sparked my interest.

”I heard Bruno of the Elite Four is on that ship! Ooh, I hope to get to see him!” one of the females said. If Bruno was on that ship, I could get on for sure. Bruno was pretty much my uncle, as he was one of my uncle Lance’s best friends.

I headed over to the ship. However, I was stopped.

”I’m sorry, sir, V.I.P. only.” the man at the gate said.

”My name is Grinder. I am son of Clair, Blackthorn Gym Leader, and nephew of Lance, leader of the Elite Four. Is that V.I.P. enough for you?” I said, flaunting my prestige. I was never really arrogant about my heritage, but one of the world’s most prestigious party boats were here. Besides, I wanted to talk to Bruno; it might have been my only chance until the Indigo Plateau.

”One moment, sir. You’re lucky; Bruno of the Elite Four is on this ship. I will call him. If he recognizes you, you may pass. Otherwise, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

”Fine.” I said, leaning against the desk at which the man was standing.

I waited for about ten minutes. Eventually, Bruno came out. For once, the dude was wearing a shirt.

”Oh my God, it’s Grinder!” he exclaimed, running up to me. “I haven’t seen you in three years, what’s up, man? You grew up, you’re all tall and…wait, what are you doing here?”

”Calm down, Bruno.” I said. “I will explain once we’re inside the ship. First, I ask that you explain that I’m the real deal to this man here.” I gestured to the man at the desk.

”Oh, right.” he said, chuckling. “Hey, I’m telling you, how do you not know this kid? He’s the it kid!” He then wrapped his enormous arm around my shoulder, grinning like a complete buffoon, then dragged me inside the boat.

”Here, let me take you to my room.” he said, bringing me to a rather large room. Inside the room were a few women, a man with short silver hair and…Telen?!

”WHAT THE-?!” both of us exclaimed at once. Telen jumped to his feet.

”Huh?” Bruno asked. “What’s wrong, Telen?”

”Telen…” I said. “What are you doing here with Bruno?”

”I could ask the same of you!” he retorted, completely taken aback.

”Well…” I said. I think both of us had a lot of explaining to do.

”Son, you know Grinder?” the man with silver hair said.

Bruno looked at me seriously. “Grinder, what’s going on?”

”Uhh…” I began. “Telen here…he and I have met before…”

”You’ve met my son?” the man said. He walked over to me. “It is an honor to meet Lance’s nephew.” He extended his hand. “I am Steven, Champion of Hoenn’s Elite Four, and Telen’s father.”

”WHAT?!” Telen and I both exclaimed. We both looked at each other, completely awe-struck.

”You mean…you’re Lance’s nephew?” Telen said.

”You’re Steven’s son?” I asked. Wow…what a big development here.

”…Small world, it seems.” Bruno chuckled. Both Telen and I glared at him as if he was an idiot. He looked at us, grinning.

”Well…” Bruno said. “I have to ask, Grinder…what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be back home in Blackthorn?”

”I wish to get some experience with non-dragon Pokemon before I decide what I want to do with myself in the future.” I said.

”Well, it’s great to see you again!” Bruno said. “And I have a great idea! How about a battle?”

”A battle?” I asked. “Against you? I’d have no chance…”

”Well, why don’t we make it interesting…how about you two versus us?” Bruno asked.

”!!” Telen and I looked at each other.

”I suppose a battle is overdue…” I said.

”Let’s go easy on them and use some trainee Pokemon, Steven.” Bruno said.

”Good idea…” Steven said.

”All right, a double battle, good idea!” I said as I drew out my Poke Ball.

”Go, Nidoran!” I said.

”Go, Pidgey!” Telen said.

”Go, Tyrogue!” Bruno said.

”Go, Beldum!” Steven said.

Our Pokemon were released from our Poke Balls. Each took an offensive stance, but I hadn’t done much research on Hoenn, so Steven’s Beldum intrigued me.

”Go, Pidgey! Use Peck on Tyrogue!”

”Dodge it and use Mach Punch!” Bruno commanded.

”Beldum, use Take Down on Nidoran!” Steven commanded.

”Nidoran, dodge it and use Double Kick!” I replied.

Our Pokemon charged at each other. Pidgey swooped in on Tyrogue, but Tyrogue dodged. Pidgey tried to dodge the incoming punch, but it came in much faster than it appeared to have, and sent Pidgey flying into the Beldum attacking Nidoran, sending both crashing to the ground.

However, as both got up, they were within feet of Nidoran, and Tyrogue wouldn’t have been able to get to it in time.

”Take Down!”

”Follow up with Peck!”

”Nidoran, use your horn to have Beldum block Pidgey’s Peck attack!”

”Quick, Tyrogue, get in there and use Mach Punch!”

Nidoran, however, had a different idea. It stood there, doing nothing as the two enemies closed in.


Nidoran then reared its head up, and it did the least expected thing. It began to glow a bright white color.

”What the-?!” Steven exclaimed.

”It’s…” Bruno began. “evolving…”

As the glow reached its peak, Nidoran began to change shape, and as the glow faded, Nidoran stood there, newly evolved into Nidorino.

”Wonderful…” I said. “An evolution…”

Nidorino used its more lengthened horn to block Beldum, and swung it around, slamming it into Pidgey. The two were sent flying back.

”Great job, Nidorino.” I said calmly. I had to contain the excitement of having my own Pokemon evolve.

”Get up, guys!” Steven said. “We have to win this!”

Pidgey was the first to get up. It let out a proud call as it spread its wings, glowing white.

”Wow, another one!” I said.

Once Pidgey changed form, it became Pidgeotto.

”Wow, we’re two for two now.” Steven said. He then looked at Bruno. “Let’s see if we can push our luck.” He then motioned to his Beldum, which had just recovered. “Go, Beldum, use Take Down on Tyrogue!”

”Go, Tyrogue, use Tackle!” Bruno commanded.

The two Pokemon charged at each other, hitting each other dead-on. They both got sent flying, and sure enough, as they got up, they both began glowing. Beldum became Metang, and Tyrogue became Hitmontop.

”Wow, four for four.” Steven said.

”What a battle…” I said.

However, it soon became apparent that none of our Pokemon, aside from my Nidorino, were going to be giving out soon.

”Go, Metang, use Confusion!” Steven commanded. Metang used its psychic powers to lift Nidorino and Hitmontop in the air. However, just as it began to become painful, Metang passed out.

”Metang!” Steven exclaimed, running up to his Pokemon. It was exhausted; it had taken the most damage of all the Pokemon in the battle.

”I think we should call the battle off.” I said. “The Pokemon look tired, and we all got to witness an evolution.”

”I agree.” Telen said.

We all returned our Pokemon to their Poke Balls.

”So, Telen, have you defeated Lt. Surge yet?” I asked.

”Indeed I have.” he said, showing me his Thunder Badge.

”I should get to challenging him…” I said.

”And I should be going as well.” Telen said. “I have to get to Celadon.”

”We’re going to Ever Grande.” Bruno said. “Your uncle and the rest of the Elite Four are trying to solve an issue going on in Hoenn right now.”

”Well, good luck with the issue…” I said. Telen and I both left the boat as it set sail for Ever Grande.

”That was…interesting.” I said.

”No kidding…” Telen said. “Since neither of us knew about each other’s families, I think it’s safe for both of us to assume that we’d both like our heritages to remain secret.”

”Yes.” I said. “I don’t want people to know I’m Lance’s nephew, and I assume you don’t want people knowing you’re Steven’s son?”

”Right.” he said. “Thank you for keeping it a secret.”

”The same to you.” I said. “I’ll see you around, Telen.”

”Thanks, Grinder. I’ll see you when we meet again…” He then left, heading east, towards Lavender Town. I, however, headed back to the Pokemon Center. It was late, so I logged my experience, then went to sleep
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Chapter 14-Thunder From Down Under

After I woke up, I made my way over to the Vermillion Gym. Entering, I saw Lt. Surge there.

”Greetings, trainer…” he said as I approached him. “Huh?”

”Greetings, Lt. Surge, Gym Leader of Vermillion’s Gym.” I said. “I’m interested in a battle.”

”You’re…Grinder, aren’t you?” he asked. He then looked over me, trying to see if he could indeed recognize me. “Yeah, you’re Clair’s son, aren’t you?”

”That’s right.” I said. “I am Grinder, son of Clair, the Blackthorn Gym Leader.” I then sighed. “It’s three for three now…Brock and Misty both asked about Mother and Uncle Lance and everything…”

”Shouldn’t you be back at home, preparing to be your mother’s successor?” he asked.

”To be honest, Surge, the life of a Gym Leader disinterests me.” I said. “It’s not in detriment of you or anything; I just want to raise more than one type of Pokemon, you know?”

”I understand.” he said. “So you wanted to be a Trainer. Wow, quite the brave move from you there, Grinder.” He withdrew a Poke Ball from his belt. “So, it’s a battle you want, huh? I’d be honored to battle Pokemon royalty.”

Lt. Surge directed me to an arena, where we both stood on opposite sides. A referee emerged.

”This will be a 2-on-2 battle. Each Trainer will battle until both of the Pokemon they control are unable to battle. Only the challenger will be permitted substitutions. Are both Trainers ready?”

”Yes.” we both replied.


”Go, Voltorb!” he said, releasing a Pokemon that resembled a Poke Ball.

”Nidorino, I choose you!” I said, releasing Nidorino from its Poke Ball. It roared in confidence, then looked back at me with a happy gesture.

”Go, Voltorb, use Thundershock!”

”An electric attack?” I asked, picking up on Surge’s strategy immediately. “Dodge it now! Then run in and do a Double Kick!”

Nidorino jumped to dodge, then charged towards Voltorb.

”Dodge it by using Rollout!”

Voltorb rolled right to get out of the way of Nidorino’s Double Kick, then came in to ram itself against Nidorino.

”Nidorino, use your horn to send it flying!” I commanded.

Voltorb ran towards it, but Nidorino lowered its horn in its trajectory, turning its head into a ramp. Voltorb ran right along it, and at the right time, Nidorino reared its head up, sending Voltorb flying. It fell to the ground, but it managed to regain its footing.

”Quick, finish it up with Horn Attack!” I commanded.

”Voltorb, counterattack with Thundershock!”

I tried to command a dodge, but it was too late. The thunderbolt had already struck Nidorino, and it was in visible pain.

”Nidorino! No!” I exclaimed.

Nidorino struggled, but ended up getting up.

”We have to end this now!” I said. “Go, use—“

I was cut off by Nidorino roaring. It then glared at Voltorb, and pointed its horn towards it.

”What the-?!” we both exclaimed.

Nidorino then released a bunch of small spike-like projectiles from the tip of its horn. The projectiles struck Voltorb, knocking it out.

”Poison Sting…” I said. “Nice job, Nidorino!”

”Voltorb is unable to battle! Nidorino is the winner!” the referee declared.

”Not bad, kid.” he said, looking at our Pokemon. Nidorino looked quite tired. “Voltorb, return.” He then drew another Poke Ball from his belt. “Raichu, I choose you!” He sent out a strong-looking orange mouse emerged from it.

”The second battle is Nidorino versus Raichu! Begin!”

”Go, Raichu, use Quick Attack!” he said.

Raichu dashed towards Nidorino.

”Nidorino, guard yourself with a spray of Poison Sting!” I commanded.

