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Pokemon Of The Week

Week 4. And In honor of week four
I am gonna give away 4 pokemon.
And those pokemon are...DEOXYS.
I will give 1 form to the
top four winners.Your form
will be random.
What is the best trio?




1.No Cursing
2.No Spamming
3.No Scamming
4.Always Post your friend code when asking to Battle or Trade
5.Follow others rules of Trading and battling
6.Be friendly and help others
7.No Unauthorized advertising
8.The biggest one...HAVE FUN!
Any breaking of these rules(except 4,6, and 8)will give you a warning then you will be banned
breaking rule number 3 will get you banned automatically no warning

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 Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz

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PostSubject: Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz   Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:31 am

I will sell and buy services here. So far i have an ev training service. I will ev train your pokemon for just 20 credits a pokemon or 100 credits a party.

New SERVICE--- I am now making trainer cards for 100 cp's each. List the trainer sprite you want, the pokemon you have, and your fc.

I am also selling all starters for 15 credits each.

I am now selling an ubber team containing Shiny all of them, kyorge palkia rayquaza heatran giritina and darkrai. all ev train now just for 350 credits.

I am also selling killer porygonz's for just 75 credits each. Great moveset. and ability. It is legit and shiny nicknamed Z.

Ask me about ev trained pokemon and i could get you all of them legit except non-breadable pokemon. i have over 60 now

I have a shiny kyorge im willing to sell also for 75 credits each. Has a move called water spout that does over 400 damage when kyorge has max health. Extremely good if your facing somewhat slow pokemon.

Im Selling a really good party containing Shiny Umbreon, Shiny porygonz, Heracross, T-tar, garchomp, and shiny kyorge/crobat all ev trained and good movesets. 250 for kyorge party or 175 for crobat party

I will buy pokemon credits depends on the pokemon your selling and they must be untouched.

I am also making guides for you guys for 5 credits each. just name a guide u want.

I am also selling all items/tm's for 50 credits each. Comes with a level 100 shiny legit manaphy from ranger egg.

As you guys know about my clan and i need some clan members. When you join my clan you will get 1 free shiny pokemon of you choice plus discounted prices on the above items. Our clan site is: http//

Shinies are a new addition to the market. All are shiny. All with a * before name is ev trained. Or if you want i can get you the ones without a * ev trained for 10 credits with the purchase. All are legit.

