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 Balla's fan fiction 2

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PostSubject: Balla's fan fiction 2   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:06 am

Crystal Britney-Shamus Momoyia
Sexual Orientation:

Main Pokémon Team:

Persian, female

Surge the Houndoom, male, has blue eyes and a vertical scar over his right eye

Aurora the shiny Vaporeon, female

Espeon, female

Breloom, male

Ryu the shiny Flygon, male

Crystal is mostly kind and caring, but she does have a darker side, too. She really cares for those around her and tries to help out whenever given the chance. She's also competitive when it comes to battles and contests and would do anything noble and honorable to win, even if it is to give up and surrender to make sure her Pokémon are alright. Crystal is very open to new ideas and suggestions and will take them into serious consideration. When she has free time, she likes to train most of the time along with her Pokémon, personally getting into the training session. When she's not training she'll go out and hang out with friends, do one of her many hobbies, or will go out and party. She can be the action of any party if she wanted to. Now about her dark side; Crystal can be cold hearted and can hold a very strong grudge. If you piss her off, it could take a long time to make her forgive you. But other than that, she will put her life on the line when it comes to protecting those close to her and who she loves.
Will be revealed in the story.

Part I

I ran as fast as I could. I had to meet up with my sisters and friend at my older sister’s laboratory. I had a mission, and I wanted it. They threatened to assign it to someone else, but I refuse to let it happen. I could hear the sounds of my feet hitting the ground, crunching the grass and leaves. I could also hear softer steps, those of my two companions.
That’s right! I haven’t introduced myself. My name’s Crystal Britney-Shamus Momoyia. I’m sixteen-years-old and I have long blue hair and blue eyes. My favorite outfit is a blue T-shirt, black cargo pants, black combat boots, fishnet gloves, and a black ribbon tied around my neck. My two companions are Pokémon, a Persian and a Houndoom named Surge. Persian was my first, and I later got – more like rescued – Surge from my ex-boyfriend Seth Black, but I’d rather not talk about him right now.
Anyways, I reached a large white building in the middle of the forest. I let out a sigh. I then turned to my Pokémon.
“Finally,” I said.
“Yep. It took us a while, but we made it,” Persian meowed.
“Indeed. I just want to get this mission started,” Surge barked.
Even though they’re Pokémon, I can understand them as if we spoke the same language. It all happened in a freak accident that happened not too long after Persian had evolved, but I won’t go into details now. That story is for another time.
I walked into the laboratory, followed by my Pokémon. We took a quick look around.
“Keynoma! I’m here!” I shouted.
“It’s about time. You’re late, Crystal,” I heard an older woman’s voice say.
I turned to see my older sister, Keynoma Momoyia. She is five years older than me, making her about twenty-one, and she has long violet hair and the same blue eyes that I have. She decided to become a Professor after she tried the Trainer and Coordinator fields.
“Sorry. I had to come all the way from the Hoenn coliseum,” I said, “I had just won the Hoenn league and defeated the Elite Four from that region.”
“I know, and that’s why I called you when I did. I knew you had just finished your battles and had most likely gotten your Pokémon back, but I don’t see why you just didn’t fly on Ryu’s back,” my sister replied.
I blushed from embarrassment. “Okay, I forgot, but I could’ve used the exercise anyway as did Persian and Surge.”
My sister laughed at my reaction and excuse. “Whatever the reason, you’re here now, and that’s all that counts,” she said before leading me to the room where we were to discuss my new mission.