Nidorino sprayed a few poison spikes in the direction that Raichu was approaching. Raichu responded by changing the angle of its next dash, and getting around the spikes. It then charged directly at Nidorino, knocking it out.

”Nidorino! No!” I exclaimed.

”Nidorino is unable to battle. Raichu is the winner!” the referee declared.

”Return, Nidorino.” I commanded, returning it to its Poke Ball. “Drake, let’s finish this!” I released Drake from his Poke Ball.

”A Dratini…” Surge said. “Interesting…”

”The third battle is Raichu versus Dratini. Begin!”

”Drake, use Twister!” I commanded.

Drake released a twister from the tip of its horn. It made its way towards Raichu.

”Raichu, dodge and use Quick Attack!” he commanded.

”Quick, Drake, use Thunder Wave to stop it!”

Drake tried to use electricity to attack it, but Raichu was too fast, and the electricity missed. Raichu slammed into Drake, but it didn’t take all that much damage.

”Drake, Wrap it!”

Drake quickly rebounded by wrapping itself around Raichu.

”Raichu, use Thunderbolt!” he said.

Raichu released a large shock from its cheeks that caused Drake to release its grip on Raichu. Drake then fell back, but shook it off rather fast.

Drake got up and looked at Raichu. It charged at it without my command.

”Wait, Drake!”

”Raichu, finish it up with Thunderbolt!”

Raichu used an electric attack that Drake took head-on, unfazed. Drake then looked at Raichu, and then released flames from its mouth that struck Raichu, sending it flying back.

”Hmm?” Surge asked.

”That must be…Dragon Rage.” I said. “Great job, Drake! Now, use Twister!”

As Raichu rebounded, Drake released a twister from its horn.

”Raichu, use Quick Attack to get around it!” he said.

”Drake, use Thunder Wave to intercept Raichu!” I said.

Raichu ran to the right, and Drake released a bolt of thunder that struck Raichu, sending it crashing to the ground.

”Now, Drake, Wrap it to finish up!” I said.

Drake approached Raichu, wrapping itself around it. Raichu tried to break free, but didn’t have the strength, and it eventually gave in, passing out.

”Raichu!” Surge exclaimed.

”Raichu is unable to battle! Dratini is the winner!” the referee said. “The victory goes to the challenger, Grinder of Blackthorn City!”

”Drake, let go of Raichu.” I said. Drake complied, placing Raichu softly on the ground.

”Raichu, return.” Surge said. He put Raichu back in its Poke Ball.

”Drake, return.” I said, putting Drake in his Poke Ball.

”Man, are you good…” Surge said. “I can’t wait to see you battle your uncle. Oh, man, would that EVER be a good battle!”

”Me against my uncle?” I asked. “I never thought about that…that WOULD be a good battle.”

”Well, kid, you beat me, so you get this.” he said, giving me the Thunder Badge. “You deserve this…it was an honor to battle you.”

”You flatter me.” I said to him, chuckling humbly. “I don’t think I’m THAT good, to be honest…I still have a lot to learn.”

”We all do.” he said. “You can help teach us…but yeah, I wish you luck in your journey. You should head northwest, to Celadon. Erika’s there, and I KNOW she just loves you, kid.”

”Ah, yes, Erika…” I said. “I remember her…she was like an aunt to me…heh.”

”Well, good luck, Grinder. You’ve got all of the trainer elites rooting for you, and we all hope you get far in your journey.”

”Thank you, Lt. Surge.” I said.

I then exited the Gym, going to the Pokemon Center. The obvious route to Celadon was through Saffron, but Saffron was still closed, and there was no underground route to Celadon. If I wanted to get to Celadon, I’d have to get there through another underground route via Lavender Town. I decided I’d head there through Vermillion, going east. After determining my route, I headed out of Vermillion through the east exit.
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Chapter 15 – A Ghostly Reunion

As I headed east, I stumbled upon the eastern bridge area of Kanto. I looked around to see if I could find a battle, but I nearly fell back when I saw Serii.

”Serii!” I yelled.

He was sitting a bit north of where I was, fishing and looking very bored. When he saw me, his face sort of lit up.

”Oh, Grinder!” he said, reeling in his fishing rod and stowing it away. “It’s been too long!”

”Yeah, no kidding.” I said. “I’m just heading to Celadon, and I need to go through Lavender to get there.”

”You’re still doing the Gym challenge, huh?” he asked. “You know, our first battle was a bit indecisive…”

”You want a battle?” I asked. “I was about to ask the same of you!”

”All right, let’s go!” he said, throwing one of his Poke Balls. An Eevee emerged from it.

”Go, Poliwag!” I said, releasing it from its Poke Ball.

”Eevee, use Tackle!”

”Poliwag, dodge and use Water Gun!”

Eevee charged at Poliwag, but Poliwag got out of the way, and sprayed Eevee with water. It got pushed in the water, and since it couldn’t swim, he returned Eevee to its Poke Ball, so I guess I won that battle.

”Darn…” he said. “You’re lucky, you have your Dratini and that Poliwag, and they can both swim. I don’t have a Pokemon that can swim, sadly.”

”Oh, well, I guess that’s why you’re here, right?” I asked.

”Good point.” he answered. “But to be honest, I’m headed to Lavender and wanted some fish to eat.”

”Oh, I see…” I said. “Well, Lavender isn’t that far off, is it? I’ll go with you.”

”Thanks, Grinder.” he said.

The two of us (with my Poliwag) walked over to Lavender. It was late, so we both checked into the Pokemon Center. (Luckily, they had enough rooms so that we both got a separate one.) I logged my adventures before going to sleep.


When I woke up, I felt like training. Serii felt like checking out the tower on the east side of the city, so we parted ways then. I was told the best training spot was in the Rock Tunnel, a cave north of the city, so I headed there to train.

The first thing I noticed was how dark the cave was. The entrance was lit up well enough, but it was too dark in the deeper areas of the cave, so I decided not to go too far in.

The first wild Pokemon I met was a Cubone. Cubone were one of my favorite Ground-Types, so having one would have been very nice.

”All right, Cubone, you’re mine! Go, Poliwag!” I commanded. I knew Drake’s Thunder Wave would be ineffective, and Dragon Rage or Twister would be too effective. Poliwag was my weakest Pokemon, and needed the most training, anyway.

”Go, Poliwag, use Bubble to slow it down!” I said.

Cubone replied by charging towards Poliwag. It shook off the bubble attack and raised its bone.

”Poliwag, it’s performing Bone Club! Dodge it, and use Hypnosis to put it to sleep!”

Poliwag got out of the way of Cubone’s attack, and used Hypnosis to put it to sleep. Now was my chance…

”Poke Ball—“

I was cut off by a strange sound emission. I heard a lot of wings flapping. That could only mean one thing-Zubat.

”Darn! I gotta hurry! Poke Ball, go!”

It was too late-the Zubat had already arrived and were circling around me. In fact, my Poke Ball hit one of the Zubat, and caught it.

”What the-?!” I asked. “I don’t want a Zubat!” I groaned, but I had little time to be picky, as the Zubat were closing in.

”Drake, fix this mess up with a Thunder Wave!” I said, releasing Drake. It used a thunderbolt to mess up the Zubat’s sight. (The sound of the thunder in an enclosed cave had caused the Zubat’s sensors to be distorted.) I looked over to Cubone, who was running off. I tried to catch up to it, but it was gone.

”No, Cubone, come back!” I said. I then looked back to my new Zubat. “…”

Drake and Poliwag came over to me.

”Wow…I really wanted a Cubone, too…” I said. “All right, training’s done for today. Return, you two.” I put them back in their Poke Balls and headed back to town.

After healing them, I decided it would be a good idea to head out to Celadon, but as I left the Center, I saw a big crowd. Curious, I decided to check it out.

Sure enough, Serii was a part of the crowd. I decided to inquire about the situation.

”Serii, what’s going on?” I asked.

”Grinder!” he exclaimed. “It’s terrible; one of the town’s icons, Mr. Fuji, has been kidnapped!”

Chapter 16 – Spooky Suspicion

”Well, we need to do something!” I said.

”Well…” he said. “Gastly can help, but I’m not sure Gastly can do much…it’s said the spirits of the tower kidnapped him, and they want a sacrifice!”

”That isn’t good.” I said. “Come on, we have to help him.” I then ran off towards the tower.

”Grinder, wait!” he said.

We eventually arrived at the tower. Just looking at it, we could tell it was a haunted place.

”This place looks scary…” Serii said.

”Says the guy who’s main Pokemon is a Ghost-Type.” I said.

”Gastly, come on out.” he said, releasing Gastly from its Poke Ball.

Gastly looked at the tower, smiling. However, once each of us heard a spooky moan come out of the tower, Gastly became serious, bolting inside the tower.

”Gastly!” we both exclaimed, chasing it inside.

We opened the doors to get inside the tower. Once we got far enough inside, however, the doors closed on us.

”Hmm…” I said. I wasn’t going to lie; I was a bit scared.

”Gastly!” Serii yelled.

Gastly appeared on the ceiling. However, a bunch of other Gastly appeared behind it.

”WHOA!” we both yelled.

The group of Gastly all descended on us, but they didn’t look like they were going to try anything. Instead, they all looked…sad.

”Gastly, what’s wrong?” Serii asked.

One of the Gastly approached Serii, likely his own. It turned back to the other Gastly floating above us. They all looked up, to the next floor of the tower.

”Something’s going on in the upper floors of the tower.” I said. “We should check it out. Besides, Mr. Fuji’s probably up there.”

”Good idea.” Serii said. “I think the spirits want to help us, anyway.”

”Your Gastly must have convinced them.” I said. “Good to have it with us, huh?”

”No kidding.” he answered. “Thanks, Gastly.”

Gastly smiled as it headed to the next floor. We followed it, and saw a strange sight indeed.

Serii’s Gastly was there, and joining it was a Haunter. The Haunter was trying to talk to a bunch of blue flames.

”Spirits?” I asked.

”They look like they could be dead Pokemon.” Serii said.

Gastly decided to use the gas around it to reveal the ghosts as a bunch of…Cubone?!

”What are Cubone doing in a ghost Pokemon tower?” I asked.

The Cubone, however, looked anything like what normal Cubone do. They were all very on-edge and restless, growling angrily at Gastly and Haunter.

”That Haunter’s in trouble; we have to help it!” I said.

”I agree!” Serii said.

”Go, Poliwag!” I said. Poliwag emerged from its Poke Ball.

The Cubone began to charge at Gastly and Haunter.

”Gastly, use Night Shade!”

Haunter released Night Shade as well. It sent the Cubone flying back, although it took quite some time for it to work.

”Poliwag, hit those Cubone with Water Gun!” I commanded.

Poliwag released water at the Cubone, but it passed right through them.

”What?!” I aksed.

”Grinder, they’re dead. Only Ghost Pokemon will be able to fight them. Gastly and this Haunter here will have to work together to fight them.”

The Cubone, however, had a different idea. They glared at Poliwag, then charged at it. However, Haunter responded by getting in front of Poliwag, and firing its own Night Shade at the Cubone. That managed to send them flying back.

”Haunter…thank you.” I said. It gave me a friendly thumbs-up in response.

However, the Cubone weren’t finished. They charged in again.

”Poliwag, I’m getting you out of there! Return!” I commanded. Poliwag was brought back in its Poke Ball.

”Gastly, use Mean Look to calm them down!” Serii said.

