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Pokemon Of The Week

Week 4. And In honor of week four
I am gonna give away 4 pokemon.
And those pokemon are...DEOXYS.
I will give 1 form to the
top four winners.Your form
will be random.
What is the best trio?




1.No Cursing
2.No Spamming
3.No Scamming
4.Always Post your friend code when asking to Battle or Trade
5.Follow others rules of Trading and battling
6.Be friendly and help others
7.No Unauthorized advertising
8.The biggest one...HAVE FUN!
Any breaking of these rules(except 4,6, and 8)will give you a warning then you will be banned
breaking rule number 3 will get you banned automatically no warning

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 Yellowjacobo's Pokestory

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PostSubject: Yellowjacobo's Pokestory   Wed Aug 13, 2008 9:24 pm

The Adventure Of A Life Time


[scene 1...The Bedroom]

Lane:Wha where am i?!?!?!?!?!

Lane: oh ya I'm in my bed (laughs at himself awkwardly)

Mom:Get up Your dad wanted to see you at the office about something!


Lane:(get's ready)

[scene 2...The office]

Lorel:I'm so glad you made it just in time...

Lane:Ya dad whats up?

Lorel:There has has been many sighting of a poke cloner


Lorel:He is very evil and he Tortures the Pokemon and drains them
just to clone them, his name is Seamus

Lane:(gasp)Ya and you needed me for?

Lorel:I need you to help hunt him down!

Lane:But I'm only 14 And my Cyndaquil is not such a strong Pokemon!

Lorel:Well I need you! Or else Seamus might come and take the Pokemon we have here!

Lane:I see your point...

Lorel:Well I'm going to have to ask you to start tomorrow!

Lane:Then I better go home tell mom and get some sleep!

Lorel:See you at home

[Scene 3...The House]

Lane:I'm home mom

Mom:What did your Dad want?

Lane:He wanted Me to go on a journey and find a guy named Seamus and capture him!

Mom:Are you going to do it?




Mom:I'll make dinner and then your going to need your sleep

[Scene 4.....Dinner]

Mom:Urgh I need someone two to help me open thisPickle jar

Lorel:I'll do it!

Lane:(watches them struggle to open jar)

Lane:Let me try (opens)

(Lorel and mom both say "i loosened it")


(All Laugh)

They all sit down and eat

Mom:I'm going to miss you

Lorel:Me too

Lane:Me too and well where do i start and how will i get him do i get any gadgets?

Lorel:You will find out tomorrow


Lane:I'm going to pack and go to sleep... Pikachu3

Chapter Two:The Adventure Begins


Lane:Urgh wow the sun is sure bright today!
(looks at clock and is 9:00)
I should get ready i have to meat my dad in 2 hours...
(get's ready)
(goes down stairs to eat)

Mom:hi Honey

Lane:Hi mom

Mom:your dad can not meat you until 12:00 he said he had some business to do

Lane:Oh (looks disappointed)

Mom:So do you have your stuff ready?!

Lane:Yup......WAIT wheres Cyndaquil at???????!!!!

Mom:I heard something this morning outside

Lane: I'll be back!!!!!!(rushes out of room)

Mom:be careful!


(lane searches everywhere for his Cyndaquil)
(starts to cry a little)

Lane:Where could he be?!?!?

(at that moment he sees a shadow like figure running away into the forest)


(keeps on running)

(Catches up to him and there he sees his Cyndaquil)

(Shadow figure drops Cyndaquil and runs)

Lane:urgh (tear comes down face) Are you okay Blaze?!

Cy cy cyndaquil

(lane smiles and runs home)

[ and pokecenter]

Mom: Is he okay???

Lane:Kind of it looks week

Mom:Well take him to nurse Jane


(He take blaze to the nurse gets it healed and runs back home remembering that he has to meat his dad)

Lane:I love you mom i got to to see dad I'm leaving right after that ill see you later!

Mom:Okay love you bye

(Lane runs to his dads office)


Lane: Hi dad

Lorel:what took you so long?

(lane explains story)

Lorel:Wow well i have some stuff for you!

Lane:What is it?

Lorel:Well I have 50 pokeballs for you!


Lorel:And Take this it's called a pokeclix

Lane:What does it do?

Lorel:It tells you if a Pokemon is cloned or real

Lane: OH! Thanks

Lorel:You should go now

Lane: Bye dad

Lorel:Bye Be careful

Lane:Ok Bye

Chapter 3:Someone new

[Scene9...Little Village!]

Lane and his Cyndaquil went off to start their beautiful journey together

Lane walks through the forest until he comes to a little village!

Lane:What is this place? Look Cyndaquil their is a pretty girl and she seems to be stuck!
He rushes to the whole!

Lane:Need some help!?

Girl:Yes please

Lane:Try to wiggle your self well i pull you up!



Girl falls on him and blushes

Girl thank you so much for getting me out a creep was running through the woods and pushed me in!

Lane mumbles to himself !Seamus!

Lane:So whats your name?

Girl:My names Diana

Lane:Well my names Lane

Diana:Cool what brings you here?