Once I entered the room, I saw two more familiar girls, one five years my junior and the other my age. The one that was younger than me was my sister Kristen, AKA Krissie. She has black hair and, unlike my older sister and me, she has navy eyes instead of a true blue color, but it was still a shade of blue. The other girl was my best friend Stephanie Shantez. She has brunette hair and green eyes. I also saw three Pokémon – a Ninetales, which was Keynoma’s partner, a Delcatty, which was Krissie’s, and an Espeon, who was Steph’s first Pokémon. I didn’t used to have an Espeon on my team, but after seeing hers in action, I had to get me one, and I’m glad I did.
“I’m glad you could make it, Gemstone,” Kristen said. Gemstone was the nickname she gave me when she was about five, and now even though she’s eleven, she still calls me that, which I really don’t mind that much.
“Well, Crystal, I see that you didn’t want to miss out on this important mission,” Stephanie said.
“You bet,” I replied.
“Shall we begin?” Keynoma asked.
She sat behind a computer desk, Krissie sat on top of the desk next to the computer, and Steph sat in a chair next to the table that was next to the desk, leaning back on it making stand on its back two legs and her feet on the table. I sat on the other side of the table.
“What’s this mission about anyway?” I asked.
“Well, some of the legendaries have gone missing, and we haven’t been able to find them until just recently, but they’re nowhere in this world,” Keynoma explained.
“Not in this world?” I asked.
“They have somehow been transported to another world, but we do have a way to send someone to that world, and I want you to go, Crystal,” said my older sister.
“I wish I could go, but I need to train for the Grand Festival,” Krissie said with a groan.
This was how it is in my family, I’m the Trainer, Keynoma is the Professor, and Krissie is the Coordinator. I also compete in Contests every now and then, but not very often. Same with Stephanie.
“I would accompany you, but unlike you I’m a Gold-ranked Peacekeeper, not a Platinum like you,” Steph stated.
“I’m sure you’ll appear out of nowhere to scare me,” I said with a smirk.
“I just might,” she replied, mirroring my smirk.
“Do you accept the mission?” Keynoma asked me.
“I do. Now which legendaries to I have to go retrieve?”
“From what I could tell, you need to find Mew, Raikou, Suicune, Latios, Latias, Rayquaza, and Dialga,” she replied.
“Sounds easy,” I said.
“But it isn’t gonna be. Here,” Krissie said as she handed me a device that looked like a wrist watch.
“What is this? I think the watch was already invented,” I said sarcastically.
“Very funny, Gemstone. It’s a communicator. Now you can keep in touch with us while you’re in the other world. We each have one and we have already saved the numbers to yours.”
“Cool,” was all I could say as I took a closer look at my new toy.
“Now then, how about we send you off? I’ll have the transporter up in a minute,” Keynoma said as she started to type things on her computer.
“Just don’t get into a serious relationship with any of the hot guys you meet without introducing him to us first,” Steph said as she got up and walked over to me and then whispered in my ear, “and same goes for girls, but you only have to introduce them to me.”
I blushed. “S-Stephanie!” I shouted.
She just giggled and went back to her seat. I got up and walked over to Keynoma’s desk. When I looked up from what she was doing I say the transporter start up.
“Oh joy,” I mumbled sarcastically.
“We aren’t sure if it’ll work, but we think it well,” Keynoma said quit too calmly.
“Nani?!” I shouted.
“It has worked to transport people to other regions. We just haven’t tested it for transporting people to another world,” Krissie said, trying to get me to feel better.
“Oh that helps,” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Just get in the portal and go do your mission,” Steph said.
“And good luck,” Keynoma said.
“I guess I’ll talk to y’all later,” I said before stepping into the portal, not sure where wit was taking me or what was in store for me there.

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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction 2   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:06 am