Gastly got in front of Haunter, and glared at the Cubone. The Cubone began to slow their charge before stopping.

”Now, Night Shade!” he said.

Haunter got beside Gastly as the two of them both released Night Shade. The Cubone were sent flying back, and then gave up. They let us pass as we headed to the next floor.

The next floor had even worse ghosts. The spirit of Cubone’s evolved form, Marowak, was there. It had a bunch of Cubone accompanying it.

The Marowak stepped forward. If the Cubone we saw on the previous floor were mad, this thing was PISSED. It had red eyes, and was surrounded with a purple aura to match.

Haunter and Gastly advanced. The Cubone growled and readied their bones, but Marowak stopped them, advancing.

”A 2-on-1?” Serii asked. “That’s not fair.”

Marowak responded by tossing its bone at the two ghosts. The bone struck them both, sending them flying back.



Marowak charged, this time at us. The two ghosts charged at us, but Haunter was considerably faster, and reached us first. It blocked its bone with its hand, then hit Marowak in the gut with a Shadow Punch, sending it flying back.

The Cubone didn’t take too kindly to that, as they charged forward.

”Quick, Gastly, use Hypnosis on the Cubone!”

Gastly emitted waves of sleep that hit the Cubone, but they were unaffected. They charged in, striking Gastly.

”Gastly! No!”

Haunted turned back to inspect Gastly, but Marowak took the opportunity to throw its bone at Haunter, sending it flying back.

”Uh oh…” I said. The ghosts were advancing on us, and our only line of defense was getting worn out.

”Gastly! Come on, you can do it!” Serii exclaimed.

”Gast!” it cried. It then began glowing white.

”It’s evolving!” I exclaimed.

Gastly stopped glowing. It had successfully evolved into a Haunter.

”Great, Haunter!” Serii said.

Both Haunter then signaled to us. The ghosts were closing in.

”Run for it!” I yelled.

The two of us began running as the two Haunter advanced.

”Haunter, Night Shade!” Serii commanded.

The two both released Night Shade at Marowak, which sent it crashing against the wall. The Cubone stopped in their tracks.

”That’s it.” I said. “Serii, the Cubone’s morale is disturbed when Marowak is attacked.” I then looked over to the two Haunter. “Guys, focus on Marowak!”

They both nodded. The wild Haunter gave me a friendly thumbs-up.

”Haunter, use one more Night Shade!”

The two Haunter both released a Night Shade attack that struck Marowak, knocking it to the ground. It barely got up; it needed the help of the Cubone to do it.

Marowak smiled at us.

”What the?” I asked, confused.

I then heard a faint voice. “Trainers…”

”What? Who’s there?” I asked.

”Grinder…it’s…the Marowak…” Serii said.

”What?!” I asked.

”Yes, I am communicating with you through your minds.” it said. “You are not the same villainous cretins who killed my tribe. Please, I have one last wish to ask of you…I will not be at peace until those who killed me and my tribe are dealt with. Please, can you fulfill my wish?”

”Who are they?” I asked. “Who killed you?”

”They were evil-looking men wearing black shirts…” it said.

”Team Rocket!” I yelled.

”I don’t know what you call them…” it said. “But please, until this tower is void of evil, my tribe and I will not be at peace…”

”Team Rocket is here?” I asked.

”Yes…” it said. “We here guard the top floor of the tower, for it contains Pokemon and treasures that are of value to thieves and delinquents. Team Rocket, as you call them, came here to take these treasures. When we got in their way…they killed us.”

I gasped in shock. “That’s horrible!”

”I cannot turn back time in order to prevent my death…but as the leader of the tribe, I am asking you…it would allow all of us to rest peacefully in the afterlife. Will you do this for us?”

”Of course.” I said.

”I promise you, Marowak…” Serii said. “We’ll get rid of Team Rocket so you and the Cubone can rest in peace!”

”Thank you.” Marowak said.

The Cubone and Marowak then allowed us to head up the stairs. However, as we were about to go, the wild Haunter interrupted me.

”Huh?” I asked. “What’s up, Haunter?”

It tapped on one of the Poke Balls in my belt.

”You…you want to join me?” I asked it.

It nodded.

”Wow, how can I say no?” I asked, taking out one of my Poke Balls. Haunter jumped in it.

”Now we both have our very own Haunter to call our own.” Serii said.

”Let’s go, Serii.” I said. “We have to end this, for Marowak.”

”Right.” he said. “Let’s do it, Haunter.”

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Chapter 17 – Rest In Peace

We headed to the top floor. Sure enough, Team Rocket was there.

”Rockets!” I exclaimed.

”Trainers?” one of them asked, confused. “How’d they get past the Cubone?”

”I don’t know, but we’ll kill them the same way we killed the Cubone.” another one said, holding a Poke Ball.

”Oh no, you don’t!” I said. I saw five of them, so I decided I’d use three Pokemon. “Nidorino, Poliwag, Haunter, let’s go!” I released the three Pokemon. Haunter greeted Poliwag and Nidorino, who were happy to have another Pokemon in the party. As usual, Nidorino wasn’t too happy to see Team Rocket.

”Eevee, let’s do this!” he said, releasing it from its Poke Ball.

The five of them released Pokemon-a Raticate, a Golbat, a Grimer, a Koffing, and an Ekans.

To cut down on “Do this!” and “Dodge that!”, I’m going to skip the nitty-gritty and say we won.

”Dammit, you won’t get away with this!” they said. They escaped in a helicopter as we saw Mr. Fiji, tied up in a chair on the other side of the room.

We gasped as we saw him, and ran up to him, untying him.

”Mr. Fiji!” Serii exclaimed. “Are you all right?”

I was about to join in on the conversation, but I was interrupted by a voice.

”Thank you, Trainer…”

I then looked behind me. Marowak was there, hugging her Cubone as they slowly faded away.

”What?!” Serii exclaimed. “What would they want with all that?”

”Well, the Stones they stole are valuable to people, so they’ll be able to get a good price for them…but I don’t know what they wanted a map of Victory Road for…” Mr. Fiji replied.

”It’s unfortunate they got away with a lot of the treasure.” Serii said.

”I’m sorry we didn’t arrive faster.” I said. “If we had, we probably could have stopped them.”

”What matters is that they’re gone, and they won’t be coming back for a while.” he said. “It’s also important to remember that damage to the tower and to its inhabitants was…” He looked down. “Minimal.”

”That’s so cruel, killing a bunch of innocent Cubone like that!” I said. “How low will those bastards go?”

”Now, now, son, there’s no need for language like that.” Mr. Fiji said. “Let’s get out of the tower; I’m sure by now, the townspeople are worried sick about me.”

The three of us exited the tower. As we did, we got quite the warm reception from the townspeople.

”This is too chaotic.” Fiji said. “I’ll plan a dinner for later, at my place. You’re cordially invited, the both of you. It’s the least I can do to you for saving my life from those terrible thieves.”

”Thank you, sir.” I said.

Mr. Fiji headed home, and the crowd followed him the whole way there. I decided to inquire about Fiji through one of the locals.

”Mr. Fiji is renowned for his unconditional love for Pokemon. He often takes in stray Pokemon who don’t have a home, and lets the children of the town play with them. He wants nothing more than the happiness of the Pokemon that don’t have any reason to be happy.”

”Wow…thank you for telling me that.” I said. What an inspiring story; a man who loves Pokemon. He was like the leader of a foster group for Pokemon.

I decided to train some more while we waited for Mr. Fiji’s party. It only took about an hour or two before the party, so I really had to push my Pokemon to train. They didn’t mind; it wasn’t like they couldn’t handle the training.

After training, it was time for the celebration. We had a great time, and after everyone left, Mr. Fiji decided to thank us.

”There is little left…” he said. “Without the Cubone and Marowak to guard the treasures, I have no choice…please, take this.” He held out a Thunderstone.

”A Thunderstone!” Serii said. He then took out one of his Poke Balls, releasing Eevee. “Here, Eevee, take this.” He applied the stone to Eevee, and it began glowing, becoming a Jolteon.

”Here, young men.” Fiji said. “You can have these.” He held out a couple of TMs.

We split them up; I took a few and Serii took a few.

”Thank you.” we both said.

”No, thank you.” he said. “If not for you, who knows what would have happened.”

We then left his house, heading to our rooms in the Pokemon Center. I had a great experience in terms of personal gain in this town; I caught a Zubat (though I would have preferred a Cubone) and a Haunter, witnessed Serii’s Gastly evolve, and most of all, helped a bunch of restless spirits find peace. I was truly happy with my accomplishments, so I logged my experience and went to sleep.

Chapter 18-The Trouble With Kangaskhan

After waking up, I saw that Serii had already left. I decided I’d leave as well; I needed to catch up to my rivals. They were getting too far ahead of me…

After stocking up in the Poke Mart, I headed west towards Celadon.

I was walking for a while, and I’d just gotten out of the underground route when I was stopped by a rather large Pokemon – a Kangaskhan.

”What the?!” I said.

It roared.

”You want…a battle?” I asked.

It stomped its foot on the ground, roaring. It looked rather…stupid. I didn’t think too highly of it, so I didn’t think it would take much to defeat it.

”Go, Poliwag!” I said, releasing it from its Poke Ball.

Kangaskhan laughed as it swung at it.

”Jump!” I commanded.

It did so, jumping over the punch and landing on its arm.

”Use Water Gun!” I commanded.

It released a stream of water at Kangaskhan, but it shook it off, and flailed its arm to send Poliwag flying. It then charged towards it. Poliwag landed just as Kangaskhan swung its arms rapidly for a Comet Punch.

”Poliwag, dodge and try Hypnosis to put it to sleep!” I commanded.

Poliwag managed to dodge the first three punches all right, but it got hit by the fourth punch, and got sent flying back.

”Poliwag!” I exclaimed. “Darn it, this thing isn’t as stupid as I thought! Use Doubleslap!”

Kangaskhan tried to swing again, but Poliwag jumped over it, and used its tail to smack its face.

”Now, use Water Gun to push yourself away from it!”

While in midair, Poliwag blasted it with water. The force put into it was strong, so it pushed itself back at the same time.

Kangaskhan again shook the attack off, and swung at it. Poliwag jumped back. It kept swinging.

”Poliwag! Aim Water Gun at the ground to get above the punches, then use Doubleslap!”

To dodge the incoming Comet Punch, Poliwag jumped as far back as it could, then aimed down to shoot Water Gun. It managed to get over Kangaskhan, and smacked it again in its face. However, Kangaskhan used its tail and smacked it into Poliwag, sending it flying very far back.

”No, Poliwag!”

Poliwag barely got up. However, as it did, it began to glow.

Poliwag began to change form. It stopped glowing as it became Poliwhirl.

”Great job, Poliwhirl!” I said.

However, I had little time to congratulate it. Kangaskhan didn’t seem to care that it evolved, and charged in. It punched it five times, and the punches hit hard. Poliwhirl was out cold.

”…” I didn’t say anything as I returned Poliwhirl to its Poke Ball.

Kangaskhan roared. It still wanted a battle.

”No thanks.” I said, walking away from it. “You had your battle with me.”

I then hurried on towards Celadon, eventually arriving there. I headed to the Pokemon Center, and noticed a strange woman there. She looked almost as bitter as I was.

”Oh?” Well, I say I noticed her, but it was really because she noticed me. “Hello there.” she said.