mew lvl.10 Naughty nature===10 credits
*Groudon lvl.100 Modest nature=== 30 credits
*palkia lvl. 100 Mild nature=== 45 credits
dialga lvl 100 Lax Nature===35 credits
Articuno lvl 100 Quirky Nature===30 credits
dragonite lvl. 100 Sassy Nature=== 25 credits
*milotic lvl.100 Bold Nature===25 credits
*lugia lvl. 100 Carefull=== 50 Credits
jap. ho-oh lvl 100 Docile Nature=== 15 credits
electivire lvl. 60 Jolly Nature===20 credits
unown lvl. 23 Naughty Nature===25 credits
Chingling lvl. 15 Timid Nature===10 credits
geodude lvl. 15 Adamant Nature===10 credits
shinx lvl 6 Quirky Nature=== 10 Credits
Budew lvl. 6 Docile Nature===10 credits
Starly lvl. 6 mild nature=== 10 credits
Meditite lvl. 16 Relaxed Nature====10 credits
Bidoof lvl. 6 Lonley nature===10 credits
Shellos lvl. 8 bashful Nature=== 10 credits
Pachirisu lvl. 9===10 credits
Buizel lvl. 8 gentle nature===10 credits
wingull lvl. 24 Lax nature===20 credits
charizard lv. 39 Impish Nature=== 25 credits
Gallade lvl. 35 Timid Nature=== 20 Credits
*rayquaza lvl. 100 Lonley Nature=== 50 Credits
*giratina lvl. 100 Lonley Nature=== 45 Credits
*All eevee forms lvl. 100 Differnt Nature=== 100 Credits
Togekiss Lv.100 Calm-25
Latios Lv.100 Timid-35
Sneasel/NightSlash Lv.32 Bashful-20
Weavile Lv.100 Pkrs Mild-25
Weavile Lv.100 Mild-25
Porygon Lv.18 Adamant-15
Castform Lv.18 Jolly-25
Snubbull Lv.16 Naive-20
Rioulu Lv.60 Pkrs Lax-25
Marill Lv.23 Pkrs Hardy-20
Spearow Lv.20 Bashful-15
Corsola Lv.50 Hasty-25
Surskit Lv.2 Careful-5
Eevee Lv.5 Quirky-15
Jolteon Lv.14 Pkrs Adamant-25
Vaporeon Lv.100 Pkrs Adamant-25
Espeon Lv.100 Pkrs Timid-25
Cubone Lv.4 Modest-5
Drapion Lv.26 Impish-25
Flareon Lv.100 Pkrs Adamant-20
Leafeon Lv.2 Pkrs Adamant-25
Buneary Lv.11 Hardy-25
Larvitar Lv.6 Naive-25
Staraptor Lv.100 Brave-30
Spoink Lv.22 Pkrs Bold-25
Sceptile Lv.100 Brave-25
Rhyperior Lv.100 Pkrs Adamant-25
Starmie Lv.22 Timid-25
Swellow Lv.20 Careful-25
Kangaskhan Lv.22 Adamant-25
Magmortar Lv.100 Pkrs Naive-25
Azurill Lv.20 Adamant-20
Dratini Lv.17 Hardy-20
Phanphy Lv.5 Serious-10
Nosepass Lv.14 Quirky-20
Ralts Lv.6 Pkrs Jolly-10
Scizor Lv.52 Naughty-25
Electivire Lv.100 Sassy-25
Girafarig Lv.24 Naughty-20
Graveler Lv.22 Hardy-20
Spheal Lv.45 Hasty-25
Glameow Lv.40 Rash-20
Kricketune Lv.17 Hardy-10
Chimecho Lv.54 Mild-25
Snover Lv.34 Gentle-25
Machop Lv.5 Bold-10
Charizard/SHADOWFIRE Lv.100 Jolly-25
Gyarados Lv.100 Pkrs Impish-25
Hippopotas Lv.23 Mild-25
Magcargo Lv.57 Calm- 25
Pidgeot Lv.100 Hasty-25
Blastoise Lv.100 Bashful-25
Bagon Lv.26 Quirky-15
Totodile Lv.1 Gentle-5
Chatot Lv.54 Pkrs Relaxed-20
Hacked Abomasnow Lv.51 Quiet-10
Hacked Cherrim Lv.55 Pkrs Hasty-10
Mantyke Lv.33 Bold-25
Wailord Lv.47 Sassy-25
Octillery Lv.50 Jolly-25
Hacked Mothim Lv.54 Timid-10
Hacked Wormadom Lv.52 Lax-10
Hacked Dusknoir Lv.54 Mild-10
Hacked Probopass Lv.54 Careful-10
Hacked Mamoswine Lv.54 Quirky-10
Hacked Gliscor Lv.54 Hasty-10
Hacked Tangrowth Lv.54 Modest-10
Shellos East Sea Lv.20 Rash-15
Gastrodon East Sea Lv.40 Hasty-20
Shellos West Sea Lv.28 Quiet-20
Gastrodon West Sea Lv. 28 Modest-25
Bonsly Lv.16 Docile-20
Sudowoodo Lv.24 Docile-20
Zubat Lv.6 Bold-10
Goldbat Lv.56 Brave-25
Crobat Lv.100 Naughty-25
Starly Lv.3 Lax-5
Staravia Lv.17 Pkrs Impish-15
Shinx Lv.3 Rash-5
Luxio Lv.29 Hardy-20
Luxray Lv.30 Serious-25
Pichu Lv.16 Hasty-20
Pikachu Lv.18 Lax-20
Raichu Lv.18 Rash-20
Gastly Lv.16 Quiet-20
Haunter Lv.46 Impish-25
Gengar Lv.100 Bold-25
Budew Lv.16 Hasty-20
Roselia Lv.16 Lax-20
Roserade Lv.16 Adamant-20
Pachirisu Lv.8 Gentle-15
Barboach Lv.20 Serious-25
Whiscash Lv.55 Bold-25
Meowth Lv.16 Brave-20
Salamence/Salamerito Lv.100 Modest-25
Shinx Lv.4 Brave-5
Toxicroak Lv.26 Mild-25
Igglybuff Lv.16 Modest-20
Purugly Lv.42 Docile-25
Tentacool Lv.30 Naughty-25
Fearow Lv.52 Calm-25
Doduo Lv.2 Relaxed-5
Wigglytuff Lv.65 Pkrs Impish-25
Ponyta Lv.20 Impish-25
Deoxys/350-Z Lv.100 Hasty-50
Weepinbell Lv.51 Naive-25
Bronzor Lv.14 Jolly-20
Drifloon Lv.22 Quiet-25
Japanese Dialga Lv.100 Sassy-45
Garchomp Lv.100 Modest-25
Gloom Lv.51 Serious-25
Remoraid Lv.23 Modest-20
Pinsir Lv.52 Bashful-25
Walrein/Ash'sSHINY Lv.45 Quirky-25
Farfetch'd Lv.28 Quirky-25
Octillery Lv.33 Serious-25
Meditite Lv.35 Naughty-25
Camerupt Lv.55 Lonely-25
Geodude Lv.25 Calm-25
Scyther Lv.51 Sassy-25
Staryu Lv.22 Timid-25
Raticate Lv.52 Gentle-25
Umbreon Lv.100 Pkrs Naive-25
Buizel Lv.10 Serious-10
Floatzel Lv.28 Naughty-20
Carvanha Lv.20 Relaxed-20
Sharpedo Lv.48 Lax-25
Hoothoot Lv.24 Adamant-25
Noctowl Lv.36 Gentle-25
Psyduck Lv.16 Lonely-20
Golduck Lv.51 Quiet-25
Bidoof Lv.3 Naughty-5
Bibarel Lv.16 Impish-15
Magikarp Lv.20 Naughty-20
Gyarados Lv.100 Impish-25
Wooper Lv.24 Pkrs Mild-25
Quagsire Lv.21 Rash-25
Banette Lv.100 Serious-25
Banette Lv.50 Modest-25
Finneon Lv.17 Docile-15
Lumineon Lv.40 Timid-25
Wingull Lv.22 Naive-25
Pelipper Lv.40 Brave-25
Japanese Kyogre Lv.100 Calm-40
Regice Lv.40 Quirky-25
Slugma Lv.29 Bashful-25
Giratina Lv.70 Hasty-35
Japanese Ho-oh Lv.100 Bashful-45
Japanese Milotic Lv.100 Serious-25
Hacked Typhlosion Lv.100 Quiet-15
Gallade Lv.23 Pkrs Timid-25
Gallade Lv.23 Mild-25
Beldum Lv.1 Relaxed-5
Natu Lv.23 Lax-25
Machoke Lv.33 Naive-25
Machoke Lv.58 Relaxed-25
Blissey Lv.46 Docile-25
Treeko Lv.3 Lax-5
Skarmory Lv.56 Brave-25
Skarmory Lv.56 Careful-25
Magnemite Lv.29 Pkrs Quirky-25
Ampharos Lv.31 Pkrs Brave-25
Ralts Lv.5 Pkrs Jolly-10
Dragonite Lv.64 Calm-25
Hacked Turtwig Lv.2 Gentle-1
Hacked Chimchar Lv.4 Careful-1
Hacked Piplup Lv.3 Modest-1
Hacked Bulbasaur Lv.51 Quiet-10
Hacked Charmander Lv.52 Pkrs Lax-10
Hacked Squirtle Lv.22 Mild-5
Absol Lv.20 Pkrs Mild-15
Beldum Lv.1 Pkrs Relaxed-5
Blissey Lv.48 Pkrs Docile-25