Part II

After I step through the portal, I happen to look down to see that I was falling out of the sky. I quickly reached into my bag and pulled out a PokéBall. I then threw it underneath me. That’s when my shiny Flygon, Ryu, appeared from it. I landed on his shoulders, Persian and Surge landing on his back.
“Damn it! I can’t believe they didn’t warn me about this!” I shouted.
“Calm down, Crystal,” Persian meowed.
“I have a feeling like they didn’t warn us on purpose,” Surge growled.
“I wouldn’t doubt it,” I replied.
I then signaled Ryu to land, which he did. He landed in a small clearing. I jumped off of his shoulders and Persian and Surge jumped off of his back.
“Thanks, Ryu. You’re a life-saver,” I said with a smile.
“It’s no problem, Crystal. I’m glad I could help,” he replied before I returned him to his PokéBall.
I then looked around. It seemed like a normal forest, but yet different. I didn’t feel the presence or hear the noises of wild Pokémon, which was odd to me. I guess that’s what I get for traveling so much in Pokémon infested forests. I would just have to get used to the silence.
But that’s when I felt a few vibrations in the Earth under me. A few were faint as if they were coming from a distance away, and I felt one that was right under me, but it was heading in the direction of the others. I started to get a little worried. I then rushed off in the direction. As I got closer to the source of the vibrations, I could tell that there was a group of people, but I couldn’t tell how many exact. I became more worried when I realized what the vibration under me was – a Pokémon, and one that you didn’t want to mess with.
I stopped behind a few bushes. I peered over them as Persian and Surge caught up with me. I silenced them before they could say anything. There were three adults, two male and one female, and nine others who were around my own age, six boys and three girls. (I don’t feel like explaining since I know that the readers should know who they are.) I dug the heel of my boot into the ground. It was tipped with thin metal plating which picked up the vibrations better than a normal rubber heel. I felt the vibrations again. It was heading for one of the girls. I knew it would be a close call, but I believed I could make it in time.
A Seviper, a Pokémon that looks like a snake with long fangs and a blade on its tale, shot out of the ground and was using Poison Tail. It was aiming at the girl with short black hair and silver eyes. I ran as fast as I could and just barely made it, but I didn’t have enough time to block the attack. Instead my blood was shed as the blade on the Seviper’s tail cut my skin the length of my left arm. I had heard at least two of the boys voiced call the girl’s name before I took the blow, but I couldn’t quite catch it. Right now, it really didn’t matter anyway.
The Seviper retreated back into the ground as I clutched my now bleeding arm. I now had a pretty deep gash and I knew I was now poisoned. Persian and Surge soon ran up to me. I glanced over my shoulder to see the boy in the orange jumpsuit and the boy in the gray hoodie run up to the girl that the Seviper tried to attack. Surge growled like mad and Persian hissed in anger. She wanted to heal me, but I wasn’t going to let her. She would need all of her energy to fight this crazy wild Pokémon.
It soon came back up, this time aiming at Persian. She easily dodged the attack and landed on her feet a few seconds later. Surge jumped in front of me, waiting for a command.
“This one is gonna be tough,” I said. I knew that my little audience was confused, but I would have time to explain later. I turned to them and said, “I promise all of this will make sense later. For now, you need to get out of here.”
“No way we’re leaving! I want to know what the heck is going on!” the boy in the orange jumpsuit shouted.
“It’s too dangerous for you. You have no idea what’s going on,” I said, but before I could continue, I had to dodge an attack from the Seviper. “Now unless you want to be seriously injured, you should go.”
I then turned to the battle. Persian was holding her own by using her Electric-type attacks as was Surge with his Fire-type ones. I have been poisoned before, but it has been a while so the side effects were kicking in sooner than usual. My sight was becoming blurry. We had to end this, and we had to end it now.
“Persian, Surge, it’s combination time! Persian, Hyper Beam and Thunder! Surge, you use Ice-Fire Spin!” I told my partners.
They obeyed without hesitation. Persian used Hyper Beam, using Thunder at the same time to engulf the beam of high power energy in electricity as Surge surrounded that powerful attack with his Ice-Fire Spin, making in even more powerful. My grip on my arm tightened as pain became more noticeable and my sight more fogged. I was also becoming light-headed. After the combination attack hit, the Seviper was down. I quickly threw a PokéBall at it, and it shook for a few seconds. After that short time it stopped, signaling I had caught it and it was now mine.
Surge went to get the PokéBall as Persian again ran up to me. Her forepaws started to glow a pale blue, a visual affect that signals her using Partner Recovery, a technique we developed. She did her best to heal my injury, but all she could do was get most of the poison out. I had fallen to my knees at that point. Everything was going dark and I knew I was about to black out. In fact, I did. All I heard was my Pokémon calling my name and the voices of the people I just saved from the Seviper. That’s when everything went black, dead, and cold.
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction 2   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:07 am