I placed my five Poke Balls on the tray to be healed. “Hello.” I said.

”I’m Dawn.” she said, extending her hand.

”I’m Grinder.” I said, shaking it. “It’s nice to meet you, Dawn.”

She chuckled. “It’s nice to meet you too, Grinder.”

”Dawn, your Weepinbell’s in bad shape.” Nurse Joy said. “What happened?”

”I don’t know.” she said. “I was on my way here to challenge Erika when I was ambushed by a Kangaskhan.”

”A Kangaskhan?” I asked. “I think you and I were ambushed by the same Kangaskhan…”

”You two wouldn’t be the first who’ve been defeated by it.” Joy said. “That thing has been nothing but trouble, always wanting to battle anything that crosses its path…”

”It seems like this thing’s quite the problem.” I said.

”Indeed.” Joy agreed. “That Kangaskhan needs to be stopped, but it seems that it winds up defeating whoever crosses its path.”

”I’ll defeat it.” I declared. “If it will help the people traveling to the city, I’ll do it.”

”I’ll help, too.” Dawn said.

”Well, neither of you can do anything without your Pokemon.” Joy said. “You should wait until they’re healed up before you attempt to fight that Kangaskhan again.”

The two of us waited for a bit for our Pokemon to heal. We got them back afterwards, and decided to head back out to fight the Kangaskhan.

Eventually, we found it. It was stomping around, growling proudly. It was so involved in its own ego that it didn’t even notice us.

”Kangaskhan!” I yelled. “We challenge you to a battle!”

It stopped, glaring at us. It then laughed, taking an offensive stance.



The two Pokemon took a stance as they were released from their Poke Balls.

Kangaskhan charged a them, swinging its fist.

”Dodge!” Dawn yelled.

”Dodge in the opposite direction as Weepinbell!” I yelled.

The two Pokemon split up.

”Now, Nidorino, use Double Kick!”

”Weepinbell, use Vine Whip!”

Weepinbell got in first, extending a vine that lashed out at Kangaskhan. It caught the vine and tried tossing Weepinbell into Nidorino. However, it dodged by jumping over Weepinbell, and then lunged in, kicking it in the face. The kick was rather strong, as Kangaskhan stumbled back, letting go of Weepinbell.

”Go, Weepinbell, use Sleep Powder to put it to sleep!”

”Nidorino, use Poison Sting!”

Nidorino released a bunch of spikes from its horn to force Kangaskhan to block. Weepinbell then released a spore that put it to sleep.

”Dawn, trust me on this, there’s only one way this thing’s gonna stop being a problem for the travelers.” I whipped out a Poke Ball, chucking it at Kangaskhan. It wiggled a bit, then stopped.

”Good idea, Grinder.” she said.

I then retrieved the Ball. I knew Kangaskhan wouldn’t listen to me for now, so I decided I’d just train it less, the same way I did to Zubat. However, when it would listen to me, I’d reform it.

We then headed back to the city.

”Hey, Grinder…” Dawn said. “I’m going to train for a bit before I challenge Erika.”

”I’m just going to heal in the Center before I do.” I said. “I’ve been doing enough training for the past little while.”

”Well, good luck.” she said.

”Yes, and good luck to you, too.” I said.

The two of us then parted ways. I went to the Pokemon Center as she headed further west to train against the wild Pokemon. After healing up, I headed to the southwest end of the city, confident that I could defeat my second aunt, Erika. She might of known me, but she had no idea what Pokemon I had, and that gave me a definite advantage…
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Chapter 19 part one

Chapter 19 – Friends and Foes

I headed to the south end of the city. After arriving there, I made my way over to the heavy forest route that took me to the Gym. Hell, I’d been there so many times the route had become second nature to me.

I eventually arrived at the Gym.

“Wow...” I said, opening the door. “It seems you guys cleaned up since the last time I was here...”

I looked around. A couple of maidens had been tending to the flowers. Erika was there, making sure the maidens weren’t overwatering the flowers. She looked over to me after I spoke up.

“Oh my...Grinder, it’s been too long!” she said ecstatically, running up to me. “Where’s your mother? Isn’t she with you?”

“No, I’m here by myself.” I replied.

“By yourself?” she asked. “So, is your mother busy or something?”

“No, that’s not the case.” I said. “I’m here as a Trainer.”

“A...trainer?” she asked. “Oh, right, you just turned 12 recently, isn’t that right?”

“That’s right.” I said. “I’ve decided to take the Gym challenge.”

“The Gym challenge?” she asked. “I thought you’d be the one to be the successor to Blackthorn’s Gym if anything...”

“Well, Erika...” I said. “I dislike the idea of being around just one type of Pokemon. I want to train different Pokemon to become strong.”

“I imagine your grandfather isn’t having any of that, though...” she said. “He went on and on about how proud he was to see you become the next Gym Leader of Blackthorn City.”

“Why do you think I was so withdrawn?” I asked. “I was poked, prodded, to be what everyone thought I wanted to be, just because I have the blood of legendary trainers in me. It was my life to live, and I wanted to take control.”

“Well, I’m proud of you, Grinder.” she said. She was like an aunt to me. “But as you said, you wanted a battle...right?”

“That’s right.” I said. “Would you accept my challenge?”

“I accept your challenge.” she said. “I’m interested to see what you’re capable of as a Trainer.” She then looked over to a deeper part of the Gym. “Follow me.”

She led me past the garden, into the arena. I’d actually seen Erika battle a wandering trainer here the last time I was here, which was about two months ago. The battle was quite intense; it was the trainer’s Seadra versus Erika’s Gloom.

“So, you’ve seen me battle in here a couple of times, so you have a definite advantage.” she said. “But just because you’ve seen me battle, it doesn’t mean you’ll see me implement the exact same strategies!”

One of the maidens emerged from the garden, making her way over to one of the judges’ corners.

“This is a battle between Erika, Celadon Gym Leader, and the challenger, Grinder of Blackthorn City.” she said. “This is a 4-on-4 battle. Each trainer will battle until all the opponent’s Pokemon are unable to battle. There is no time limit. Only the challenger will be permitted substitutions. Are both trainers ready?”

“Yes!” we both yelled as we took a battle stance.

“Begin!” she yelled.

“Go, Tangela!” Erika yelled, releasing the vine Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

“All right...go, Haunter!” I yelled, releasing it from its Poke Ball.

“Tangela, use Vine Whip!”

“Haunter, dodge it and use Night Shade!” I commanded.

Tangela extended its whip and attempted to strike Haunter. Haunter responded by disappearing, reappearing behind Tangela and striking it with Night Shade in the back. Tangela was sent flying forward, crashing to the ground.

“All right, follow up with a Shadow Punch!”

“Quick, Tangela, defend yourself with Stun Spore!”

Haunter charged at Tangela, but it responded by shaking some spores out of its vines. The spores caused Haunter to miss with its punch, and crash to the ground.

“Haunter!” I yelled. “Can you get up?”

Haunter attempted to get up, but the Stun Spore had crippled it.

“Tangela, hit it with Wine Whip!” she said.


Haunter attempted to run away, but Tangela was striking it repeatedly with its vines. Haunter was in visible pain, and there was little I could do to stop it.
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Chapter 19 part 2

“Haunter, come on! I know you can do it!”

Haunter kept struggling. I don’t know what it was struggling with more; suppressing the pain of being continuously whipped, or the fact that it couldn’t move.

However, Haunter eventually regained limited movement. In one motion, it whipped itself around, using one of its hands to unleash a wave of Night Shade at Tangela. The wave hit it dead on, knocking it out.

“Tangela is unable to battle!” the maiden said. “Haunter is the winner!”

Haunter panted. It was tired, but it let out a cry of pride. It wanted to continue.

“All right, Haunter!” I cheered. “You can do it!”

“I admire your Haunter’s persistence.” Erika said. “However, paralyzed, it will fall victim to my Parasect!” She released the Pokemon from its Poke Ball. Parasect was large and daunting, but it looked sluggish in movement. It had a definite advantage over Haunter, it being paralyzed and all, but it wouldn’t survive very long against my other Pokemon.

“Use Giga Drain, now!”

“Haunter, dodge it if you can!” I yelled in concern. Haunter was doomed if it couldn’t move.

Parasect slowly crept its way over to Haunter. It used its pincers and struck Haunter, but did something much more cruel in nature; the attack literally sucked the life out of Haunter.

“Haunter! No!” I yelled.

Parasect continued to draw life out of Haunter. Haunter was struggling to move, and was getting weaker and weaker.

“All right, Parasect, that’s enough.” Erika said.

Parasect backed off of Haunter. Haunter attempted to strike Parasect, but it had no energy left to fight, and was knocked out.

“Haunter is unable to battle!” the maiden said. “Parasect is the winner!”

I returned Haunter to its Poke Ball. I had to think now; I had Nidorino, Zubat, Poliwhirl, Kangaskhan, and Drake. Zubat was too weak to fight against such strong Pokemon, and Poliwhirl was a Water-Type, a poor battle choice against Grass-Types. My choices were Nidorino, Kangaskhan and Drake. Kangaskhan probably wouldn’t listen to me, but under the circumstances, I had little choice...

“Go, Nidorino!” I commanded. I released the Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

“Parasect, finish this quick with a Giga Drain!” she commanded.

“Nidorino, keep your distance! That Giga Drain can’t hit you no matter what!” I warned. “Use Poison Sting to keep it at bay!”

Parasect approached Nidorino, but Nidorino responded by jumping back and firing its poison needles at Parasect. It stumbled over, and I could tell from one of the discolorations on its mushroom, it was poisoned.

“Good job, Nidorino!” I exclaimed. Nidorino roared proudly.

“Parasect, get in there and use Slash!” she commanded.

“Dodge and hit it with Double Kick!” I responded.

Parasect again approached Nidorino, and came in by swiping its claw, but Nidorino jumped over it, kicking its mushroom to get away from it.

“Parasect, use Spore to put it to sleep!” she commanded.

“Nidorino, get back! Stay as far away from it as possible!” I commanded. If those spores caught Nidorino, it was finished.

Parasect began to release spores from its mushroom. Nidorino jumped back, keeping its distance, but Parasect ran towards it, still releasing spores from its mushroom.

“Nidorino, don’t let those spores hit you!” I yelled.

Nidorino inhaled deeply as it instead charged right in towards Parasect. It used its horn to stop its charge, and sent it flying. It fell over upside-down, and was struggling to get up.

“Nidorino, finish it off with a Poison Sting!” I commanded.

Nidorino finished up by releasing a spray of needles that struck Parasect, and knocked it out.

“Parasect is unable to battle! Nidorino is the winner!” the attendant said.

“Wow,’re amazing!”

I chuckled. “Thanks, Erika...”

“Still, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna beat you! Go, Victreebel!” She released the Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

“Nidorino, hit it with Poison Sting!” I said.

“Victreebel, block it with your vine!” Erika commanded.

Nidorino released another spray of Poison Sting, but Victreebel swung its vine over and whipped it in a circle, which deflected all of the needles.

“Darn...that thing’s strong...!”

“Victreebel, use Vine Whip!”

Victreebel then extended its whip to hit Nidorino.

“Now, catch it and use Slam!”

Victreebel then rebounded its whip and caught Nidorino by its foot, whipping it into the air and slamming it into the ground, knocking it out.

“Nidorino is unable to battle. Victreebel is the winner!” the attendant declared.