Rare Legit pokemon Not shiny all credits except marked

*Darkrai lvl 100
heatran lvl. 100
giratina lvl. 70
*latios lvl. 100
Jap *Latias lvl 100
All three dogs lvl. 100 ====50 credits
all starters lvl. 1 ====10 credits~Choose one
all final form starters lvl. 100 except===20 credits Choose one
*jirachi lvl 100
*Salamence lvl 100
*mewtwo lvl. 100
cresselia lvl. 50
Moltres lvl. 59
*Groudon lvl. 100
dragonite lvl. 100
*metagross lvl. 100
celebi lvl. 70
*Regigigas lvl. 100
deoxys lvl. 100
Blissey lvl. 100
*Shaymin lvl 100 *70 credit points*
Untouched lvl 47 palkia
Phione lvl 19
*arceus lvl. 100 *70 credits*
*garchomp 100

When you buy any pokemon, choose an item for each pokemon and i will have it carry it. Excludes hm's and key items

Thanks and ill try to edit this everyday!!!

So far i have sold:

2 team 1 kyorge 7 party eving 10 reg. ev

1 guide 0 items 0 tm/s 2 teams

5 reg. pkmn 0 * pkmn 1Porygonz 0 other ev'd

Under Construction~~~===~~~

Last edited by balla95 on Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:06 pm; edited 18 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz   Sun Oct 05, 2008 11:59 am

well i dont have any credits how do u get them?????????????????????? i need some shinies i only have 1

Last edited by kelseygirl97 on Sun Oct 05, 2008 12:12 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz   Sun Oct 05, 2008 12:09 pm

Hey, i want the uber team of shiny legendaries and the Shiny Porygon Z named Z
It will be 425 Bps

And i want this shinies:
*Groudon lvl.100 Modest nature=== 30 credits
dragonite lvl. 100 Sassy Nature=== 25 credits
*milotic lvl.100 Bold Nature===25 credits
*lugia lvl. 100 Carefull=== 50 Credits
Latios Lv.100 Timid-35

I will be 590 Bps
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PostSubject: can u put a water stoon whit the mew plz   Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:17 pm

i whnt the lvl 10 mew for 10 credits plz i new at this

Last edited by zzdog30 on Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:37 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz   Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:50 pm

how do u get credit pionts?????? Sad cherry alien
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz   Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:44 am

Totodile Lv.1 Gentle-5
Phanphy Lv.5 Serious-10
i like to buy this 2 pokemon lovers
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PostSubject: Re: Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz   

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Balla's Market Place- pkmn ()wn3rz
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