Part III

It was still dark but I could hear faint voices. I winched in pain when I felt someone lift my injured arm. Apparently Persian couldn’t heal it properly because of the energy she used against the Seviper. I also felt a slightly warm liquid flow down my arm, and I knew what it was – my blood. I heard Persian meowing and Surge barking and other voices, but they didn’t seem to be communicating with one another. Should have known. Not everyone can understand what Pokémon are saying like I can.
“Why aren’t they listening to us?!” I heard Surge growl.
“Let me see… they can’t understand us!” Persian hissed.
“At least you got the poison out, Persian.”
“But I couldn’t fully heal her… I feel like I’ve let her down, Surge.”
I blinked my eyes open and slowly sat up, the person still having a light grip on my arm. I rubbed my eyes with my free hand, and then I was tackled back onto the bed. I looked up to meet the gaze of a happy Classic-cat Pokémon.
“By the way, Persian, you didn’t let me down,” I said calmly with a smile.
Persian smiled and purred, rubbing her head against my lower jaw and neck. I stroked the fur on her back as I turned to whoever hand my arm. I didn’t recognize the person from the group I saw earlier. She was an older woman who appeared to be in her late twenties, maybe early thirties. She had blonde hair and blue eyes.
“Glad to see that you’re awake now,” she said in a friendly voice.
“Just a minor injury. I’ve had worse before,” I replied.
She chuckled slightly as she again took my arm in her hand and looked over the gash that was running down the length of my left arm. She seemed a little interested because not a normal blade can do the damage that the blade on the Seviper’s tail did. It was a lot longer and deeper than your normal kunai or even a steak knife. She placed her free hand over the cut and a faint green glow surrounded her hand. Persian and I watched in amazement and Surge didn’t seem that interested. I then looked up at her after I witnessed my semi-serious injury healed.
“Excuse me, ma’am, but who are you?” I asked politely.
“My name is Tsunade, the fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village,” she replied with a smile. “And you are?”
“My full name is Crystal Britney-Shamus Momoyia, but you may call me Crystal. Calling me by my full name makes me feel… weird. And these two are my companions and friends, Persian and Surge,” I said, pointing to the two as I introduced them.
Tsunade nodded and noticed that I was still confused about everything that has happened. After fully healing my arm, which I have no idea how she did it, she sat down on the edge of the bed.
“I can see that you need some explaining about where you are, and it will be given, but also understand that I need an explanation why you are here as well,” she said in a stern, even voice.
“Yes, ma’am. You see, Lady Tsunade, I’m here on a mission, but it’s complicated since it’s nothing of your culture, or even your world,” I said.
Surge growled at me. I glared at him. Persian hit him on the back of the head with a forepaw. I nodded my thanks to her and she purred and wagged her tail. Surge mumbled something but didn’t push the matter.
“What do you mean by “nothing of your culture, or even your world”?” she asked.
I sighed. “I, as is Persian and Surge, am from a different world. That’s where these strange creatures are from. They are called Pokémon. Ever since some Legendaries came here, random portals have opened, sending Pokémon here. I was sent to retrieve the Legendaries and seal the portals.”
“You are right that this is nothing from here or any of the ninja nations… very well. I’ll let you stay in the village while you complete your mission, whenever that may be. I’ll arrange a place for you to stay. For now, you may leave the hospital and explore so you know how to get to places in the village,” Tsunade said as she got up.
“Arigato, Lady Tsunade,” I said with a slight bow of my head.
She nodded and left the room, allowing me to change back into my other set of clothes I had brought. After fixing my hair and repacking my things, I headed out with Persian and Surge. I got quite a few weird looks, but I didn’t mind. Surge was thinking that almost everyone was a threat as Persian was just on her guard, not assuming things as fast as the Houndoom.
“Over all this place seems like a peaceful, boring place,” Surge growled.
“And that’s a good thing, compared to our life back in our world,” Persian meowed.