“Nidorino, return.” I said. I was then faced with a choice; I had Zubat, Poliwhirl, Kangaskhan and Drake. I didn’t want to use Kangaskhan, but I suppose I had little choice.

“Go, Kangaskhan!” I said, releasing it from its Poke Ball. It roared, beating its chest.

“Kangaskhan, use Comet Punch!” I commanded.

“Victreebel, trip it with Vine Whip!” she responded.

Victreebel came in, swooping down with its vine. However, Kangaskhan jumped over it, and landed its foot on the vine, trapping Victreebel. Kangaskhan then grabbed the vine, and pulled Victreebel into its fist. The sheer impact of the punch knocked Victreebel out.

“...” I was in shock; I didn’t know I caught such a powerful Kangaskhan.

“Victreebel is unable to battle! Kangaskhan is the winner!” the attendant declared.

“That’s a pretty powerful Kangaskhan you have there, Grinder.” she said, returning Victreebel to its Poke Ball. “However, Vileplume can deal with it!” she said, releasing it from its Poke Ball.

“Kangaskhan, let’s make this quick. Strike it with a Tail Whip!”

Kangaskhan ran towards Vileplume.

“Vileplume, counter with Stun Spore!” she said.

Kangaskhan continued running towards Vileplume, but it released a shroud of spores that struck Kangaskhan, causing it to fall over.

“Now, Vileplume, use Giga Drain!”

Vileplume did to Kangaskhan the same thing Parasect did to Haunter; drained its energy until it was knocked out.

“Kangaskhan is unable to battle! Vileplume is the winner!”

I growled as I returned Kangaskhan to its ball. I had only one hope now...

“Go, Drake!” I said, releasing the Dratini from its Poke Ball. “Use Dragon Rage!”

“Vileplume, dodge it and use Razor Leaf!”

Drake released a ball of fire that sped towards Vileplume, but it dodged and fired leaves towards Drake.

“Drake, use another Dragon Rage!” I commanded.

Drake released another ball of fire. This one burned all of the leaves and struck Vileplume.

“Vileplume!” Erika exclaimed.

Vileplume struggled for a bit, but managed to get up.

“All right, Vileplume! We have to end this now!” Erika said. “Get ready to finish this with Petal Dance!”

Vileplume grunted proudly, then began spinning on its foot, releasing pink petals that began to cause a whirlpool-like vortex of flowers. Vileplume then began chasing Drake, and the petals struck Drake at high velocity, sending it flying back.

“Drake! No!” I exclaimed.

“Finish it off, Vileplume!” Erika commanded.

If that Petal Dance lands, we’re finished...Wait! I know! “Drake, use Twister!”

“!!” Erika gasped.

Drake released a small gust of wind that whipped up to become a tornado from the tip of its horn. The tornado sped towards Vileplume, who was speeding towards Drake. The two forces collided, and it seemed Drake’s Twister prevailed, as Vileplume was sucked in and sent flying.

“Vileplume! No!” Erika yelled.

Vileplume groaned as it struggled to get up, but it didn’t have the strength, so it gave in, passing out.

“Vileplume is unable to battle! Dratini is the winner! The victory goes to the challenger, Grinder of Blackthorn City!” the attendant declared.

“Great job, Drake!” I exclaimed as I ran towards it.

However, as Drake looked back at me, it began glowing.

“!!” I gasped. Erika and the attendant gasped as well.

Drake began to change form, becoming Dragonair as the glow surrounding its body faded away.

“Oh, wow...Drake, awesome job!”

Drake smiled at me.

“Grinder, you are truly amazing!” Erika declared. “You’re showing the same spark in you that Lance had when he was your age...truly fantastic job, young man.” She then held out the Rainbow Badge. “This is yours. You earned it.” She smiled as she gave it to me.

“The Rainbow Badge...Thank you, Erika...” I said, smiling.

“Well, looks like I missed all the action.” a familiar voice said.

I turned around as I saw Mom standing there.

“Mom!” I said, running over to her and hugging her.

“My’s so good to see you again!” she said. “We miss you back at home...”

“How’d you know I was here?” I asked.

“A little birdie told me...” she said. Erika chuckled.

“When you entered the gym, I simply had to have one of my maidens contact your mother.” Erika explained. “I knew she would have wanted to see you.”

“Thanks, Erika.” Mom said. “It’s good to see an old friend again.”

“Likewise, Clair.” Erika replied.

“So, my son...” Mom said, turning her attention back over to me. “How has the journey been?”

“Wonderful.” I said. “As you can see, Drake is now a Dragonair. In fact, it just evolved.” I motioned to Drake, who approached us. Mom petted the Dragonair, smiling.

“You’ve grown strong, Drake.” she said. “It’s good to see that Grinder is taking good care of you...” She then looked back at me. “Have you caught any other Pokemon?” she asked.

“Yes, I did.” I said. I released the rest of my Pokemon. However, only Poliwhirl and Zubat had any energy; the rest were too tired from the battle.

“Quite the diverse team you have there.” she said. “Why don’t I help?” She then held out a Poke Ball. I took it from her. Curious to see what was inside, I opened it. From it emerged Granite, the silver 

Graveler that saved me back at home. It was excited to see me, as it gave me a hug immediately after being released.

“It missed you.” Mom said. “I managed to hide it from your grandfather, and knew that now would be a good time to hand it to you.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I said, beaming at her and Granite. I then returned my Pokemon back to their Poke Balls. However, I had 7 Pokemon now, so I had to figure out which Pokemon to store in Bill’s PC. I decided Zubat; I didn’t much care to raise Zubat, and it didn’t seem to want to obey my commands that much anyway.

“Well, we should go to the garden and catch up.” Erika said. “Come now, you two.” She motioned to a separate part of the gym, where we headed.

I told Mom all about my adventures, my encounters with Team Rocket, about Telen, Serii, and Dawn, and about all the events that led to me capturing the Pokemon that I did.

We talked for a good hour before one of Erika’s attendants entered.

“Excuse me.” she said, politely bowing. She then motioned to Erika. “Miss Erika, you have a challenger.”

“Ah.” she said exuberantly, jumping out of her seat.

“I should get home anyway.” Mom said. “I’m sure your grandfather is tired of battling the trainers coming to the Blackthorn Gym.”

“More like the other way around.” I sarcastically mused. Mom and Erika chuckled.

“Thank you for the wonderful battle, Grinder.” Erika said, shaking my hand. “Please, stop by anytime.” She then motioned to Mom. “And Clair, thank you for stopping by on such short notice.”

“Friends don’t need favors.” Mom said. “Think nothing of it.”

“I’ll probably hang around the city for a bit, anyways.” I said. “I’m itching to go play over at the casino.”

“Oh, then you’ll need this, dear.” Erika said. She held out a Coin Case.

“Oh, thank you, Erika!” I said happily, accepting the Coin Case.

“All right, Erika. Nice seeing you again. Good luck against this challenger!” Mom said as she took off on her own Dragonair back to Blackthorn.

I exited the garden back to the entrance of the gym to see Dawn standing there.

“Grinder?” she asked, confused.

“Dawn...hi!” I exclaimed, attempting to distract her from my mom.

Erika motioned to me, whispering, “You know this girl?”

“Sort of...she helped me catch my Kangaskhan...” I whispered back. “I don’t want anyone knowing that I’m Clair’s son and Lance’s nephew...”

“Oh...” she said, looking back to check to see if Mom was in sight or not. “She’s gone; don’t worry.” She then looked over at Dawn. “I imagine you want a battle, correct?”

“That’s right.” Dawn answered. “I, Dawn of Olivine City, challenge you, Erika, Celadon Gym Leader!” So, Dawn was from Johto, like me.

“Well, Dawn, I would accept, but I just finished a battle with Grinder here.” Erika said. “Could you give me a moment to heal my Pokemon, please?”

“Oh...Sure.” she said.

“I need to heal mine as well.” I said. “Let me tell you, that was not an easy battle...”

Erika motioned to one of the maidens, who brought in some medicinal herbs. She applied them to our Pokemon, who were healed instantly.

“Well, I’ll be on my way.” I said. “Thank you for the badge, Erika.” I then motioned to Dawn. “Good’ll need it.”

“Thanks, Grinder.” Dawn said as I left the gym
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Chapter 20 part one

Chapter 20 – A Wicked Game

I decided to head over to the Game Corner in the mideastern section of the city. When I arrived there, I saw Telen there, putting a large amount of coins in his Coin Case. I needed some, myself, so I decided I’d talk to him.

“Hey there, Telen.” I said to him.

“Huh?” He turned around to see me there. “Oh, hey, Grinder. What’s up?”

“I just finished getting my Rainbow Badge, myself.” I said.

“Hmm...well, how awkward this is...” he said. “I’m actually on my return trip here. I wanted to visit the Safari Zone, and something awkward is going on in Saffron, so I’m here killing some time until the situation has settled down.”

“A situation in Saffron?” I asked. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” he replied. “However, I’m not going to question it. I’m just going to kill some time here until I can get to Saffron to challenge the Gym Leader, Sabrina.”

“Well, you and I apparently are here for the same thing.” I said. I then motioned to the receptionist. “How much?”

“It’s 1000 yen for 50 coins, and 10000 for 500.” the receptionist replied.

“Holy crap, that’s expensive!” I exclaimed.

“Naw, it’s all right.” Telen said. “Here, Grinder...” He gave me 1000 coins.

“Wow!” I said. “Thanks!”

“It’s no problem.” he said. “I’m rich, you and I both know why. I wanted to get some TM’s from the purchase window next door.”

“I’m interested, myself. I want to improve the power of Drake’s techniques.” I said. I knew the purchase window had the Thunderbolt TM, and Thunderbolt was a powerful attack that would be a great move for Drake to learn.

Eventually, after a few hours of gaming, I worked up the coins to obtain it. I traded the coins for the TM, and had Drake try it out.

At the same time, I decided it would be good to try some of the other TM’s out as well. I gave them to all of my Pokemon.

After winning the TM, I felt like leaving. I wanted to say good-bye to Telen, so I headed back inside the Game Corner. However, instead of seeing Telen immediately, I saw a member of Team Rocket. He was standing in front of a poster, looking around. As he looked over my way, I looked away, but looked at him from the corner of my eye.

I headed over to Telen. “Look, Telen, over there.” I motioned towards the poster and the Team Rocket member. He lifted the poster up and caused a small noise. He then retreated behind one of the counters.

“Let’s follow him.” he said. “It’s obvious he’s up to something.”

He and I headed over behind the counter where he retreated. However, he wasn’t there.

“Huh?” Telen asked. “Where’d he go?”

“I think it has something to do with this poster that Rocket member was inspecting earlier.” I said, feeling around the poster for a switch. Eventually, I found it, pushing it. As I did, the floor near Telen began moving, and revealed a secret staircase.

“Good job, Grinder.” Telen said. “Let’s go.”

We headed down the staircase slowly, inspecting the area. We heard the Rockets talking.

“Good, the profits will help us fund our expedition.” one said. “We have just about enough money to head out.”

“We just need to finish our business in Saffron before we head out.” another said. “Then we can—“

Just then, Telen tripped, falling down the stairs.

“Hey, who’s there?” the Rockets yelled, arming their Poke Balls.

I jumped down the stairs, flinging out my Poke Ball. Granite popped out.