Lane:I'm looking for a guy named Seamus the guy who pushed you in there

Diana:Oh I'm a breeder I love Pokemon!

Lane:Cool you have any Pokemon

Diana:Just a Totodile

Lane:I have a Cyndaquil

Diana:Well if your going to find him i want to come along too!


Diana:Because no one pushes me!!!!!!Or hurts Pokemon that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lane:Oh well your welcome along oh and I might mention I need a map to get to my best friends house in Stargaze town!

Diana:I'm glad I got an extra here you go

Lane:Thanks well were off to find Rinne my best friend to come join us in defeating this creep

Chapter 4:Rinne is here


Lane:Urgh I'm tired should we camp here?

Diana:Ya sure

Lane:I got a sleeping bag do you have one???

Diana:Shoot! I forgot it!!

Lane:Then I guess you sleeping with the weedle! Just Kidding (blushes) You want to sleep in my sleeping bag?

Diana:SURE!!!!!!!!!! I mean if we have to....


(when asleep Diana gets real close to Lane)

The Next Day

Diana:Lane what are you doing?

Lane:Making breakfast for two!

Diana:awwww (gives big hug)

Lane blushes:Heehee

Diana and Lane eat and start their journey again


Lane:were finally here!

Diana:Yay (disappointed because less time for them to spent alone)


Lane:Okay so this is Stargaze

Diana:Where does your friend live?


Diana:You mean you don't know where you friend lives!?!?

Lane:Well he moved away a long time ago and told me he lived in Stargaze

Diana:OH WOW

Lane:Look I see him!!!!!

Lane runs and Diana Follows him

Lane:Hi Rinne

Rinne:Do I no you???

Lane:It's me Lane!

Rinne:Waz up hommie!

Lane:Rinne this is Diana, Diana this is Rinne

Rinne:Sup Hottie


Lane:Rinne I need to see you for a minute now!!!Diana wait here

Rinne:what is it?!

Lane:You can't be hitting on her shes mine but don't say anything!

Rinne:That's Cool

Lane:OK Thanks

Dianna:Okay so umm Rinne do you have a house its cold out here

Rinne:Ya follow

[scene12...Rinne's house]

THey talk about the journey they want to go on with Rinne and he agrees

They get to his house

Rinne:Hey mom Lane and his friend are here and I'm going on a journey with them

Rinne's mom:Oh Ok have fun

They rush up to his room

Rinne:Lets talk while I pack


Rinne:So Seamus is trying to take over the world with cloned Pokemon?

Diana:Ya basically

Lane:So Rinne you got any Pokemon?

Rinne:Oh I almost forgot I have a Magmar

Lane:oh cool

Diana:I'm going to go wait outside and write something in the porch
you guys stay in here and have fun


Dianna rights........

Dear Lane,

Can I share a sleeping
bag with you forever?!


Rinne and Lane talk about Pokemon stuff

Diana walks back in the room

Rinne:I'm Ready wait here I got to get some cash
Rinne leaves room

Diana hands note to Lane

Lane says sure

Rinne:Let's go


Diana:Wait how do we now where Seamus is going???

Rinne:I saw him talking to an assistant I think he called him Norik and Seamus was bossing him around and They were headed towards Sunleaf town

Chapter 5:Who's side is he on?

[Scene13...Sunleaf forest]

Lane:You guys I see someone ...Hurry

Rinne:It looks like the assistant

all gasp!

Lane:Who are you?

Norik:I,I, I work for a man named Seamus

Rinne:Well wheres Seamus

Norik:He,He,He Stole a motorcycle and left me here,he told me to meet him in sunleaf

Rinne:Well Do you need help

Norik:Oh,um,um, no thanks you must go far away before the evil man finds you

Diana:Well why do you work for him then?

Norik:Well when I was little my dad and Seamus were friends and then Seamus wanted more Pokemon and tried to find out how to clone them so then my dad did not like the idea and suddenly the day after my mom and dad died and Seamus told the police he was my closest relative and I have tried to leave and I just get punched by his cloned machop (tears come rushing down)

Lane:Well I am going to find a way to stop Seamus and and let you be free

Norik:No he will do what he did to my parents

Rinne:Did you ever see there corpse???


Rinne:Then how do you know there dead

Norik:I used to believe that they were still alive but I gave up after a while

Rinne:Never give up I am sure they are some where in the world

Norik:I wish,Well I will help you if Seamus ever catches you or is going to hurt you,I must go now...runs away

Diana:Oh that poor guy

Lane:Well,we have to go

Rinne:Your right we have to set him and all the Pokemon free


Lane:wow there is a lot of jiggly puff around here

Diana:I no

Lane:Wait my pokeclix is acting all funny....There clones

Lane:Go Cyndaquil

Diana:Go Tododile

Rinne:Go Magmar

They fight and finally send all the jiggly puff running

Diana:urgh its so late can we get some rest


They all fall asleep with Rinne in his sleeping bag and Diana and Lane sharing one

Chapter 6:Norik Returns

Norik has entered Sunleaf searching for Seamus

He asked around to see if anyone saw a big haired man

no one had seen him

Norik:Have you seen a guy with a half red half white Afro??