I only nodded, not wanted to look weird by talking to them. They understood, so they didn’t ask what was wrong or anything like that. I could tell we were nearing a food place, most likely a ramen place since Surge stared to pant slightly and his mood lightened up. Persian purred for a moment too, so I knew. I gave them a look they understood and they nodded happily. We entered the curtain to be greeted by an older man and a young woman, most likely father and daughter in my opinion.
“Hi there. I don’t believe I’ve seen you around. Are you new?” the older man asked.
“Yes, sir. I just arrived here the other day and I’m just looking around. You see, my two companions wanted to come in and get some ramen, but I don’t have any money, just arriving and all,” I replied, scratching the back of my head as Persian and Surge jumped onto two seats.
“That’s fine, and I’m guessing these are the two you mentioned,” he said.
“Yes, sir,” I simply replied, politely of course.
“Since you’re new, your first round will be on the house, but next time you’ll have to pay. Deal?”
“Yes, arigato, sir.”
“Then what will it be?”
Surge barked something as Persian meowed. I rested my head on my fist as I rested my elbow on the table, a small smile on my face as I glanced at the two.
“They can’t understand you,” I said. Surge barked something and I sighed. “I already planned on translating, now what do you two want?” Persian and Surge gave me their order and I turned to man again. “I hope you don’t mind taking three different orders.”
“Not at all,” he replied.
“Then we’ll have one chicken, one beef, and one shrimp flavored ramen, please.”
“It’ll be out in a few minutes,” he said before turning to make the ramen.
I then got to discussing new techniques with Persian and Surge. Surge and I wanted to combine two of his attacks into one while Persian wanted to try a combination that is quite difficult. Surge wants to combine Fire Claw and Poison Claw, which would result into a poisonous purple flame around his forepaws. Persian wanted to use Iron Tail, Metal Claw, and Spark at the same time, which takes up a lot of her energy. Separately the attacks don’t take much effort, but at the same time leaves her tired and open for attack, which we are currently working on. We were caught up in our conversation we didn’t realize others had entered the ramen bar.
“Hey, old man! One miso ramen please!” I heard a faintly familiar high pitched voice.
I turned to see the blonde boy in the orange jumpsuit from the other day. Now I could get a better look. He had short spiky hair, and like I said, the color was blonde, bright blue eyes, the way too orange jumpsuit, and… whisker marks on his cheeks? That was odd, but I didn’t push the matter. As I looked him over, not attracted to him, by the way, he looked in my direction. He then had a shocked expression and pointed at me.
“You’re the girl from the other day who saved Hinata!” he shouted, hurting my ears a bit.
“I can’t place a name with a face, but if you’re talking about the girl with short black hair and was in a light gray hoodie, then yes,” I replied, trying to be nice.
“That was so cool how you handled those creatures to get that oversized snake,” he said, taking a seat next to Persian. I was against the wall, Surge in between me and Persian, and now this kid. “By the way, I’m Naruto Uzumaki. What’s your name?”
“Crystal, Crystal Momoyia, and this is Persian and Surge,” I replied, again introducing me and my companions.
I was starting to get annoyed with having to introduce me and my Pokémon every time we meet someone. Back home everyone knew who we were, but I wasn’t home, was I? I started to chat with Naruto and noticed that we got along really well. Persian even told me in Pokémon language that he could be like the brother I never had, and I slightly giggled at that, leaving Naruto confused. Our ramen then came out a few moments later and by the time I was finished with one, Naruto was on his third. Surge seemed intrigued that he could eat that fast when Persian was slightly disgusted.
“Hey, Crystal,” Naruto addressed me.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“How about I introduce you to the others who were there to witness what you did?” he offered.
“Sure,” I replied, and as soon as I finished, Naruto paid for his ramen and was dragging me off, Persian and Surge having to run to catch up.
What did I just get myself into? I asked myself mentally as I let the hyperactive knuckle-head drag me along, more like leading me somewhere since I was walking so it didn’t look weird.
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction 2   Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:08 am