“Urgh, we’ll take care of your weird silver Graveler, kid.” said one of the Rockets as they both sent out their Pokemon. One was an Arbok, and the other was a Sandslash.

“Go, Cloyster!” he said, releasing the Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

“Arbok, get in there and use Wrap on the Graveler!”

“Sandslash, use Sand-Attack on Cloyster!”

“Granite, use Brick Break to defend yourself!” I commanded.

“Cloyster, Withdraw to block the Sand-Attack!” Telen exclaimed.

Arbok came in with its tail to wrap itself around Granite. However, it caught its tail, reeled it in, and slugged Arbok in the face. Meanwhile, Sandslash whipped up some sand and chucked it at Cloyster. However, as Cloyster withdrew into its shell, the sand bounced off.

“Cloyster! Clamp Sandslash!” Telen said.

“Granite! Use Rollout on Arbok!” I said.

Granite charged towards Arbok and slammed its body into it, sending Arbok crashing into its trainer. Cloyster clamped down on Sandslash’s head, causing it to run around in a crazed attempt to shake Cloyster off, and ended up shaking its head until Cloyster smacked right into the Sandslash’s trainer, knocking it out.

“We have to be quick.” I said. “They’re going to know we’re here.”

We returned our Pokemon to our Poke Balls as we slowly progressed through the base. We had to be sure to be stealthy.

We progressed through the base, defeating the few Rocket members that we saw. One of them, however, dropped something after being defeated.

“What’s this?” I asked, picking up a card.

“Hmm...I think I have a good idea...” Telen said. He walked over to one of the doors, and inserted the card into a slot that opened the door. The only thing behind the door was a stack of coins for the Game Corner.

“I think this should help us access other parts of the base.” I said. “Let’s get moving.”

We headed to the southern edge of the base. We saw an elevator, being watched by a Rocket member.

We burst out of the place where we were hiding and whipped out our Pokemon. I used Nidorino and Telen used Pidgeotto to KO the Rocket member.

“If the elevator has a guard standing by it, it must be important.” I said. “Let’s check it out.”

“Agreed.” Telen replied.

Telen and I headed inside the elevator, and used the key to get to the furthest basement floor.

We looked around the corner and saw two Rockets guarding a door.

“That door must be really important.” Telen said. “What are they up to?”

“I guess we just beat those two Rockets and find out.” I replied.

“Let me.” Telen replied. “I’ll take care of the Rockets; you get in there and see what’s up.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “You sure you can take them both?”
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Chapter 20 part 2

“I’m sure.” Telen said. “Go!”

We both burst from the elevator. The Rockets noticed Telen, but not me, because I managed to duck under another wall without being noticed.

“A kid?” one of them asked. “How’d he get in?”

“Doesn’t matter; playtime’s over.” the other chuckled, reaching for a Poke Ball.

The two tossed out their Pokemon; a Raticate and a Golbat. Telen sent out his Charmeleon and a Magnemite.

As Telen distracted the Rockets, I dashed in. However, I was noticed. The Rockets began diverting their attention to me.

“!!” Telen gasped.

“Kangaskhan!” I yelled, throwing its Poke Ball and sending it out. Immediately, the Rockets stopped. However, Telen caught up with them.

“I need you to take care of things here.” I said. Kangaskhan turned to me, giving me a serious look. It then nodded, then turned around and roared proudly.

I turned to the door, opening it with the card. As I entered the room, I saw a computer screen being turned off. The chair in front of the computer screen turned around, revealing a man sitting in it.

“An intruder...” he said in a deep voice. “You’re lucky to have gotten this far.”

I armed myself with one of my Poke Balls. “Who are you?”

He stood up. “You come into my base, and dare to ask me who I am?”

“You...” I said. “You’re the leader of Team Rocket, aren’t you?” As he stood up, I had noticed that he wasn’t wearing a Rocket uniform. He was instead clad in a grey suit.

“Indeed I am.” the man replied. “I am Giovanni.”

“So, you’re the one behind all of this...” I said, clenching my fist.

“You seem...enraged, boy.” he said. “You’ve just met me, yet you show such unsettling anger towards me.”

“What is it you and Team Rocket are up to?” I asked, demanding an answer.

“You’ll have to win that information.” Giovanni replied, reaching for a Poke Ball.

“Fine by me.” I said. “Go, Nidorino!” I threw its Poke Ball.

“Is that so?” he asked.

Nidorino roared at Giovanni. Something caused it to just be so...angry...

“Are you going to release a Pokemon?” I asked. “Or should I just sic my angry Nidorino on you?”

“There will be none of that.” Giovanni said. “Go, Nidorina!”

He threw the Poke Ball. From it emerged a Nidorina...with a strange device on its head. I gasped in horror.

“ that...”

Nidorino growled lowly. So...that was the same sister of Nidorino’s that was captured back in Viridian.

Giovanni laughed. “Does that Nidorino of yours have a past with my pet? Ooh, that is just rich!”

“You...bastard...” I growled.

Nidorino, however, decided to let actions speak for its words. It charged directly at Giovanni, but 

Nidorina blocked it. Nidorino jumped back to avoid hurting his sister.

“Nidorina, use Double Kick!”

Nidorina charged at Nidorino, and kicked it twice in the face. Nidorino was sent flying back.


Nidorino managed to get up, but had an extremely sad look on its face. It didn’t want to fight its sister.


“Hah!” Giovanni laughed. “Your ideas of compassion are truly pathetic, boy...” He then extended his hand. “Nidorina, use Poison Sting!”

Nidorina released a spray of needles that struck Nidorino, sending it crashing to the ground.


Nidorino got up, but just looked at me with a look of desperation in its eyes.

I looked over to Giovanni and Nidorina. Giovanni was laughing under his breath, and Nidorina was standing there, not moving an inch. Then it hit me.

“Nidorino, use Double Kick on that machine on your sister’s head!”


Nidorino’s eyes bulged wide open. It then stared at Nidorina, who was still standing there like a stone. Nidorino then turned to me, nodded, and charged at Nidorina. It jumped, and then kicked the machine on Nidorina’s head. Nidorina then began to look around. It then saw Nidorino, and began running towards it. Nidorino began beaming, and ran towards his sister, but Nidorina then began turning red. Giovanni had returned it to its Poke Ball.

“You’re getting on my nerves, boy...” Giovanni declared, agitated.

“Like I care; you’re a despicable man, Giovanni.” I said. “Leading a bunch of criminals who steal Pokemon...see what you’ve done to Nidorino and Nidorina?!”

“It’s something you’re too young to understand.” he retorted. “Regardless, your Nidorino is annoying me. Go, Rhyhorn!” He released the bulky Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

“Nidorino, use Double Kick!”

“Use Take Down.” Giovanni commanded.

The two ran towards each other. Nidorino jumped over Rhyhorn, and attempted to kick it, but Rhyhorn threw it off of it, slamming it into the wall.

Nidorino attempted to get up, but couldn’t, and was knocked out.

“Hah!” Giovanni said. “For all your valiant efforts, your Nidorino still failed...”

“Return, Nidorino.” I said, ignoring him. “Go, Poliwhirl!”

“Rhyhorn, hit it with a Rock Blast!” Giovanni commanded.

Rhyhorn charged at Poliwhirl.

“Poliwhirl, hit it with Water Gun!”

Poliwhirl blasted Rhyhorn with a stream of water that nearly stopped its charge. When Rhyhorn got too close, Poliwhirl stepped to the side to dodge it and used its own Water Gun to propel itself to a safe distance from Rhyhorn. However, Rhyhorn looked tired. Water moves crush Rock/Ground Pokemon like Rhyhorn, so it should have been tired.

“Rhyhorn, use Fury Attack!”

“Poliwhirl, use Hypnosis!” I commanded.

Rhyhorn charged in to attempt to attack Poliwhirl, but it used its spiral on its stomach to put Rhyhorn to sleep.

“Now, finish it off with a Water Gun!”

Poliwhirl then unleased a powerful stream of water that struck Rhyhorn, knocking it out.

“Damn it...return!” he said. “My last Pokemon will take care of you.” He then threw a Poke Ball, releasing a Kangaskhan.

However, my own Kangaskhan, along with Telen, ran in the room. Kangaskhan immediately roared and charged in, demanding to battle.

“You want to battle?” I asked it. It nodded. I relished in the opportunity to strengthen my bond with it. I 

then turned to Poliwhirl. “You can rest for now. Good job, Poliwhirl.” I returned it to its Poke Ball.

“Kangaskhan, use Mega Punch!” Giovanni commanded.

“Rebound with a strike from your Tail Whip!” I responded. “Then use your own Mega Punch!”

Giovanni’s Kangaskhan charged at mine, but mine used its tail and struck it in the face. While it took the attack in, Kangaskhan swung in, slugging his Kangaskhan in the face.

“Urgh...” Giovanni said. He knew he was doomed. “Return, Kangaskhan.” He extended his Kangaskhan’s Poke Ball, and returned it to it. My Kangaskhan seemed dissatisfied, as it punched its fist, cracking its knuckles.

“Face it, your ambitions are done for.” I said.

“Are they?” he said, chuckling. He then snapped his fingers, and as he did, the lights turned out.

“What the?!” I asked.

The lights eventually came back on, but he and the rest of the Rockets were nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it.” I said. “He got away...”

“Well,” Telen said. “We should let the authorities know about this.”

“I’ll stay here while you get one of the Officer Jennies of the area.” I said.

“All right.” Telen said. He left, and eventually came back with a couple police officers. We were both taken in for questioning, and afterwards, we were released.

“That was a stressful situation.” I said.

“Hell, we put it on ourselves to stop them.” Telen said. “And we stopped one of their major bases of operation.”

“Good point.” I said.

“Well, what are you gonna do, Grinder?” he asked.

“I’m probably going to go to Fuschia.” I said. “I need to catch up to you and Serii; I’m letting you both get too far ahead of me. What about you, Telen?”

“I’m probably going to pursue Team Rocket. I’m sure they’re behind whatever’s going on in Saffron.” he replied.

“Good luck.” I said.

“Good luck to you too, Grinder.” he replied.

I decided I wanted to sleep before I headed out to Fuschia, so I went to the Pokemon Center, logged my experience, and went to sleep.
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Chapter 21 – Cycling Road

After waking up and taking a shower, I headed west, outside of Celadon. I needed to get to Fuchsia, fast.

As I exited, I saw a building in my path. Entering, I was told some depressing news.

“I’m sorry, sir, but you can’t proceed without a bike.” the person there said.

“What?!” I exclaimed. “But I need to get to Fuchsia!”

“Well, I’d love to help you out, sir, but we don’t permit passage to anyone without a bike. I’m sorry.” the man said.


I turned around. Standing there was none other than Dawn.

“Oh, Dawn, hi!” I said. I noticed the bike she was on. “Your timing couldn’t have been better!” I then walked up to her, and began whispering in her ear. “I need a fast way to get to Fuchsia. Can I double up on your bike?”

“Sure.” she replied. She then turned to the person standing at the desk. “He’s with me, sir.”

“That’s fine.” the man said. “Proceed.” He then lifted the gate to let us through.

We then headed down Cycling Road towards Fuchsia. It saved me a lot of time to go through this route, even though I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take this route again on the return trip, as this was a one-way route due to the slope.

“So, Dawn, how’d you do in your Gym battle?” I asked.