Man:Yes I have he stole my Pokemon and ran of with them

Norik:Oh I'm so sorry sir

Man:You look familiar,have I seen you around?

Norik:Me No This is my first time here

Man: Oh well he went that way

Norik:Thanks....runs off

Norik:Yells at a running shadow ...Hello is it you Seamus?

The shadow looks at him and runs away

Norik thinks to himself it was not Seamus he would recognize me and come to me

Norik walks in the dark cold woods looking for Seamus

Suddenly A little charmander... then a few more the he follows them and finally finds Seamus

Seamus:Where have you been you fool

Norik:Walking over here

Seamus:You lazy thing I said to run

Norik:I did or at least I tried too

Seamus:Don't try succeed

Norik:Alright,So what are we up to now?

Seamus:I have studied a Pokemon called Arceus


Seamus:I want an army of Arceus to rule the world with me

Norik:What's stopping you?

Seamus:Well there are 7 Stones I need to awaken Arceus


Seamus:Well I'm out to look for the first one

Norik:So I'm going too right?

Seamus:No I don't want you ruining my disguise


Seamus:I'll be back to chek in to see if you have kept my stuff safe


1 day later

Lane:We have finally reached sunleaf


Rinne:We have to find Norik and see what Seamus has planned


Diana:Look There he is running into the woods

Lane Rinne and Diana all go after him

Chapter 7:What's going on?

Diana yells:Norik stop

Norik turns looks at her and the gang and
slows down but keeps walking they catch up to him

Norik:Hi guys




Norik:It's not safe her follow me and I'll tell you everything

They all rush through the forest with branches
brushing at there faces until they stop and see a house

Norik:Hurry over here

They go to a basement looking door

Norik:Get in

All hop in

They look around and aw in amazement
when they see where Seamus has been working

The high bookshelf and the special gear
Then they all spot a huge machine with
four spiked straps and power gauge
Then they see blood puddles in the chamber

Lane:Wha wha what is that thing?!

Norik:The Cloning chamber

Rinne:How Cruel

Norik:Yes but I need you guys to do something for me

Diana:What is it?

Norik:Take this stone

Lane:Grabs it...whats it for

Norik:Seamus has been studying a rare god like Pokemon named Arceus It has the most power in the world he want's to take control of the world with clones of this Pokemon

Diana:You mean Arceus has to go through that machine

Norik:Yes,it may even kill him but you can only awaken him with 7 stones,Seamus is out looking for the first one and the one I gave to you is the most important my dad gave it to me before he died and now I know what to use it for but he must not be unleashed

Lane:We will protect it with our lives

Rinne:Wait I hear someone Above us

Norik:Quick Hide....

Chapter 8:Oh no

It's Silent while Norik starts working again and suddenly

Seamus:Urgh Your still i see you've kept my house clean

Norik:Yes sir

Seamus:Well I just came back to check on my house now you must protect this egg

Norik:What is it?



Seamus:I have found the first stone 6 more to go

(so far Seamus has 1 stone and Lane has 1 and there is 5 left somewhere)


Seamus walks out room slowely and then he is gone

Norik goes up to the and makes sure that he is gone

Norik goes back down to let them out of hiding

Norik whispers:You can come out now

All pop out

Lane:So that was Seamus,I thought he was the shadow in the forest before I met diana but that looked nothing like him

Diana:But that was the guy who pushed me

Lane:It must have been a Pokemon
But I'm not sure which Pokemon it was so dark and it moved so fast

Norik:I saw a shadow as well it was so dark and mysterious

Rinne:I wonder what it was

Norik:Well not now you must find the stones before Seamus he already has one
Here is a map to where they are!

Rinne:I'll hold this

Diana:We better get going

All say goodbye to Norik

They all head towards the woods

Rinne:The map says there is one buried in the sand in the enchanting Sea

Lane:Then were off

Rinne:Wait it will take us days to get over there and we should get some rest


Rinne:Look theirs a small mountain we should go there first


They all set up camp and Lane and Rinne fall asleep

Diana stays up scared to fall asleep for some reason

Diana looks around below the mountain and shes sees a fast shadow and suddenly it was like magic it seemed as there hearts were one and they new everything about each other and she suddenly smelled a sweet sent and fell asleep and while she was closing her eyes she saw the shadow run away

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PostSubject: Re: Yellowjacobo's Pokestory   Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:08 am

YAY I AM IN!!!! lol good job
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PostSubject: Re: Yellowjacobo's Pokestory   Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:41 pm

here are the characters of the story so far

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PostSubject: Re: Yellowjacobo's Pokestory   Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:31 pm

whos the character?!?!?!?!?


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PostSubject: Re: Yellowjacobo's Pokestory   Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:36 am

someone special u shall she lolz (u shall see)
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PostSubject: Re: Yellowjacobo's Pokestory   

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Yellowjacobo's Pokestory
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