Part IV

After a little while, Naruto still had a grip on my wrist, but at the moment I didn’t mind since I wanted to keep my arm. He led me into the forest outside the village, and he slightly slowed down when we were reaching a field. It happened to be the one I battled the Seviper – okay, the one Persian and Surge battled the Seviper. Either way, it was the same field.
“This is the Training Field. That’s why we were all here yesterday before you came along and saved Hinata,” Naruto said.
“I couldn’t have guessed,” I said jokingly.
Naruto slightly chuckled. He finally let go of my wrist when we stepped onto the field. Persian was on my right and Surge on my left; his head pressed against my leg to hide the scar over his eye. I had a guess that they’ve already seen it, but whatever at this point. I looked around and saw everyone from yesterday, even the adults.
“Hey, guys! Look who I’ve brought along!” Naruto shouted, again slightly hurting my ears since I was right next to him.
“I’m surprised she’s out of the hospital this early,” one of the adults said. He had silver hair, one of his eyes covered with his headband, a mask over his mouth and nose, and his visible eye was dark, maybe black. He was also reading a book I wanted nothing to do with.
“Be nice, Kakashi-sensei! Remember what she did yesterday?” Naruto said to him.
“It’s fine, Naruto,” I said calmly, not wanting a fight to break out.
“But-,” Naruto started before I cut him off.
“It’s what I do, and I don’t mind what people say about me. It is strange for anyone to be out of the hospital this soon after what happened to me,” I stated.
“It’s strange you were in the hospital at all, Crystal,” Surge growled.
“Surge!” I snapped.
“I’m only stating the truth,” he replied, earning a hit from me.
“Serves you right,” Persian mewed.
I sighed. They haven’t grown up in my opinion. But before I could say anything, one of the boys was right in front of me. I took a step back to make a little distance. He had bowl-cut black hair, a green jumpsuit, worse than Naruto’s orange one, big black eyes, and big, bushy eyebrows. Personally, he freaked me out especially that he looked like one of the adults.
“My, you are beautiful! My name is Rock Lee! Will you be my girlfriend? I’ll protect you with my life!” he exclaimed.
Now I was totally freaked out. I glanced at Persian through the corner of my eye. She nodded. Surge was growling, basically saying “If you dare touch her, you’re dead!” as Persian stepped in front of me, becoming a barrier, with a glare that was like Surge’s growl, but not as harsh.
“I-I’m sorry, but I’m still getting over my previous relationship, so no,” I replied, attempting to me nice.
Lee seemed a little hurt, but soon recovered. It seemed like he understood and then went over to the sensei that he looked a lot alike. It was like they were father and son! But I doubted that for some reason.
“Don’t worry, Lee! She has the Light of Youth!” the guy said.
“I agree, Gai-sensei!” Lee replied.
“Oh god! Shoot me now!” Surge snarled.
“I agree, Surge,” I whispered, my hand on my forehead.
I then sensed someone behind me. I turned to see the girl I helped form the other day. She had short black hair, silver eyes, a gray hoodie, and navy knee-length shorts. She slightly blushed, which I thought was kinda cute.
“U-Um… Th-thanks for s-saving me th-the other d-d-day,” she shuttered.
“It was no problem. I was glad to help,” I replied. “My name’s Crystal, Crystal Momoyia. What’s yours?”
“H-Hinata Hyuuga,” she quietly answered.
“Cute,” I said, which made her blush even more.
I turned when I heard some arguing, but it was just the pink-haired girl and the blonde arguing over one of the boys, the one with black hair and black eyes. I sighed at this. I was not attracted to him and I couldn’t see why they were. Sure, he was hot, but not my type. He reminded me too much of my latest ex…
I heard Surge growl slightly and I looked at him. I followed his gaze to see a boy around my age with brown hair, a dark gray hoodie, and a white puppy on his hoodie.
“Would you look at that… he looks like Kakashi-sensei!” he exclaimed with a smirk.
Bad news for him. I saw the look in Surge’s eyes, and I smirked. The boy seemed a bit confused at my look. Then… THUD! Surge tackled him to the ground, growling. The puppy jumped out of his hoodie.
“Surge, pull back,” I said, trying not to laugh.
Surge got one last growl before getting off of him and bounded over to my side. I walked over to him and helped him up. He then dusted himself off and picked up the white puppy.
“You’re cute. Name’s Kiba Inuzuka. And yours?” he asked.
“Crystal Momoyia, and no,” I replied simply and calmly before walking over to Persian and Surge.
Persian was sitting next to Hinata, purring slightly as she was petted. It seemed like Persian was helping Hinata feel a little more comfortable around her, which I was slightly glade for. I wanted to be friends with her, and her being comfortable around Persian and Surge would be a good start.
(Okay, I’m lazy, so I’m fast forwarding through the rest of the introductions and the explanation of Pokémon.)
Everyone went back to training while I sat under a tree with Persian and Surge. Surge laying in the shade on the side of it and Persian was laying her head and forepaws on my lap. I leaned against the tree trunk, eyes closed. I had a unique ability other than being able to talk to Pokémon. I could also use Aura, like Sir Aaron and Lucario. That’s how I knew were everyone was even though my eyes are closed. Not everyone was training. Some were just talking, goofing off, or meditating.
One of the boys who introduced himself as Neji Hyuuga was one of the ones meditating just opposite of me. I was slightly attracted to him and also thought some of the girls were cute… What? I am bisexual. You can’t blame me!
Either way, I was keeping track of everyone while thinking of where Tsunade was arranging me to stay. I was also absently stroking Persian’s fur. Little did I realize I was also falling asleep. I have had an… interesting day. Well, I couldn’t help myself. I fell asleep. Now I wouldn’t have any idea what had happened afterwards or where I would end up staying unless I was moved to the place. I’d just have to wait and see once I wake up.
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Part V

