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Pokemon Of The Week

Week 4. And In honor of week four
I am gonna give away 4 pokemon.
And those pokemon are...DEOXYS.
I will give 1 form to the
top four winners.Your form
will be random.
What is the best trio?




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 Balla's fan fiction

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PostSubject: Balla's fan fiction   Sun Aug 17, 2008 10:32 am

Darkness In My Heart

I stand alone on the rock that houses me. I am standing on the top of the cave, as one knows how it is hollow inside and thick on the top. The cave has always been my home, and I'm not about to leave it. There is something about it that feels like home to me, even though I just moved here on another futile attempt to run from the humans who hunt me down for many of my characteristics. Legendary. What a stupid word, yet humans take it quite seriously.

I look to the moon, seeing it tower over me. It is beautiful tonight, with the white glow streaking its white rays over me and making me feel at home. My fur blazes brightly, though, and that alone ruins the aspect of the moon's glow. My fur is what many people would consider my trademark, but I think it's just another excuse to hunt me down.

The moon bathes me in its light, and I dig deep in my throat and let loose a howl, one that sends shivers down anyone's spine who is close enough to hear it. This includes a very wide range of people, so probably everyone hears it, wondering if it is me, or another Pokemon they have so sadly mistaken for me. They don't know my growl from another Pokemon, so it is very easy to trick them. But then they know I am here, and continue hunting me. They know I'm here, but due to their weak human eyes they cannot see me as well as most Pokemon can.

I have incredible eyes that can see a mountain fifty feet away and identify each of the flowers on it and the Pokemon scurrying across it. Rattata, the small purple rats with white underbellies. They taste good, but I don't want to hunt any tonight. It would be too dangerous. They are running across the mountain near the human establishment, so I cannot hunt any.

I shift my four legs, and look out at the stars. I whisper to them, Please come and take me away from this nightmare of our planet. I whine out, I need you to do this for me, please take me away...

But there is no answer from them again, like every night. Far away are the lights of a human building, a hotel. Somewhere where humans decide to stay when they are traveling. The lights are faint, but to me they are as bright as the sun. My eyes magnify things by many times, so the light blinds my vision. I sigh, and pace on my cave, wondering what to do.

Will they catch me? Or will they fail? I don't know, but I can only hope they do not catch me.

I am very, very hungry. There is no food around, but I must eat or I will starve. I have gone four days without food or water, as a Pokemon's life is not limited to just three days without water making it die. For Pokemon it is seven. A week. I need food and water, and now. I cannot hold it off much longer.

I leap from the cave, and run through the forest with amazing speed. No other Pokemon can match it; I am the fastest Pokemon alive on land. There is nothing that can take me on in a race. I look to my left, my right, nothing. There is nothing I can use for food.

And then, I stop. Just like that. No sliding along the ground as I screech to a halt. One minute I am speeding through the forest, and the next I am completely still. I twitch my ears to catch a sound that seems to be coming from the left. I whip my head around and track the small Pokemon that is enjoyingly munching on leaves.

Legendary, I think again. Why do they call me that? I may be a legendary Pokemon, but I do not like it. I do not wish to be legendary.

My eyes focus on that green Pokemon. I know that if I kill it I will face dire consequences. And that's what I want.

My eyes are locked onto the target. The small green fairy-like Pokemon spreads its tiny wings and flies to another berry. A daughter of one of the other legendaries. Its head is large and the end is pointed. Two antennae are sticking out of its head, and its hands and legs are tiny. A Celebi. Easy to catch, hard to relive the consequences if I thought what was going to happen would happen.

Lightning quick, I flash toward it. My paws just...leap. I don't even mean to, and they do it. I leap around five feet. Five feet? No problem.

I open my mouth, and fire spins from it like a whirlwind. It hits the little creature off guard, and she is caught within the fire whirlwind. Burns are left on her skin. They look bad, and I know she can die from them. Good, that's exactly what I wanted. I open my mouth again and streams of fire let loose from it, this time a large ball of fire, engulfing the Celebi and she screams...a terrible sound, a wailing.

I keep at it. Ignoring the Celebi's screams for help, I empty my fire sacs, and then stand over the Celebi. It lies on the ground, holding up one arm for defense. Its skin is burnt beyond belief; hardly any of it is recognizable as it now looks like a black pile of ash. It starts crying, and tears roll onto the ground as I lift one paw.

Extending my claws, I dig into Celebi's flesh. The blood flies as I dig one front paw after another into it, hearing its screams and smiling. It is finished, I tell the little creature, and start to lick its blood.

But then a glow erupts, and another appears. This one is older, and recognizable by the green aura that shines around her. Her voice is booming, screaming through my head like my father did when I was young.

What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I trust you with this position and you throw it away! she screams.

Good, I say. I never wanted to be a legendary.

Celebi waves her arms in a mystifying trance-inducing action. You shall not only lose your position as legendary. You shall also be given a lifelong enemy. and one of the yellow foxes that I have been friends with appears. She has nine long tails, each tipped with orange and they are waving back and forth. Her eyes are red and she has a large comb that folds back over her head. She looks at me with a deadly furious gaze.

Celebi disappears, and Ninetales, the fox, starts chasing me. I shall never be free....

Fallen from my position...

Given an enemy so much stronger than me...

I am Arcanine.
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction   Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:18 pm

YAY Arcanine my favorite pokemon great job loved it, it really gave me a new prospective on pokemon please make more like this so much detail so much suspense I really got in to it and you set everything up perfectly I could picture it all but I couldn't find out what the pokemon was until the end again I say great job.
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction   Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:47 pm

dude this is awesome
super detailed
maybe even gruesome
i love this
you need to continue this


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Number of posts : 806
Age : 24
Location: : Independence, Missouri
Credit Points : 4597-1185-1826
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction   Mon Aug 18, 2008 4:55 am

grr i hate writing tho better yet typing lol
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's fan fiction   

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Balla's fan fiction
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