“I barely won...” she replied. “My Weepinbell just barely came above her Victreebel. The thing is, she was impressed with my victory, so she gave me a Leaf Stone to evolve Weepinbell.”

“So, your Weepinbell is now a Victreebel?” I asked.

“Not yet.” she replied. “For now, I’m keeping it as a Weepinbell.”

“I see.” I said. I then looked ahead. “What’s going on here?”

Up ahead of us, there was a crowd of rather big-looking guys gathered around something...or someone. There was a lot of commotion.

“I don’t like the look of this...” Dawn said. “Let’s be sure nothing bad is going on.”

As we arrived at the scene, we stopped our bikes. Apparently, the thugs we’d seen were ganging up on someone.

“Give us your badges, kid.” I heard one of them say.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

A couple of the bikers turned around.

“Great, more kids to take badges from.” one of the bikers said. He tried grabbing me, but Dawn stopped him.

“Weepinbell, use Vine Whip!” she said, quickly releasing the Pokemon from its Poke Ball. Before the thug could grab my arm, Weepinbell wrapped its vine around his arm to stop him. I backed off of him before he tried anything else.

“Seems these kids actually want to fight back!” one of the bikers said. The rest chuckled, arming their Poke Balls.

“Go, Granite and Haunter!” I said, releasing the Pokemon from their Poke Balls.

“Go, Wartortle!” she said, releasing the Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

Behind us, I could hear the person the bikers were terrorizing. “Seadra, Dugtrio, I choose you!”

“Dammit!” the biker said as they all released their Pokemon. I saw a Machoke, a Primeape, a Beedrill, a Muk, a Weezing, and a Hypno.

“Let’s go, everyone!” I yelled.

For confusion’s sake, I’m not going to explain each battle. We kicked their asses.

“Grr...” the bikers growled as they returned their Pokemon to their Poke Balls. “We’ll be back, just you wait!” They then jumped on their bikes, speeding off towards Celadon.

“Are you OK?” I asked the trainer.

“!!” He looked at me for a minute, staring at me strangely.

“What?” I asked. “Do I have something on my face?”

He then shook his head. “No, it’s nothing.” He then stood up. “I’m Aaron. Thank you for rescuing me.” He extended his hand, smiling.

“I’m Grinder, nice to meet you.” I said, extending my hand to shake his. However, as I did, I felt that his hand was slipping slightly. Something was definitely up with this kid.

“So, thanks for saving me.” he said. “I’m actually going home to Fuchsia...”

“We’re headed there as well.” I said. “Would you like to come with us?”

“Cool.” he said, straightening his bike and getting on it. We then returned our Pokemon to their Poke Balls as we departed towards Fuchsia.

As we were heading down the trail, I decided to bring up Aaron’s strange behaviour to Dawn.

“You’re saying this kid’s been acting weird towards you?” she asked.

“Yeah...” I said. “It’s like...he thinks we’ve met before or something...”

“He didn’t act that way towards me...” she said. “Perhaps something IS up with this kid.”

“I hope not...” I said. “I don’t want to make any more enemies.”

“Oh well, after we bring him home, he won’t be a problem.” she said.

We eventually arrived in Fuchsia after what seemed like hours. However, Aaron arrived first, as he didn’t need to stop as much as we did. He didn’t even say good-bye, but regardless, something told me that I wanted nothing to do with that kid...

“So, Dawn, what will you do?” I asked her.

“I want to go to the Safari Zone before I challenge Koga, the Gym Leader.” she said.

“Well, I’ll challenge Koga first, then.” I said. Besides, I hadn’t seen Koga in almost seven years. His daughter Janine and I were like brother and sister.

So, I headed towards the Gym, eager to see, challenge, and defeat Koga...
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Chapter 22 – Old Friends, New Foes

As I parted ways with Dawn, I headed over to the Pokemon Center before the Gym. However, even at the Center, I saw Janine there.

“Oh, Janine!” I yelled to her.

She turned around, and gasped when she saw me. “...Grinder?”

“Yes, it’s me.” I said. “Miss me, old friend?”

She ran up to me and hugged me. “Wow, what’s it been? Six, seven years?”

“Yeah.” I said. “Too long, in other words.”

She chuckled. “Well, what brings you to the city?”

“I’m actually here to challenge your father to a Gym battle.” I said.

“What?!” she exclaimed. “You’re a Trainer?”

“Yeah.” I said. “I convinced Grandfather to let me travel around Kanto.”

“Wow, I wish Father would let me train a Pokemon...” she said.

I then thought for a minute before heading over to PC storage. I took out one of my Pokemon and handed it to her.

“This is a Zubat I caught by mistake.” I said. “I know how badly you want to train a Pokemon, so here, consider it a gift.”

She then released the Zubat from its Poke Ball. It rested on my shoulder.

“Zubat, you’re going to stay with Janine from now on, OK?” I said.

Zubat looked at me, confused. It then looked over at Janine, and then rested itself on her shoulder.

“Oh, it’s too cute!” she giggled, petting it. Zubat purred.

“And it’s yours now.” I said. “Take care of it, all right?” I told her.

“Oh, of course I will!” she said, caressing Zubat’s wings. Zubat purred pleasurably.

After getting my Pokemon healed, Janine and I headed over to the Gym. We headed to the outside center part of the Gym, where we found Koga.

“Dad, look who came to visit!” Janine exclaimed.

“Grinder...” Koga said. “My God, it’s been too long.”

“Koga, how have things been here?” I asked.

“Great, great.” he said. “Is...Clair with you?”

“No, Dad, Grinder came here to challenge you!” Janine exclaimed.

“...Really?” Koga asked. “That’s very interesting.” He then looked at me. “So, Grinder, you’re taking the Gym challenge?”

“Indeed.” I said. “You’re my fifth gym I’ve visited in Kanto...”

“I’m sure Erika was delighted to see you.” he mused. “Blaine will be ecstatic to hear that you’re taking the Gym Challenge.”

“I’m sure, but for right now...I think we should focus on our battle.” I said.

“Yes...” he said. He then motioned to Janine. “Janine, I want you to watch this battle carefully...and make sure you take pointers on how both of us battle.”

“Oh, that’s right, Dad!” Janine said, releasing her Zubat. “Grinder gave me this!”

Koga chuckled. “It’s quite the cute Zubat...Well, this makes the task of giving Janine a Pokemon all that much easier.”

“I’ll be sure to pick up on your tactics, guys!” This was a strange sentence, coming from someone who was 5 years my senior.

“All right, Janine, first, please fetch one of the referees for the battle.” Koga said.

“Right.” she said, running outside.

“So, Grinder...the Gym challenge...” Koga said. “You’re lucky you did it when you did...otherwise, you might have been out one gym.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I haven’t told Janine this, but...” He then sighed. “I’m being promoted to one of the Johto Elite Four.”

“Wow!” I said. “That’s amazing, Koga! Congratulations!”

“Amazing?” he asked. “This Gym is more important to me than some silly Pokemon League position.”

“Then why take it?” I asked. “If you value the Gym that much, I mean...”

“Well,” he began. “I know how much Janine wants to succeed me. At the same time, I’m unsure if she’s ready, but I’ve already accepted the position.”

“Well, Janine has a Pokemon now.” I said. “She can succeed you now.”

“Well, she’s not old enough. She turns 18 in three months, around the time of the start of the Pokemon League. Ironically, that’s when my promotion happens.”

“You’re being promoted at the Pokemon League?” I asked.

“It’s planned to be one of the special surprises after the awards ceremonies.” he answered. “The entire of the Kanto Elite Four are going to be announcing the branch to Johto, and are going to be issuing the four members to become the Elite Four, as well as the Champion.”

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Well, I am one of the Elite Four, of course.” he said. “Bruno will also be a part of the Elite Four. Your uncle, Lance, is being promoted to Champion after his outstanding contribution to battle styles with Dragon Pokemon. The other two are relatively new on the scene; Will, a Psychic-Type user, and Karen, a Dark-Type user.”

“Well, congratulations, Koga. You deserve it.” I said.

“Well, I’m beginning to think that I’ll regret my choice.” Koga said. “I always ask myself: Can Janine successfully run the Gym I put my life into? But at the same time...I have little choice.”

“I think Janine will do fine.” I said. “I think your concern is more leaving the Gym than your so-called ‘doubt’ of your daughter’s abilities. You have to remember; she’s your daughter. She’s seen you battle, she’ll be fine...”

“I think you’re right, Grinder...Thank you.” Koga said.

“I’m back, Dad!” Janine said. She had came in with one of the referees.

“So, are you ready, Grinder?” Koga asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I said.

The ref spoke up. “This will be a battle between Koga, Fuchsia Gym Leader, and Grinder, the challenger from Blackthorn. This will be a 2-on-2 battle. Both trainers will battle until both their Pokemon are unable to battle. Only the challenger will be permitted substitutions. Are both trainers ready?”

“Yes!” we both yelled.


“Go, Golbat!” Koga said, sending out the Pokemon from its Poke Ball.

“Drake, take care of it!” I said, releasing my Dragonair.

“Go, Golbat, use Poison Sting!” he commanded.

“Drake, dodge it and use Flamethrower!” I responded.

Golbat unleashed a spray of needles that Drake dodged. It then took to the skies, releasing a blast of flames. However, Golbat quickly got out of the way.

“!!” Holy crap, was that Golbat ever FAST.

“Golbat, use Wing Attack!”

Golbat charged in at an amazing speed, slamming into Drake. The attack sent Drake crashing into the ground.

“Damn it...” I said. “Drake!”

Drake managed to shake off the attack, taking to the skies once again.

“Golbat, get around it and use a Wing Attack!” Koga commanded.

“Drake, get it with a Thunderbolt!” I said.

Drake attempted to track its movements, and sent a single bolt of thunder in Golbat’s direction. However, Golbat was just too fast, and dodged it.

“Now, Golbat, use Air Cutter!” Koga commanded.

“Drake, dodge it!” I commanded in response.

Golbat unleashed gusts of wind that proceeded towards Drake. However, Drake managed to dodge a couple of them before getting hit by one.

“This can’t go on for much longer...” I said. Then it hit me. “Drake, use Thunderbolt!”

“Dodge it!”

Drake unleashed a bolt of thunder that Golbat managed to dodge.

“Now, Drake, use Twister!”

Drake managed to trace Golbat’s movements and released a twister that caught Golbat.

“Now it’s trapped!” I yelled. “Use Thunderbolt one last time!”

Drake released a final bolt of thunder that struck Golbat dead-on, knocking it out.

“Golbat is unable to battle! Dragonair is the winner!” the referee declared.

“Excellent, Grinder.” Koga said. “However, your Dragonair will fall to my Venomoth!” he said, releasing the Pokemon.

“Finish it off quickly with Flamethrower!” I commanded.

“Dodge it, and use Psybeam!”

Drake released a burst of flames that Venomoth dodged. It then fired a beam at Drake, hitting it dead-on. The beam knocked it out.

“Dragonair is unable to battle! Venomoth is the winner!” the referee declared.

That was unfortunate; Drake must have been tired from the last battle. “Return, Drake.” I said as the Pokemon was called back to its Poke Ball. I needed to think now; that Venomoth would have a definite advantage over any land Pokemon I used...Kangaskhan, Poliwhirl, Granite, and Nidorino were useless. That left only one possible candidate.

“Go, Haunter!” I declared as I released it from its Poke Ball.