I was in my room. How you may ask? I don’t know. But I was. I recognized the pale blue walls, the purple trim, the queen-size bed I was sitting on, the computer desk opposite the bed with the computer on it and papers covered it, and pictures I either drew or took all over the walls. One single window was opposite the door. Everything was perfect. That is until HE came into the picture.
I then realized I was 13 again. This was the memory of the night of my thirteenth birthday. This was a night I didn’t want to remember.
Seth Black, my latest ex-boyfriend, walked over and sat down next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. Like I said, the was a dream/memory, so I couldn’t control myself. I looked up at him and smiled. He pulled me in and kissed me sweetly and gently. Out of reaction I wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapping his arms around my waist. He slowly pushed me on the bed, him on top, and my head resting on the pillow, not breaking the kiss.
We broke apart for a quick breath before he kissed me again, this time a little more roughly. I moaned quietly, but he still heard it. His arms released my waist as his hands rest on my hips, my hands now on his shoulders. He asked for permission by licking and gently biting my lower lip, and I gave it to him.
Seth’s hands went up my shirt, slowly bringing it up. He was about to reveal my bra when I broke the kiss and stopped him. I gave him the “I’m not ready” look, but he just smirked. I became frightened as he took my wrists and pinned my hands over my head. I was about to scream when he silenced me with another very rough and lustful kiss. I squirmed and fought back, but he was stronger than me.
Tears started to form in my closed eyes as he kept one hand to keep my hands were they were and his free hand trailing down my thirteen-year-old body. He stopped at my pants line, slowly undoing the button. He was fifteen at the time, two years older than me, and I knew what he wanted, and I didn’t want to give it to him. One) I wasn’t ready, two) I was too young, and three) I didn’t really love him like that. I was scared, and that turned him on.
Seth then started to trail kisses down my neck, and unfortunately he knew where my weak spot was, and he bit down hard enough to draw blood. I let my tears flow down my cheeks as he licked the blood. He had finished undoing my pants and started to slowly pull them down.
“Seth… please! I’m not ready for this!” I begged.
“Sorry, Crystal, but I want you to be mine, and no one else’s,” he replied.
This was a side of Seth I had never seen before. It scared me and I wanted to scream, but I was too frightened to do so. I could only cry. He smirked, knowing I basically gave up.
That’s when the door busted open. It couldn’t have been my parents or my sisters since they were out for the night. Instead it was Persian and Surge. Apparently Persian felt my fear and distress and came running with Surge. Surge used to belong to Seth until I took him. He growled at Seth as Persian used ThunderShock on us. I was used to it, so when Seth couldn’t move while the electricity hit us, I took the opportunity to push him off and stumble to my Pokémon.
“Crystal, are you alright?” Persian asked me, concerned, in Pokémon language.
“I swear I’m going to kill him!” Surge snarled.
Seth grunted when he hit the floor, and then chuckled. I was too shocked to say or do anything. He pulled to a PokéBall and released the Pokémon in it, which was a Mightyena. Surge’s growl became more intense as Persian hissed. Seth smirked as the hound-like Pokémon used Flamethrower, everything in flames.


I shot up in a cold sweat, breathing very heavily. After a few moments, I took a look around. I realized that I wasn’t in my room and that I was sixteen again.
Thank god it was only a dream, I thought with a sigh.
I took a better look around. I noticed I was in a room rather than in the forest. I was on a comfortable bed rather than leaning against a tree. I was still in the same clothes, though. I also noticed Persian and Surge weren’t there.
I looked up when I heard the door open and I saw Hinata. I sighed in relief since she startled me. I was still in a small state of shock from my dream.
“Crystal, are you alright?” she asked, not shuttering.
“I… I’m fine,” I lied.
“Then why were you tossing and turning?”
“I was?”
“Persian and Surge came and told me. What’s wrong?”
I sighed, knowing that I couldn’t avoid the question. She sat down next to me as I pulled my knees to my chest, resting my forehead against my knees.
“I had a nightmare… more like a memory decided to haunt me again,” I confessed, tears forming in my eyes.
Hinata noticed this and she placed her hand on my back for comfort. I was calming down, slowly, but at least I was. She also noticed my distress. That’s when she hugged me. That shocked me, but I couldn’t help myself from hugging her back, making sure I wasn’t dreaming again. To know that there is someone here in this world that shows any sign of friendship toward me was a relief.
After a few moments, I stopped crying. Hinata didn’t complain or say anything about me hugging her and crying on her shoulder. She just simply hugged me like we were best friends since who knows when. I pulled back, breaking the hug. I then whipped my eyes of my tears.
“Hinata… where am I?” I managed to ask.
“The Hyuuga mansion. Lady Tsunade arranged it with my father that you stay here,” she replied.
I simply nodded, not knowing what to really say. I heard the door open again, but this time it was Persian and Surge. Persian jumped on the bed and laid down on the other side, furthest from the door, and Surge also jumped up but laid down at the end of the bed.
“Seeing you’re alright now, I’ll let you go back to sleep. I’ll get you in the morning,” Hinata said, getting up.
“Arigato, Hinata… for everything,” I replied.
She smiled and nodded before leaving, closing the door quietly behind her. I laid down again and Persian moved to rest her head on my shoulder. Surge also moved to lay next to me and rest his head on my stomach. I stroked Persian’s fur and rested my other hand on the back to Surge’s neck. I then went back to sleep, not having any dreams the rest of the night.
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Part VI

I woke up early the next morning. I sat up and stretched. I looked over at Persian and Surge and the two were still asleep. I changed into a jungle camouflage tank top that was cut off just above my belly button, dark faded denim shorts that cut off half way down my thigh, black knee-high boots, black elbow-length fingerless gloves, dark faded denim vest, and a black leather chocker with a ruby rose pendant. I tied my hair back into a high ponytail and tied a jungle camouflage bandana around my head as a headband. It had about two to three feet of material left, and I pulled that through my hair tie.
I wrote a quick note to Hinata since she said she would get me to let her know I was out with Persian and Surge, seeing the two starting to wake up. They stretched and jumped down. I made the bed and placed the note on the bed for Hinata to see. I then quietly walked out with my bag and my two companions, heading for the Training Grounds. Once there, we started to work on the techniques and combinations we were talking about the other day at the ramen bar.

~Fast Forward a few hours~

Persian and Surge were now napping in the shade of a tree. I was in the middle of the training field, just dancing. I then got a tune in my head and I started to hum it at first, until I started to sing the lyrics.

Britney Spears - The Answer
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Balla's fan fiction 2
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