“Venomoth, finish this quickly with another Psybeam!” Koga commanded.

“Haunter, dodge it, then attack with a Shadow Punch!” I knew Haunter was much more agile than Drake, and much more used to being in the air.

Venomoth released a beam that Haunter countered by disappearing. It then reappeared behind Venomoth, punching it. The punch sent it crashing to the ground.

“All right, now follow up with a second Shadow Punch!” I commanded.

“Use Stun Spore.” Koga commanded.

Haunter dove in to attack Venomoth, but Venomoth countered with a spray of spores that stunned Haunter.

“Now you have it, Venomoth!” Koga yelled. “Use Psybeam!”

Venomoth then blasted Haunter with a psychic beam that sent Haunter flying. However, it still couldn’t get up.

“Haunter!” I yelled. “Come on, you can do it!”

Haunter then got up, surprisingly, and what was an even bigger surprise is that it began to glow. (A/N: Screw the trade rule...) It then began evolving, eventually becoming Gengar.

“Congratulations, Gengar!” I yelled.

Gengar then released a strange ball of purple energy that sped towards Venomoth. The energy exploded on contact, knocking Venomoth out.

“Venomoth is unable to battle!” the referee declared. “Gengar is the winner! The match goes to the challenger, Grinder of Blackthorn City!”

“Great job, Gengar!” I said, running up to it and applying a Paralyze Heal to it. It began to dance, disappearing and re-appearing in various places, pulling various faces to attempt to be comical.

“That Gengar is not only entertaining, but a strong battler, as well.” Koga said. “And you, Grinder, are a 

truly powerful trainer. Your family would be proud to see you battle.”

“Thank you, Koga.” I said.

“Here.” Koga said, holding out a Soul Badge. “You deserve this; the Pokemon League’s official Soul Badge. It is a testament to your power as a Trainer, and a blessing of good luck from me.”

“Thank you...” I said, taking the badge.

“I know a perfect way for you to celebrate, Grinder.” Koga said. “Why don’t you take Janine with you to the Safari Zone? She can catch a Venonat of her very own to raise into a Venomoth.”

“Really, Dad?” Janine beamed. “Thank you!”

“It would help, having her around.” I said. “I’ve never been in the Safari Zone; I have no idea where it is...”

“I’ll help you out.” Janine said. “I know right where it is. Come on, Grinder, I’ll show you!” She grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the Gym’s exit. Gengar shrugged, looked at Koga, and the two laughed before Gengar sped towards us.
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Chapter 23 – The Safari Zone

After leaving the Gym, I managed to free myself from Janine. Gengar had caught up with us, and we all paused for a moment before laughing.

“Come on, Grinder!” Janine said, speeding over towards the north end of the city. I turned to Gengar, shrugged, and followed.

We eventually arrived at the Safari Zone, meeting Dawn there.

“Hello, Dawn.” I said, gesturing to her. Gengar waved in its chipper attitude.

“Oh, hey, Grinder...” she said quietly, eyeing Janine with a stare of slight disapproval.

“This a friend of yours?” Janine asked.

“A friend, and a rival all at once.” I replied. “Janine, meet Dawn. Dawn, this is Janine, daughter of Koga, the Fuchsia Gym Leader.”

“A challenger for my father?” Janine mused. “Good luck, Dawn; you’ll need it.”

“Thank you, Janine.” Dawn said, looking at Janine a bit more approvingly than she did a minute ago.

“Well, I won my Soul Badge, so now, I’m off to the Safari Zone to catch a few Pokemon.” I said.

“Right!” Janine said. She then grabbed my arm, dragging me towards the Safari Zone. “Come on, Grinder, let’s go!”

Gengar laughed as it stared at Dawn. It had noticed that Dawn was looking a bit down.

“Are they...?” Dawn asked Gengar.

Gengar shook its head.

“I wonder...”

Gengar shrugged, not sure of what Dawn meant.

“Gengar, you might want to catch up with them...” Dawn said as she walked off.

Gengar motioned to Dawn, but knew it had to catch up to me, so it flew off.

“We’re here!” Janine said, finally letting go of my arm.

“Finally...” I said.

“I know, isn’t it awesome?” she asked.

“No...I meant, finally, you let go of my arm!” I groaned.

“Oh...” she chuckled. “Sorry!”

Gengar finally caught up with us. It helped me to my feet as Janine scratched her head.

“It’s all right, Janine.” I said. “I always admire your enthusiasm...” I then motioned to Gengar. “Thank you, Gengar. You need some rest...” I returned it to its Poke Ball as it nodded.

Janine and I entered the main area of the Safari Zone, paying for both of us to get in. As we entered, I saw a lot of Pokemon I’ve never seen before.

The first thing I noticed was a pair of male and female Nidoran. Remembering Nidorino, I was reminded of the Rocket situation in Saffron.

“Janine...” I said, looking down. “I’m not sure...I can do this...”

“Huh?” Janine responded, confused. “ you mean?”

“I don’t think I can be here...” I said bitterly. “I...should get going.” I then began walking off.

“Grinder!” Janine yelled, running up to me. “What’s wrong?”

“I just remembered something...” I said. “There’s a situation in Saffron...a friend of mine and I are planning on stopping Team Rocket.”

“Team Rocket? In Saffron?” Janine asked. “Well, do me a favour, so my money doesn’t go to waste. Catch one Pokemon? Please?”

“Sure, I guess...” I said. I was far from being in the mood of catching Pokemon, but I didn’t want Janine’s gesture to go to waste, so we progressed.

As we did, we eventually heard some scuffling going on in a rather grassy area. We decided to investigate, and saw a Spearow ganging up on a batch of Exeggcute.

“A Spearow...” I said. Again, I was reminded of that Fearow that bullied the Nidoran west of Viridian.

“We have to help those Exeggcute; they look injured!” Janine said. “Zubat, let’s go!” She released the Pokemon from its Poke Ball. “Use Wing Attack on that Spearow!”

Zubat charged in, slamming its wing into the Spearow. Annoyed, it retaliated by charging at Zubat.

“Dodge it, and use Bite!” Janine commanded.

Spearow’s charge was dodged by Zubat, who came in and bit Spearow in the neck.

“Now, use Leech Life!” she added.

Zubat’s fangs then began to glow as Spearow’s energy was drained. It then fled.

“Great job, Zubat!” Janine cheered.

Zubat flapped its wings happily.

“Oh no, it’s wounded!” I said as I ran up to it. It had injuries on one of the eggs, and the entire pack was demoralized. “Are you OK?” I said, worried.

The Exeggcute were teary-eyed. They all looked extremely confused.

“We need to get you all to a Pokemon Center, now...” I said. I could only think of one solution. “I’ll transport you using a Safari Ball, all right?”

The Exeggcute nodded. I took out one of the Safari Balls I was given, and it was captured.

“This counts as my capture.” I mused.

“That’s fine.” Janine said. “Now quick, let’s get out of here.”

We turned around to exit. However, as we did, we saw something that shocked us. Apparently, when that Spearow flew off, it brought a few friends on the return trip, including its leader, a Fearow.

“Uh oh...” I said.

“Seems that Spearow didn’t take too kindly to being bothered!” Janine yelled.

“I’ll deal with them!” I said. “Gengar, Drake, Granite, let’s go!” I yelled, releasing the Pokemon from their Poke Balls.

“I’ll help! Zubat!” she said. The Zubat took flight as the Spearow and Fearow arrived.

“Get in there, flyers! Gengar, use Shadow Ball and Hypnosis to deal with them! Drake, Thunderbolt and Flamethrower should take care of them! And Granite, use Rock Blast to get them out of the sky, and defend yourself with Defense Curl if necessary!” I commanded.

“Zubat, use Wing Attack!” Janine commanded.

The fighting began. In numbers, the Spearow were difficult to focus on and bothersome, but our Pokemon were fine. One by one, they fell until only the Fearow remained.

The Fearow roared at Zubat.

“It wants to battle...Team, hold back!” I commanded. Immediately, my Pokemon looked at me, confused.

“Grinder...” Janine began.

“This is your chance to shine, Janine...” I said. “Show me what you’re capable of!”

She gulped, then nodded. She turned to Zubat, who was staring down at Fearow, not budging an inch. It wanted to battle. Janine hesitated.

“Show your father that you have what it takes to become the next Fuchsia Gym Leader!” I yelled, attempting to instil confidence in her.

“You’re right!” she said, grinning. “Zubat, let’s do this!”

Zubat yelled proudly. It then began to glow.

I knew it... I thought, grinning.

Zubat then began changing shape, eventually becoming Golbat.

“Golbat, congratulations!” Janine exclaimed.

Golbat turned to smile towards Janine. However, Fearow took the opportunity to charge at Golbat.

Janine gasped. “Golbat, behind you!”

Golbat turned around, just in time to be hit by Fearow’s Drill Peck. It was sent crashing to the ground.

“Grr...that was dirty!” Janine roared, scowling at the Fearow. “Golbat, are you all right?”

Golbat got up with not much trouble, taking to the sky once again.

“Great job! Now, let’s get it with a Wing Attack!” Janine commanded.

Golbat charged at Fearow. However, it dodged, then began following Golbat.

“Golbat, watch out!” Janine warned.

Golbat then sped up, managing to create more distance.

“All right, Golbat! Now Bite it!” Janine commanded.

Golbat then stopped for a moment while Fearow closed in. When it got close enough, Golbat dove down, spun around to the top of Fearow, and bit into Fearow’s wing.

“Great job!” Janine exclaimed. “Now, use Wing Attack!”

Golbat then got off of Fearow, and it began plummeting to the ground, having lost use of one of its wings. However, Golbat came in, slamming its wing into Fearow. It sent it crashing to the ground as Golbat calmly landed, then spread its wings in a victorious stance.

“Great job, Golbat!” she said, running up to her Pokemon. It beamed as Janine hugged it.

“Good job, old friend.” I said, smiling.

“Now, let’s go, quickly!” Janine said. “Those Exeggcute need medical attention!”

“Right.” I said.

We then rushed to the Safari Zone’s exit as we ran to the city’s Pokemon Center. Immediately, we handed the batch of Exeggcute to Nurse Joy, who healed it.

I then took the Exeggcute’s Safari Ball, releasing it from it.

“There you are, Exeggcute.” I said. “Feeling better?”

The five Exeggcute danced around the one who was previously injured happily. They then turned to me, nodding.

“Well, I guess I should get you back to your home, then...” I said.

The Exeggcute then huddled up, then looked at me, nudging towards me.

“Huh?” I asked, confused. “You...want to come with me?”

The Exeggcute nodded.

“Wonderful!” I said, returning it to its Safari Ball.

“Congratulations, your capture really did count!” Janine laughed.

“Well, Janine...” I said. “I really do have to get going. I made a promise...and I have to keep it.” I then looked over at Golbat, who was looking at me with a sad look on its face. “Golbat, please, take care of my dear friend...” I then looked back at Janine. “And Janine...take care of my old friend...”

“I will, Grinder...” Janine said. “Please, take care of yourself on your journey...and I hope you fulfill your promise...”

“Thank you, Janine.” I said.

I then headed inside the Pokemon Center, logging my experience as I went to bed. I needed as much sleep as possible before I left for Saffron
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If someone wants me to put this is my journal i can, i just thought it would be cool in a fan fiction cause it is a story of half of my game
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wow lolz u write a lot
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